Sunday, 3 March 2013

SCREEN TEST: Local Council's Real Thoughts

But forced to step down for admitting your all a bunch of evil selfish dicks!

I could not believe this when I read it and I thought I had slipped while in my half sleep and dreamy state into The Twilight Zone?!

Absolutely bloody stunning and what I find really crazy about silk these attitudes is that in reality the terms 'money' and 'work' ate relative as well as being open to interpretation!

Over the coming months I will now only show that, and indeed have been I reality, but prove it too. Indeed I feel I already have but I will not state the whys and wherefors of this, just one if the many intricate facets of what I had planned.

Maybe he would have suggested next you conveniently leave these poor stricken children in the local pub?!

I was chatting to someone I know today about it and I said well if they did not go out of there way in the NHS to not deal, scan, x-ray, diagnose and then TREAT people to balance their books by the end of the financial year then a vast majority of these expenses would not have materialised! What grinds my teeth to dust is they have no foresight or intelligence to work this out but insist on speaking to members of the public like they are thick?! My God. It is not rocket science is it?!

Here is my own take on that situation, well you son have more wasted on you sitting on your arse than three of these kids do why don't we just start getting rid of arseholes like you in each of these fascist local councils the length and breath oh the country?! Imagine the savings?! Lol.

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