Thursday, 7 March 2013


Gangs. What a horrid culture that is the scourge of society and likely cause, or at least main one, of all our problems in the UK. Run them out of town I say!!!

Oh but wait.. are you now thinking of teenagers in hoods lurking around on street corners trying to look tough in groups with knives?!

No, no, no that is NOT what I was thinking at all and these your people can be reached if the authorities just employed the right things and strategies. No they CAN be helped.

Let me explain...

As some are already aware I have a fair amount of knowledge in a fair amount of different fields and 11 others blogs other than this one cover them and are thankfully a much lighter note! There are at east four areas that currently DO NOT have their own blogs just yet but till do so.

Of these one of them is animals and not just one area but a whole host of areas, though I am not great on invertebrates. So I had been doing stuff on my British Wildlife and Bird Watching blog and decided to upgrade my camera, ended up with one that was really faulty and sourced from somewhere OTHER than Nikon and gave me a FAULT MESSAGE and I ended up with a far more powerful one I originally wanted anyway!

Birds, this is what it was for THE BIRDS! But the fact that it has TWO types of MACRO SETTINGS and a series of ARTISTIC SETTINGS is of fantastic benefit to me and worth its weight in GOLD and LITERALLY!

SO I was up Lea Valley Park taking a photo of a Goldcrest when a chap said  "Are you here for the Bearded Reedlings?" and I replied while laughing "yeahhhh RIGHT!" he smiles at me and says, probably realising I know my Birds, "no they were spotted this morning at the Bittern Hide!" and I reply "are you SURE ABOUT THIS?! I have been coming up here three to five times a week for nearly 6 years and never seen them?!" when he then informs me he was on his way BACK TO THE HIDE and spent an hour watching them and there were 20 other people in the hide?! Now you could probably fit 50 people in this particular hide and is the biggest up there but I have never seen more than 6 and two of them were relatives of mine!

The Goldcrest, as much as I love them and had not seen one in Lea Valley Park to date, was abandoned and I walked with the chap.

We got to the hide and walked in and there were three guys left in there. We asked about the Birds and they slowly replied bits of information and after awhile and more talk they spoke some more.

Now I went up AGAIN on the following day! I thought that the now grey skies there would be less walkers up there with hoards of dogs and kids and old people in sunglasses sitting on the benches that are unfortunately near the reeds and that the birds would me more inclined to show their faces?!

As I was locking my bike up just outside the hide a chap with grey hair turned up on a bike and was looking at me. I looked up at him and said "are you here for the Birds?" and he looked confused and said "eh?". "The Bearded Reedlings?" I said nd he said "The Bearded Tits you mean, yes but I just heard and I do not know where they are supposed to be located, I just shot up here after hearing!" came his reply with a surprised look on his face.

I then explained they are NOT Tits though they are often referred to as that and that I hated the name and that I KNEW on the way up here that I would end up having this conversation with somebody! I said do not worry they are on the other side of this hide if they are still here. He asked me if I was sure and I said "oh yes mate, i was here yesterday with four other guys who had been watching them for a few hours! I missed them but apparently there were 20 people in here an hour before I arrived!

His face lit up and he said he had forgotten his lock and could I lock his bike up with mine and I said sure. He then said he was no expert and that once inside I would have to explain to him why I think they are not Tits!

Once inside there were four guys sitting there and I piped up "Hello CHAPS! I presume your all here for the same thing, are they still about?". I got blank stares from everyone when my new found friend then repeated my question before one of them answered, in a low voice and slowly. I retrieved my camera from my bag and me and this chap set up on the right side as I knew where they were hiding from the day before. As we talked over the thirty minutes more and more of my knowledge in different animals emerged. A couple of guys got up and walked out but after this the other two started engaging us in conversation.

Now I knew this wold happen from the moment they looked at us when we walked in, twitchers seeing people of unknown faces, no binoculars and what look like an unprofessional camera. What they do not know is I can read people.

Its what I call the CRONY EFFECT. You might call it CLICKY and you get ot everywhere and it affects all fields and industries and I am sure I am already getting this ffrom many of my blogs too.

I knew it from day one and years before I started my blogs and am ALWAYS prepared for it. Cronies! Rude, clicky, self-absorbed people that then suddenly, once you have said enough, want to welcome you with open arms.

I refer to this throughout my blogs and I have even stated on here sometime ago that when it came to careers, solicitors and anyone else one thing is repeated by me constant;y.


I also know that this CRONY , CLICKY crap is the bane of society and does fare more damage than hoodies on street corners. You can avoid the hoodies but if you end up in specific fields you cannot avoid the egos.

The funny thing is they turn up with the WRONG CAMERAS and the say things like .... "Oh you wont get a shot they are too fast!" and I say "ooh OK" and I can tell you that the point they walked out I had filmed and snapped several things on my Olympus SP-820 Camera and the friendly guy whose bike I locked up asked me TWICE what it was after being shocked at how bloody well the IMAGE STABILISER WORKS on full zoom and even while filming!!

I guess the rule of thumb is that you have to turn up with a oversize DSLR Camera so that you look the part even when you have all the WRONG LENSES with you?! LMAO!

Well my camera got 100 shots and half a dozen videos while the £2,000 Nikon on the floor was doing jack! Hehehe.

Moral of this story is if you do not want to end up looking or feeling like an idiot then do not be an idiot.



Read them and weep son, READ THEM AND WEEP!!!

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