Saturday, 2 March 2013


When is Broadband NOT BROADBAND?!


Here are some screenshots I started to copy tonight after I had over a dozen of these below, then after I had saved 17 and forgot several I then gave up because Paint started to act up.

3 Mobile is the best of the four in my home, save Vodafone as I have not had a phone on their system since I have been living here.

This is just tonight while working on my blogs and what should take about twenty minutes has taken a couple of hours to do and I have not finished but giving up.

With EACH company of O2, T-Mobile (now Everything Everywhere...yeah right) and 3 Mobile I have told them all repeatedly about the difficulties here and have done for over three years now.

Also and as i stated to a friend today that these UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS that are indeed LIMITED under a fair use policy due to clogging up the 3G network, which does not work anyway, well now 4G has already launched and that O2, Vodafone and 3 Mobile along with others will all be offering services in a short space of time, soooo....

...this fair use policy on their UNLIMITED INTERNET DOWNLOADS to prevent clogging up the airwaves....ceases to be a valid reason for NOT providing WHAT THEY ADVERTISE. Because BROADBAND is going SUPER-BROADBAND!!

But let us see if they lift the fair use policy or leave it there as an excuse to charge more or make people go over to a far more expensive network that is old hat around much of the globe?!

I also do not have to be uploading pictures for this to occur either?! A simple blog interface dealing with simple text and it locks up regularly?!

Also I dare not add even as few as SIX photos at once even these that are 1600x700 odd?! It will lock up repeatedly and refuse to budge so I only do them in pairs or when really bad singly! This is quite frustrating, boring and time consuming!!

Hmm a small selection of me working on SOME of my other BLOGS! LMAO!

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