Sunday, 31 March 2013


Hmm sounds like British species of bird?! This particular ChiffChaff..oh I'm sorry Mr Chiffchaff! Yes it if unforgiveable I know...i meant to say wait...the Chairpratt.

Sorry thought I would have a but of fun as a day of rest and I've fine from cannot start awake back to trouble sleeping, lol.

Well did think it was too good to be true but well...there you go.

No I just heard what the chump of words said about the welfare state and yup...IDIOT NATIVE AND EVEN MORE CUT OFF FROM REALITY THAN THE PREVIOUS LABOUR PARTY, lol!!

Why us it big, because there ate too hasn't people claiming it and getting hosted who were not both here and don't deserve to be here you twat. Oh yeah don't forgot to blame it all on the last government next tinge your on the house of commons as that's so that place is good for. Only anyone ever in their for exchanging jibes between the two top dogs and because its likely to get in the news at they seen to think the name calling if all important, lol.

Hmm that is another thing your only interested in what the media should think you were doing instead if what the general and wider public though you should be doing...unless of course there is the possibility that the media now dance to your tune to keep and regulations and limitations on their reporting and research.

Bad news as they really need to drop the obsession with celebrities private lives.

You disagree?

Well tough and I suggest you get Hello Magazine on subscription. News is news and maybe if they had done there jobs properly then Jimmy Savile might have been caught years ago and saved hundreds if not thousands from becoming his victims.

Do some proper news reporting and follow the saying that charity begins at home by REPORTING ON what is going on here and make the British public start to believe they are being listened to again.

But don't be dummies and expect that to happen overnight either!



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