Saturday, 23 March 2013


I am home and I MAY have spoken too soon?!

The throbbing jaw and tooth which I have not felt anything from for probably about an hour as returned shortly after arriving home!

Also just as I was leaving my friends store I also felt a little light headed and wondered whether that was the start of something regarding the Metronidazole and the Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, if there are any side effects with these two present that is.

I do not feel dizzy right now and I like to think the bitter cold wind against my face caused that flare up of throbbing. It has died down a little now and is odd in that as well as the throbbing there is a throb within a throb. Oddly my mind is telling me something similar to this has happened not long ago and I guess I may well have posted about it.

The throbbing builds into a crescendo before abating again until ...nothing. Then returns and builds to a crescendo before abating again...a throb within a throb?!

Th tricky part is working out the levels of each crescendo compared to the last one which is the only way to work it if the whole thing is building or abating. Pain in the ars....jaw that one!

Annoyingly I have completely forgotten to get milk while I was out but I was messed around a fair bit.

After all I was at the Dentist at 9am and they asked me to return at 11.15am and then I went to retrieve the Metronidazole and thought the TWO bags being placed within the carrier bag in Lloyds Chemist was a bit big. Got to my friend's store only to find I had to things in a bag that were nothing to do with me and belonged to someone called minute I took some pictures on my phone ...

Marian and the pills were Topiramate 50mg and an Oral Solution of 300ml (200mg/5ml) of Sodium Valproate.

When I then returned all the way BACK to the chemist the girl looked at me and I said "oh you realised then?" to which she gave a nervous grin and nodded before hading me the tiny box I was expecting. "Here" I said and placed my bag on the table..."What's that?" she replied and it became clear she had NOT realised at all..."Well these are someone else's medication you gave me, a woman called Marian" and her eyes went wide in horror!

I am changing the saying 'you cannot get the staff' to 'There are millions of staff you just cannot afford it'?!

The odd thing is I was thinking today about this latest wriggling to get out of diagnosing me again, well that IS how it appears to me, they cannot even staple the paperwork in the correct order.

Whatever it is that they, or their commanders in chiefs, think they are doing is just kinda funny as well as it being infuriating. I was out of it when that letter came the other day and even my friend who then later took me to hospital, and THEN returned again, was annoyed when I told him what was in the letter.

He was annoyed that someone was rude to me several times while I was barely conscious. He was annoyed when I stated that they tried to catch me out by asking several times HOW I had got to hospital?!

Lastly he was obviously annoyed when he strongly stated to a Doctor how bad and just what a state I was in and it was he that text a brother of mine who rang me last night and he was furious too stating...

..."what the FECK are these people PLAYING AT?!"

Well it is NOT Doctor's and Nurses that IS for sure!

After all I have been out again TODAY after spending all day in the hospital and i have managed to acquire some antibiotics I think WILL help but if I am wrong and they do not this pain is really bad when it builds up and how long do I have to wait before I hope to get shot of it?!?!

I al already tanked up to the nines on Tramadol and that has ZERO effect and not enough on the ailments I take it for?!

You have had a year of so many million passing through the health service experiencing this and the rest of 2013?!

Yeahh I think NOT!!!


Obviously high salaries are only paid for the levels of naivety and stupidity along with total incompetence. LMAO!

As for what they think they are going to achieve, the powers that be that is? Well I CAN TELL them this...

...IF I was manufacturing all this and was THAT WAY inclined you STILL WOULD NOT BEAT ME so...

...whatever it is your up to, STOP! Give up now, hold your hands up and play ball.

Do not say I did not warn you?! You hold your own spades and your still digging at your feet. That daylight is beginning to get dim if it is not already out of sight completely. When your far enough down you will realise that a ladder does not exist that will free you from your confines!

I will also inform you that MY LIGHT is a lot bigger than YOUR LIGHT!!


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