Friday, 22 March 2013


Well I woke up very early for me and when I state that and the current time is 7.56AM I have been awake for about 3 hours or more.

Pain in my jaw and tooth where I had work at the Dentist yesterdsay woke me up mostly because I had already had four hours sleep when I first got home.

I sprayed my Xylocaine on the tooth quite liberally and before long resorted to 100mg of Tramadol. After an hour I took another 50mg and right now it has eased off. I hope it does not return the the levels of two hours ago and was chomping at the bit to get a hold of Metronidazole or my Dentist at 5.30AM?! Lol!

I am due a visitor this morning as I am most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings. If the pain had not improved and despite the fact I knew he would give me a lift once here I was just going to leave and be at my Dentist the moment they opened up! Whatever time that might have been.

I suppose that STILL could happen yet?!

I found it odd that on the News they are speaking about the complaining about getting hold of GPs out of hours and I thought...."what about in usual hours?!"

I do not know how wide it is but the organization here is absolutely terrible, they are rude, cocky, sarcastic and lie and that is an organisation could Barndoc which I think quite apt as they must have been Doctors born in a Barn?!

I have resorted, and believe me that would take more pain than most could EVER handle, to phoning 999 around 4 to 6 times since I have been here and my previous Doctor's surgery once during the day for a call out Doctor.

I have also had three so called Doctor's supposed to visit this property to assess me three times in the last 18 months.

Now apart from one time I was picked up by an ambulance and taken to Chase Farm Hospital, then left to get home with no money and pain while walking, never ONCE has a Doctor EVER set foot in my home in nearly 6 years and 9 times of asking?!

So difficulty walking, standing, doing housework, chores, shopping, previously taken overdoses, loads appointments at the hospital and not only have I NEVER, EVER been offered or even ASKED if I need help I have NEVER had a Doctor visit me.

A woman got cocky with me on the phone from Barndoc and stated that they only come out if someone suffers from cancer and I replied...

"PLEASE, LOVE!! Do not LIE to me I had a very good friend stuck indoors who had a terrible time dying of cancer and in the 8 weeks I WENT round there and NEVER ONCE did Barndoc EVER go and see him!!"

That shut the selfish cold hearted bitch up I can tell you. My mate was in bloody agony and the only person who used to come out to him used to hide things he needed by returning them to his kitchen downstairs and she did not know WHAT his drugs were and nor could she even PRONOUNCE the names?!

She was supposed to be a nurse and when I spoke to her superiors, who I was demanded to on the phone as she did not want to lose her job, they soon realised that I knew my stuff.

Indeed when Ken finally had me next to hid deathbed and she walked in he had been complaining to many who took no notice and he looked up at her and said, "Martin is here and he is super smart...your in for it now?!"

I then asked her what the drugs were so that I knew and she stuttered "Ock...OXO..."

I interrupted "Umm I KNOW how to pronounce it, it is OXYCONTIN but WHAT does it DO is all I need to know?!"

"I don't know" came the reply.

Poor Ken had been telling people of this and no one believed him thinking the cancer was making him crazy.

Ken, however, realised that if he got a message to me that I would realise immediately...FROM EXPERIENCE.

Ken knew that with my own dealings with the NHS that I ALSO had not been believed at the utter arrogance, heartless nature and refusal to help while lying about it by the NHS and that those that have not experienced it simply refuse to believe the NHS or anyone in government capable of being that inhuman.

I can assure you that is NOT the case today!! I have now strayed way of subject and will have to reearrange the title and put in some pictures as a tribute to my old friend Old Ken, the drive behind this blog getting started and the books I wrote...

I recently managed to visit my friend Ken who is 5 minutes from the hospital I am at half my time?!

Big cemetery and a bit of a search but I found him, sorry mate but I did find you eventually. I bet you get a kick out of the different bird species around you and especially the two species of Woodpeckers?!

I just wish you lived long enough to see what I had done?!

RIP Ken.

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