Sunday, 3 March 2013


Well this is part TWO of the Mobile Broadband issue I previously mentioned and remember the one I have is the best of a bad bunch.

Oddly I was over trying to watch a favourite and only subscription channel that I have liked and a couple of Canadian guys talking CPU and Computer tech among other things.

This is THETECHSOURCE.TV with Dave and Dan...

Very professional and very honest duo these two and do enjoy their pieces but do not get to see them all but around half I would say...

Now this Video is under 24 minutes and I was watching it in a 360p resolution.

I took some pictures some of the times it froze in the latter half which as actually faster than the first half of this video?! Currently it is 17.01 and I am listening to Spurs V Arsenal live on Radio 5 Live and am still trying to watch the rest of The Tech Source TV piece 36 minutes on?!

Oddly these chaps were speaking about the PS4, and the odd thing about the CPU I noted on my own blog on CPUs & Computers, and that the machine will handle of majority, if not ALL, of its games via a download service like Steam?! But they state that there Internet connection where they are are Ontario is bad at times and a other sections of Canada are bad too. Not good!


However I bet it is not as bad is THIS?!?!


Right!!! I gave up as while YouTube was locking up these screenshots were refusing to upload.

Check the time on the YouTube Video to the time on the clock!

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