Sunday, 10 March 2013


This is an update with some further and very relevant information.

I spoke someone I know who happened to buy the same model camera as me from the effect same store but his one was blue.

This is the Nikon Coolpix L810 that I reported about with mine being faulty and returned.

Also this was the chap who openly stayed he was a non believer to a great deal of people among many if the facts here, though now he states otherwise.

Well after EXPLAINING in detail what occurred with Argos and Nikon he then explained that some if his pictures were blurry.

Then he stated that he had no Argos quality control sticker on the box and that his came "factory sealed" I was about to continue explaining when i stopped and said"...I'm sorry...WHAT?"

He repeated that it came factory sealed from Nikon and I said "oh then yours is refurbished too that proves it" and he became a little sarcastic as he had done about this blog and I stopped him saying whatever it was and said...

Listen! Have you even BEEN on my blog?! Nikon DO NOT FACTORY SEAL THEIR PRODUCTS...FACT ! Who sort of smiled and befit he had a chance to come out with more sarcasm I said "if you wish mate I can forward you two from Nikon HQ UK stating they don't come sealed at all and another where he checks every single Nikon box in the building and does not find a single one!"

Then this guy screw up his face and squints his eyes and student looks concerned.

Still trying to write me as wrong and talking bullshit and failing miserably!!

Well take a number and get in line as now there is a bloody long queue if some very big names all jostling and waiting for the whites of my eyes?!


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