Monday, 4 March 2013


Right OK, I emailed the dreaded department as you know and I posted it up here...


First off I had the local Post Office try to rip me off by insisting I only gave them £10 and change of it when i sent the DVD off RECORDED DELIVERY (see last photo). Smart because I had a whole load of fifty pound notes apart from ONE TWENTY POUND NOTE, watched a push bike for an idiot customer in front of me in the queue who has never heard of a bike lock and was a little worried that these foreign store owners might moan and refuse the twenty pound note?!

Even when she gave in and gave me the other ten pounds she still INSISTED I had given her only TEN POUNDS, I said I would go back tomorrow and that she would get embarrassed as when they cashed up at the end of the day, simple solution and I am always in there, the money would be spot on and she would be embarrassed!

STILL she insisted!!

Maybe when I go back tomorrow I will give them the address of this blog and then they might realise?!

I did not go where I thought I would be going as my mate failed to turn up like he normally does and I also failed to get either of the TWO emails about my items for sale?!


this is annoying as one asked me to go down the store with it as they were definitely interested despite me telling them INITIALLY that I have a disability and did not want to drag stuff around. If we agreed a price for MINT CONDITION GOODS and I was happy then i would be happy to jump on the single bus I need to get to this store.

But no email Saturday and none this morning and my mate then started wanting another of the items all over again and wanted to know what price was agreed, but he failed to turn up or email/text me?!


What I found absolutely laughable was William Hague spouting in a news interview about how that Assad leader of Syria is a warped (he probably is) individual but then he went on to say how extremely terrible the people are being treated by their own government I wondered if he has indeed been missing in the House of Commons the day that the Atos Corruption was bought up? Or maybe I am confusing him with Ian Duncan Smith?! Whatever the de-risible dribble remains what it is and I laughed and thought how the feck can you say that on TV when you are treating disabled people the way that you have?

As I have been typing this out it has repeatedly failed to save this post even with it being just text and just now as I finished the last sentence I clicked on save no less than a dozen times and it has FAILED each time...

This is the All In One 15 at £15 a month off 3 Mobile for you?! The last 4 to 6 weeks has been absolutely dreadful and it would not surprise me if a transmitter had been knocked or pulled own?!

Annoyingly if you stand in my front garden you can do a 360 degree rotation and come into line of site with NOT ONE BUT TWO TRANSMITTERS?!?!

But in 5 years I cannot get a connection that even matches an old 56k Modem!!! I kid you not really I KID YOU NOT!!!

Quite how this is when there is one at a 30 degree angle rise going south and free to see on the other side of a river and the signal would travel over water for around 50 yards to.

The other directly above but slightly to the rear of me on top of a small tower block!

For those that do not know, which includes ALL THE SO CALLED ENGINEERS I have spoken to about this, that RADIO SIGNALS are carried faster and BETTER over water as anyone with an old CB radio will tell you. The other good thing about radio transmitters is the HEIGHT!!

So if anyone can explain how my signal has been so bloody shit i am bloody all EARS?!?!


Right now let us try these pictures again...

Member of the public only has to fart or drop a FAG and they want to fine you with the cameras up your effing arse but a big company does terrible things, sells you stuff you do not want, sells you used goods and faulty ones while your unaware and that is OK?!

Are these wonkers for real?!

aah it turns out to be Picasa as it was uploading things without telling me...

...still who or where are the idiots in all this? Is it the people behind Picasa? Hmm or is it the people behind the 3G network who are now busy selling 4G at twice three times the price which will probably turn out to be the speed my 3G should be?!?!

You think I am joking don't you?

I would love the see their 4G network TESTED?! LOL!



2) I place these on BOTH THE COVER AND DVD, because it is all too easy for them to have an excuse.

3) The Markers I Use are SPECIFIC for CDs and DVDs and do NOT rub off.

4) I use this same technique with ALL DVDs & CDs sent including all the ones I sent to the National Tabloids and TV News Channels a YEAR AGO who actually got FOUR DVDs and if they wanted them again I would need SIX to get all DATA TO THEM! (PRIOR TO THE LONDON OLYMPICS STARTING) (A BLU-RAY WOULD HAVE DIFFICULTIES at over 30GB NOW ore MORE)

I do not really keep check on the mount of data I have and I know it raced beyond 25GB some months ago now. Would wager beyond 30GB without a shadow of a doubt.

There?! The last one is the Recorded Delivery receipt and sent first class, of course I edited this as I do all scans to remove too much information to those that would abuse it...probably everyone, lol.

So let us see what happens now shall we?

My email is sharp and to the point because they have provided me with no cause to trust them at all and indeed quite the opposite, They gave me a matter of days to get the evidence to them, well deadline TODAY in fact, like people with disabilities can just go running off at the drop of their hats?!

Sound FAR TOO MUCH like DWP to me and not someone genuinely wanting to help?!

So I will show the ire while closing down their escape routes and excuses systematically!

If the organisation is genuine, err I stake a LOT OF MONEY AND THAT BEING NAY, then they have nothing to worry about and nothing will occur.

But if they turn out to be underhanded, as have so many others before them including staff at the DWP all the way up to Terry Moran COO, then I will provoke mass panic!

In other words, take forever they drop themselves in it, do nothing they drop themselves in it, tell me I am past the deadline they drop themselves in it.

They have already dropped themselves in it a number of times the following ways...

Shown no serious concern about how I have been treated or them lying or the evidence I stated I have and I have seen this before many times in OTHER organisations like the NHS and Local Councils.

They have posted to letters with dates three weeks apart WITHIN the same envelope and on arriving here I only have days to act, but they have emailed me and I STILL HAVE their emails so why not do that. They also make no mention of THIS website though I gave it to them in an email and still have that in my SET ITEMS!

They state as do the DWP, DLA, Atos even though it is a lie and total ballocks anyway that a diagnosis is not important?! There is nothing that winds me up more than a bunch or people talking down to me because they think themselves highly important due to their jobs then they statements they make are only made by blithering and brain dead idiots in all honesty!

Without a diagnosis then you cannot make informed decisions on whether or not the DWP and therefore the DLA and not forgetting Atos have done their jobs correctly?! In other words say someone has an ailment that is confirmed that clearly states unable to walk, like Multiple Sclerosis, and they ask you to travel to an assessment that is 10 miles away and they have no car and no living family?!

Then they are NOT doing their jobs properly and requesting this knowing you will fail to turn up and the write you off?!

A lady called Val that works for Victim Support once told me that if they ask yo to these assessments and tribunals and you turn up then you lose because you CAN and DID turn up. After I left meeting with her I was halfway home when I thought "well hang on a minute you missed a few points here?! Number one this is morally WRONG and these people are VICTIMS and as VICTIM SUPPORT why are you not doing anything about it?! Number TWO is that she failed to ask me if indeed the Doctor at MY tribunal ASKED ME HOW I GOT THERE?!'


All these help organisations and what is anyone doing about it?! FECK ALL, THAT IS WHAT!!

So do not come to me and talk about things that are stupid and insane and make them sound like common sense and common knowledge because NEITHER OF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE!!!

If YOU are reading this and you do not like it then you are in the wrong job and I suggest you leave! IMMEDIATELY!!

Your boss will not want to, and has planned to stay out of jail but he or she will not batter an eyelid if YOU go to jail, as there intended FALL GUY or GIRL!

If you read this and you are unaware of the above then I believe you were mislead and maybe even DELIBERATELY hired because of your NAIVETY...


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