Sunday, 10 March 2013


Well after more than two years in the quagmire it still looks like one group of vampyric people still do not get it.

Still deriding figures, still more cuts to come, still more prices to rise, still further rises in electricity, gas and petrol expected. Eighty percent of benefits scrapped and this created CAPPED! Bribery if during out immigrants to get voted back in and we all know what will happen there don't we... SWEET FA!!

Just an excuse to get voted back in and even if they did sort it and deport tens thousands if illegal immigrants claiming benefit this will not benefit claimants and disabled people.

In fact even when there comes a time when we are back to normality for the country there will be no return to previous ways and no bloody thanks to the real people who paid to get this country straight again!

Did none of them her taught ANYTHING about the British spirit that existed in World War II?!

They tell me its raining repeatedly but it don't smell like rain at all!!

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