Friday, 29 March 2013


OK this one has a short video to go with it on the follow up post to go up tomorrow.

Yes I had to go out, I forgot to bring back milk despite BEING in a supermarket earlier and I have just realized why the cursor has jumped up several lines during the last few posts while in Windows 7, I keep brushing the touch-pad with my hands.

Now oddly this has not happened while using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but has several times during Windows sessions. I am also unable at present to turn off the touchpad, nor use the fingerprint reader, as I yet to download the drivers for this.

Hmm well I am updating Elder Scrolls V Skyrim currently while uploading 18 videos and of the latter none are the video I refer to ABOVE!! LMAO!

That will be tomorrow with a bit of luck and I may have to leave the laptop on all night and the not so smart phone down here alongside it for the umpteenth time?!

I really cannot explain just how much work and added to this LITERALLY blood, sweat and TEARS I have gone through to get these twelve blogs to where they are.

Ohh yeah and after the painkillers wore off, which worked and I was able to put my foot o the floor after about 20 minutes, I ended up with a god almighty headache?! I forgot that was the reason for the post in the first place, head still banging is my defense lol!!

Yes so I am currently about to up the posts and content on some of the more neglected blogs over the next few weeks.

Another blog will receive a much needed, rather curiously I MUST say, BOOST when thw warmer weather hits and Springwatch hits the TV screens.

Another blog will be added over the next couple of weeks and will be launched with quite a few posts along with a fair abundance of PHOTOS too. This will kind shoot up between April and June and by then will likely overtake at least FOUR of my current blogs for the numbers of posts and anywhere up to ten for number of photos included. It is a good time to do this and I have held back on that one quite deliberately due to my bigger grand plan ... MY MASTER PLAN! LMAO!

Any who. Yes we are approaching that time and I am glad i did not commit myself to saying mid April for anything as the damned cursed weather is not going as I thought it would nor as it should. This has quite literally added two weeks to my plans and that week of illness has added another week too.

So mid April and mid May are STILL the times to watch out for. Just that one thing I was expecting now has not happened and likely postponed for a month due to those 3 weeks I mentioned.

Also I do have the tests coming up at the Royal Free Hospital and by the end of April they will be at their conclusion too!! FINGERS TIGHTLY CROSSES THAT THERE IS INDEED A CONCLUSION!!

I will put up a post in around two or three weeks and the title of which will be a headline grabber but only a preview to, or most precisely clues, to what will follow four to six weeks later. I have to make sure my facts are quite correct on this one but what I cannot tell you yet is the magnitude it will turn out to be. It will be an eye opener that is for sure. It should cause a bit of a storm as from my own estimations there are probably a few million people around the planet will sit up, take notice and start crunching some numbers.

My own numbers are crunched in my head and if anything complicated I might get a book to help my do that in a spreadsheet with lists of the mathematical formula, IF I get around to receiving a good enough book. Unfortunately I had one delivered yesterday but turned out to be in GERMAN?!?! Over fifteen years I have been with Amazon, 1997 I think it was when I started my account while at University, and NEVER have I ever received a book in a foreign language before?! But then I have been so ill and so dizzy and in so much pain I probably should have spotted it and was my fault.

So that needs to be found and re-ordered, lol.

As for the title of the post it will be soemthing to do with .... making money and that is all I will say at this stage, lol. I have a great many things ongoing all the time so it would be impossible for anyone to guess.

All my blogs have been painstakingly created and done exactly how I feel at the time I have written them, so driven by humour, laughter, anger, ire, pain or any other emotion to convey what it is like in my life. I simply had to despite how it may have sounded droaning, boring, mad even at times it was all extremely necessary and indeed VITAL to what I was getting at. Yes more of those vague clues, I KNOW! LOL.

You see what I was planning to do and using the truth and the facts to do it was to show that a number of things are possible, that a number of opponents can be beaten and have rings run around them and all done rather easily. I planned to fire off more salvos at these people and organisations when I had already done that long since prior to starting the blogs. Fire and Forget tactics I call them as the whole time I was spinning my own WEB TRAP in the form of a dozen blogs!! LMAO!!

So yes these are indeed my traps. They are to show things even though I have not explained what it is I intended to show but all in good time and for good reason as they would not work otherwise.

As a knee jerk reaction to my actions, my choice of language on occasions and many other things I did, just about ANYTHING could happen. So it was prudent to list all the possible reactions and be well aware of them before I even started. I did that LONG before I started these blogs and still thinking up new possibilities all the time.

Of course it would be quite clear that my hand would be forced into making a mistake and this was fully catered for as well. Also if I was forced into an action I have never taken before then this, no THESE, blogs are evidence to these facts.

More was the focus that they would just wear them down, that the would sneak on here and whether they KNEW the costs of their actions, arrogance and ignorance or whether they did not they would realize that either way and no matter what course they took I was here to stop them. Simply in that if I can guess at what I THINK they are likley to do and with ENOUGH people on here to see this that whenever it appeared on the news there would be an instant snowball effect around the Internet because of me and focused on me.

So my hope was that one by one the realisation on each occasion that I would make GOOD on mu INNUENDOS would make them take their finger off the button at the eleventh hour. One by one the things that angered me that I thought inhumane and extremely selfish and amoral of these people to not even consider the pain and suffering of millions of people on their actions alone would hit home that this would cause a backlash of unrest.

You could argue the case I was trying to save the lives of people that do not deserve to be saved, yes you could. People in positions of privilege that prefer to LORD IT UP to the media like they are dictators who had left their over-sized Elton John sunglasses at home!

I was and am attempting to manipulate them and have been attempting this all along.

Now despite many people I have known over the years crying out for a bloody revolution it is not what I wanted nor desired, though I am sure there was a plan that involved that at some point?! Oh maybe that was the CURRENT PLAN?! Oops, my BAD!! LMAO! I would send someone out for more notepads at this point, lol.

It was the only way I could think of to get through to people, I tried to news media route but that failed miserably and repeatedly and I am afraid to say that if I said that was an understatement than that LAST statement WAS an understatement.

No I was, am not nor never will be after publicity. Anyone that had me down for that was way off the mark too! Oops, my BAD!! LMAO!

Why would I want that? Ooh to get my books published?! Oops I think you will find that I have NOT sent them out to anyone for months, probably before I started these blogs and that was last AUGUST 2012. Oops, my BAD!! LMAO!

No I think you will find that it was these BLOGS that were promoting any slim possibility of getting my books published...

I have TWO on this subject totaling 180,000 words in all with another one possible but obviously not even going to start it unless I sign a deal with someone.

Also i could have gained the attention as well as still can to acquire a Matthew Murdoch type solicitor to take people to court?! Who, I hear you ask? I do not know, look around the archives to this blog and take your pic?! LMAO!

Hmm i had better not wander off too far into the depths of money making...JUST YET?! LMAO!

My YouTube account sprang into life to PROVE what I have stated about myself and to show that I speak true and honest even IF no one wants to believe it?! Maybe it would have been easier had I applied to be the next Papal? Or Pope?! LMAO! i am sorry if it has been difficult to believe and yes I have had so called friends find it hard to believe to but this has mainly been down to jealousy or ego or BOTH. Either they want to be me, know the things that I do or get the respect I command, sometimes this is literally what respect i get from WOMEN ONLY would you believe, from others. Or even that it is not THEY that are my best friend, or for the GAY ONES their lovers and yes that INCLUDES the CLOSET GAYS I have run into over the years. Your gay or bisexual God damn deal with it!!! I am not and you can deal with that too!!

It was always well aware to me though that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. Yes I could put in all these hours, spend all this money and go on for an inordinate amount of months or even YEARS and get nowhere fast. But you must realise I stronglyy BELEIEVE in my gut instincts and just like the little group or Radicalized Muslims holding my 16 year old daughter against her will and asking about the London Olympics... well i have ENOUGH TROUBLE SLEEPING, THANKS!! I did not need any more difficulties has lives been lost!

If people have used my data and information to make a name for themselves or a career for themselves then fine but that is down to them and THEIR CONSCIENCE. I was not about to ask for money for anything I gave and nor was I ever going to add a donation button and sound like a pleading wining victim with my begging cap in hand ... ooh no!

The thing was I did realise that I COULD make money and WITHOUT appearing in the papers or on the news, something I am real keen to want to avoid doing. I could use what I had done to make this money and it seemed the PERFECT TIME last August 2012 to start planning to do just that....


That would be with just one stone you understand. In fact i am doing myself an injustice to state only the number three, lol.

Each plan has many facets and each a different goal but they all backed each other up very nicely. All I had to do was type, video, photo, scan and WAIT! I already had a mass of stuff to go up long before I started i had kept for years now. The fact that I have put in 6 years of work into just 7 months is very STRICTLY true and accurate because I had long since been working on it all.

Also it did not help the cause of the government, the DWP, Atos or the NHS to have pops at me because they think things about me that are clearly false and without asking. Oh and the Police oh and anyone bloody else that is attacked by me throughout this blogs life and still those to come. Nope siree it was not bright and the decision makes with the arrogance were WAY OUT of their leagues with me.

You see lots of people had good jobs and were upstanding members of the community and received various knighthoods, titles, awards and even statues. That is until they got caught and I am sure there must be someone out there with a whole list of people, err don't look at me I do not have one, with a list of these people who have now been found out to be...

1) Paedophiles
2) Embezzlers
3) Tax Evaders
4) Murderers

and a whole list of other serious crimes I cannot be bothered to go through. No but while they were making money everything was all OK.

Well I have done none of those things and indeed quite the opposite in fact. I have sacrificed blood sweat and tears to help others and my country and all I have to show for it is a whole heap of letters containing bare faced lies in an attempt to try and catch me out so I can be locked up, made homeless, have even more money I need to live on taken away from me, told I am a sponger and feeling the knife in my gut while David Cameron and George Osborne abandon their children in Public Houses and whisper in my ear we are all in it together...

...yes it focking feels like it?!?!

Maybe they are jut jealous too like some of my ex friends have been?!

SO you can buy a TITLE or KNIGHTHOOD and that takes money

You can EARN A title and err umm that takes MONEY, lol.

You can help a whole bunch of people you later get found out for abusing, stealing from or leaving for DEAD... provided you were not found out...were working and ...MADE A LOAD OF MONEY!!

Or put yourself out for causes that are NOT important and not many care about errr which invariably involves raising a load of money from YOU so that the government does not have to give them the money they TOOK FROM YOU.

Hmm or even give them any of the money they are taking from you AGAIN because the money the did not take from you was lost by a bunch of people who ere basically playing at little more than a roulette table with your CASH?!

Rule of thumb to keep as a reference towards the future...

...if someone does something of a good cause when their is a CAMERA, STILL OR MOVIE, on them they are most likely not genuine.

...if someone who is worth millions gives up a day or two without pay....then they are not genuine.

....if someone does a good cause and then goes running to the media offering to sell their story and appear on TV or in the news then they are not genuine...

...oooh wait that's me?! Oh no it's not as I CANNOT RUN!!! LMFAO!!

Plus I have done as much as i can to avoid pictures or videos of my face appearing on ANY of my twelve blog and on my YouTube account?!

Ooh waiiiit?! Was you planning to say that toooooo?! MY BAD!!!

I am getting messages as everyone seems to thinking the latest, and 82 year old, Paedophile is Rolf Harris?! Ooh please God, NO!! NOT ROLF?! I loved him!

Wait a minute has he not got a title? Hmm maybe we would just lock up everyone with knighthoods and we should have most of them under lock and key then?! LMAO!! Is that Police Chief guy not got a title? The one mixed up in the Hillsborough fiasco to do with people dying..

....if someone gets away with it then THAT IS worthy of a Knighthood?!


Told you idiots before and I will tell you again....I have an asnwer to everything because their IS an answer to everything.

You also will not catch me out either.

Oh and I very much doubt you will ever find an excuse to lock me up neither?!

But you just MIGHT get lucky on the last one, but you better be damned SMART!!!

Your lawyers better be even smarter still!!

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