Thursday, 21 March 2013


Owww, my God my right arm is in bloody agony...or I should say it is if I try and change the angle on it at the elbow?! Hmm despite 100mg Tramadol and 1000mg Paracetemol?! Hmm or was it 150mg Tramadol....

This is also somewhat weird I feel stoned now I am indoors and sitting down! Very weird.

I HAVE had bad reactions to general anaesthetics in the past and am sure I have mentioned each one in here at least once but I have never had a reaction to a local anaesthetic before hand and I have had plenty of them over the years!

Oddly the friend I had visited yesterday....woozy there for a moment,yes this friend had described similar things to what I had experienced and I said that was odd as I had felt like that for several days and thought something was 'going round' and perhaps I had some bug or virus. The weather has been up and down like there is no tomorrow and never before have I seen so many confused weather men, and women, who seems to be at a loss to explain it and constantly apologising for something that is neither theirs to control and nigh on impossible to predict with any certainty...

...ooh yeaaaaahhhhh but Oxford Council seem to think so, I had forgotten about that?! LOL!!

Well I had thought maybe it might be a bug but other than making me feel light headed and nearly passing out there has been nothing else other than the usual fair and run of the mill, WELL run of the mill for ME, stuff.

My word that must have been the worst day ever outside the house, other than that time I got very sick in my brother's car in Hertford?!

I will NOT be going out now for several hours at least, despite the fact I bought no shopping back other than a jar of HONEY and I seem to have errr three bike lights and intended to buy ONE! I have bought a headlight I already have in a set with a rear light I do not. Hmm seem to remember thinking twin headlights in my handlebars. These are a One23 set and I have an Oxford rear light that looks like the One23 rear light and along with that I have a head torch?! Oh yeah I know why I bought the head torch, lol. Amazing what my brain can bloody still think of when I am out of it?!

A shame it does not stop to calculate the BUDGET?!?!

Ooh now due to my woozy head and numb mouth added to the fact I cannot eat for several hours, hmm now have I eaten at all?! Err I digress I am considering watching a film or two in the hope that I will be with it again by the end?! 

Hmm I just realised I think it is my bicep in my right arm that hurts like hell and I cannot think why for the life of me...ooh I was doing a post on here and was typing it out as I walked to take my mind of the journey, woozyness and pain...

..nope cannot remember what hand I was using to hold the phone or type and nor can I even think where my rucksack was on my body?! It feel like I have carried a heavy weight a long way and my muscled has seized up from it but I only had my backpack and my phone, oh well and my walking stick and nothing heavy at all!

Maybe it will come back later on or tomorrow morning?!

Eyelids are heavy, maybe I will just fall asleep here at the laptop?

OK this is turning out to be one very weird day!

Decisions, decisions!

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