Sunday, 17 March 2013


Well I was listening to the radio after just switching it on to listen to Spurs versus Fulham, though i am now wondering if they will be now switching to another game?!

On the news, provided by Sky News, they stated that Oxford Council had actually attacked the Met Office as they were hit by heavy snow and stated that the first they knew of any snow was when their sensors went off?!

Are these people for fecking real? If a member of the public was to complain to them about the snow being allowed to settle and any council would, or should, say the same thing...."You can NEVER accurately predict the weather!" and added to this is the fact that most people I speak to moan that the Met Office gets it wrong half the time anyway. Think that is bad then do NOT get your UK weather from CNN or any other American site!

Do you know that these positions they hold are ones of both honour and privilege and yet the moronic idiots that hold them act as if it should be us having the privilege of them being there?! Well here is two simple rules to follow to see if we should...

1) If your STUPID you should then NOT HOLD public office anywhere

2) If you heartless, cold, calculating and evil you should NOT HOLD public office ANYWHERE!

Every single local council I have ever dealt with in twenty years has fallen under one of the above two categories.

LOL ... SORRY .... Blaming the Met Office I just think that is bloody classic I really do! Cannot blame leaves as there are very little and British Rail laid claim two leaves many years ago.

Hmm I do NOT think anyone has laid claim to the family dog as yet?!


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