Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Well you know what you can do with THAT?!

Jesus Christ do they actually sit round the cabinet, or is it the mop haired buffoon this time, and just think up ways to actually con you of even MORE CASH?!?!

I thought it quite interesting on the news yesterday with the RBS guy stating that everyone is moaning that the banks are not lending but he had £10 Billion is wants to lend but no one wants to lend any money!

Oooh the penny drops?!

Well of course they do not, I would not want to borrow money for anything right now! Well not in the tens of thousands or more at any rate you cannot reply on anything, NO ONE CAN.

You would have to be a complete moron to think you would be able to pay it back?!

Well either a moron or an Member of Parliament, Civil Servant, Police Force, Primary Care Trust Worker, NHS Doctor...you know the ones that have been upping their own salaries and still whinge about how little it is while now everyone else has jack shit to spend?!

Those ones that have upped everything for so very long they have turned the whole of the UK into a House of Cards made out of Rice Paper and instead of bring themselves back down to earth with a bump along with the real culprits of this disaster forged by over paid IDIOTS that they now cannot bring it all back down as it has far too far to come down to make any difference?!

Those ones, yes! Hehe!

I always stated that for far too long money is spoken of in such high numbers and treated as a throw away statement that nothing good would come of it and the fact they have just left ut and left it that there will be absolute hell to pay one day. But when it does it will be everyone elses fault but theirs?!

Come to think of it that mental health woman that should never have been let out and attacked one woman before killing another despite WARNING people that she would?!

Ooh I love what the judge said, ohh yeah you can blame everyone else but you are cold and calculating?!

Well so was Rainman (Dustin Hoffman) but he STILL NEEDED to be in a Mental Institution?!

Hmm I remember reading that they were legalising Cannabis now in parts of America and they must be doing it here because if that JUDGE was not HIGH on it then he hails from a different world to the rest of humanity!!

Of very intersting hearing was that woman interviewed that said the following...

"If THAT is how they are treating people with Mental Health Issues that are DANGEROUs then how ARE THEY TREATING all the others that are NOT dangerous?!"

Yes well tell that to the JUDGE!!!

Moron! How can you hold the position of a Judge with that level of naivety?

Or is it that they were actually trying to protect ... someone?!

Well as far you the bullshit and the Oyster Cards there is a place the sunlight is guaranteed NOT to shine on these things and I suggest that along with your limted number of brain cells you place them all there together?!


It is nobody else's fault but yours?! Was he fecking drunk?! Slept with an MP to get that Job?!

I really cannot believe he said that and is only beaten for stupidity and sounding heartless by the moron for a local council that said that disabled children cost the council too much money?!

I have said for way over ten years to many family and friends that these people do not even come close to living in the real world. INdeed they are not even close enough to catch glimpses through a window?!


Yes well I have not been without my own problems as a direct result of the treatment by various civil servants and public offices and not only CAN I tell you that you get treated like garbage and thrown out with the trash I can damn well PROVE IT to!

Just like everything else I state it is indeed ALL here on this blog scattered everywhere you only need but look!

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