Saturday, 23 March 2013

Pain, Pain Go Away...Come Again Another Day?!

It has been forty minutes since I took the Metronidazole and the throbbing had died away now.

Added to this I can take Asia of drinks without flinching or tilting my head to one side and holding by breath.

Dentist thought he would have to send me to surgery up the hospital. I thought the Metranidazole would work and I was right.

But there was a seconds reason for taking the metronidazole and that is it world far better with be than Amoxicillin and people with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease should not take it!

I like to call this system "KILL OR CURE"

I do not know why you should not take this antibiotic when you suffer from CMT and readers might think this not wise...

But there are times wired kill or cure is much not appealing than the alternatives and we are not speaking of one single health and pain issue but THREE!

One course of this antibiotic can cure a great deal, answer a great deal and to cap it all...REVEAL A GREAT DEAL.


Actually that statement is wrong as you need to actually WANT TO DIAGNOSE AND TREAT SOMEONE in the first place and court go around the houses to avoid you knowing what they already do!

So right now things are feeling much better and no thanks to all day on hospital yesterday when I tried to tell then it could be a bad infection.

Ever onwards, upwards and forwards.

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