Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I have just had this through my door?!?!

Now as you will know I had a row in the local JOB CENTRE previously and have spoke to them and the admitted their wrongdoing and PAID ME?!

Well this is the FIRST I have heard FROM THEM since that day so I have no fecking idea WHAT they are on about now...SOUR GRAPES NO DOUBT!!

Well the will insist on pissing me off further and further so I will NOW email Michael Meacher MP and get him to have a look at this and listen tot he tape. He wants evidence of lying in government well there is more than enough here.

Oh and encouraging people back into work?

Well I will think you will find that they are DELIBERATELY hindering me a career now?! I have spent nearly 8 months on this blog, no fecking help from those twots at all!!

I have warned them and warned them they they cannot win against me but it seems arrogance breeds rife in government like a viral disease?!

So I am going to email them and give them a warning about their lies and that is this...

...if my money stops YET AGAIN the next time I walk into the Job centre where I recorded myself I am not going to talk... I am just going to punch that 6ft 2 Arab guy who obviously lied to me TWICE.

I will also send emails to the newspapers, and I do mean ALL OF THEM, beforehand and tell them of my intentions so that anyone can turn up and films me do it, I really will not care a jot!!

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