Thursday, 14 March 2013


Well I expected this at some point but did not know when I would hear of its details.

So they seem to be a but confused as to what is going on here. They all seen to think they have an agreement and then the Lone Ranger goes of on a  tandem...alone, lol.

In the morning Messers Clegg and Milliband both thought one thing and in the afternoon great the complete opposite?! Aaaahahaha! You could not make this up.

Well someone seems a little indecisive and I wonder why that could possibly be?! Hmmm now let me FINK!

This might cause a few...jitters. Not sure if all the details but if they do cause concern to those that this is all aimed at then the next free months could be quite...productive and I shall now be somewhat expectant of taking place.


But then it was pretty much inevitable anyway but just might have moved forwards from the end if summer to the start of it...possibly.

Pleased to see that take place as this is what I was both expecting and hoping to see revealed at done point.

Well they were all a tizz over something are they not and it is quite adjusting to see them squirm. Before long the squirming will be more reminiscent of a bunch of drunken Morris Dancers, lol!

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