Thursday, 14 March 2013


Well another session today and it was a bit odd the timing of specific things.

Those that follow my computer blog would know that I had hardly left the house for two days, only to get the usual something I had forgotten previously like milk.

I had also been messing around installing a UNIX based LINUX Operating System called Ubuntu and somewhat overdue if I am honest.

Now while doing this I played barely any games at all but instead each morning hash two cups of Tetley's Perk Orange Pekoe Tea I had not heard of before, does not like the word 'before' this phone, and after two cups I was feeling more energetic than I normally would. Well the reason I bought it was that it had the same amount of caffeine as coffee and Tetley, our someone, had infused it with extra natural caffeine!

So I got a great deal of house work done that was long overdue. Not all if it but most. Two days.

Only when I left the house today I hosted my friends shop along the way as he had installed extra tanks for amphibians and sent me a picture the day before, grrrr!

The shop is located at the bottom of the hill where the hospital is located so half way there for me. But while I was there my Bach started hurting pretty bad and my groin started aching and stinging.

Anyway I got to the appointment and the physio skyfall said than when she saw me on the waiting room and when I got Pitt of my seat when called she could see I was pretty stiff and in pain. They was a surprise and impressed she could tell. About time I met someone who could, lol.

While going through the pains and then having my back manipulated I remarked about the ratio of patients with back pains and that there must be so many causes of it that it would seem like a nightmare?

She actually said that if not for back complaints the physios would have hardly anything to do and would be sitting about most if the day?! Interesting.

There its no recording of that more will there be of my physio sessions this time around. After all I do like this physio and she seems to genuinely want to help. Besides there is very little I could get inundating towards bureaucrats deliberately screwing up NHS for the last 15 years.

Afterwards I had to talk back past a cemetery where the LATE and possibly famous Kenneth Walter Bunn is buried. I had not revisited his grave since the day he was buried and decided today I WA going to find him and pay my respects.

I found him and took some pictures and videos while there. So I can remember how to find him for one and show his grave to those that have read about him on here. He us the reason I an doing this after all and he would get a real kick Pitt if it had he lived another year our two to see what I had done.

While there I also took shots and film of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, Green Woodpeckers and Long Tailed Tits along with couple others I could not make out with the naked eye.

Ubuntu finally working fairly normally too.

Next up is Neurology in a few days time?!

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