Friday, 22 March 2013


Now I told you about this ...appointment. I also stated I recorded it well now you can compare the exact words of an NHS Doctor with his written words along with the fact that I describe certain things in detail and that he has totally ignored them.

An example of this is EXACTLY how my road accident went down and he states that I was just simply 'knocked down' with no mention of a car and could well have been PUSHED OVER by another KID?!

He states I was pushed over onto my side when I said nothing of the kind and the fact of the matter is I travelled UP the bonnet, UP the windscreen and ONTO the roof and then along the roof I fell OFF the side and DOWN onto the tarmac... WELL ITS ON THE DAMNED TAPE?!?!

Also note that with the amount of symptoms I now possess that there is little desire to collect all data and therefore place it within my records?!

Oddly and just today a Nurse at Chase farm was rude to me several times when I was having trouble stringing three words together and fighting to stay conscious?!

If it turns out that one person in my history with the NHS has uttered one SINGLE SOLITARY DEROGATORY WORD and I have never been allowed to defend myself by members of staff I will not rest until the NHS as it stands today has been reduced to smouldering ashes!

Because only the dumbest morons would think that I has spent 20 years collecting, or inventing, ailments that just so happened to all be connected to Charcot Marie Tooth and well they should not be in a position where they are responsible for people's health that IS for sure!


Looking more likely you are all being SHAFTED is it not?!?!

Cannot just be ME?!

Well this letter turned up this morning and the pages are in order, despite it seeming otherwise.

The second page was on the top and STAPLED to the first page which is underneath?!


It contradicts previous specialists, previous GPs and only mentions POSSIBLE trouble with ANkle Jerk because I stated they had already been tested and did not react at all?!

He ALSO STATED that though  he says he does NOT THINK I have CMT that this does not mean I do not.

He says he will send me for CMT tests but the letter looks like he sent me for something else?! Like Carpal, Tarpal Tunnel Syndrome?! He had better not!

I am afraid that his glance at me in the main building I am now convinced he recognised me from a picture he could not possibly have had and that is why I thought immediately he was Dominick Mort, as you hear me state on the TAPE!!!

I was and am being set-up!!

Good for me...bad for them!!

Page ONE was actually PAGE TWO and VICE VERSA?!?!

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