Monday, 4 March 2013


Well how would I describe that now I have come up with a catchy title?!


1) Wake up in the morning but the friend your expecting does not turn up...

2) The People interested in buying your stuff claim to get back to you but the emails fail to arrive...

3) Forced to go out due to another incompetent and lazy trickster of a department of the DWP claiming to be SEPERATE of the DWP...

4) Attempt by local Post Office run by Sri Lankans to rob you of £10 and then walk to your friends store foa a tea and a chat...

5) While their lower legs start to ache really badly and after downing one lot of painkillers I now take a second lot, head in my hands a few times and hold my legs up in repeated attempts to stretch various muscles but to no avail...

6) Not wanting to waste the day and good light I bail from friends as standing still is causing too much pain even with painkillers...

7) I walk up to local forest close to my home and try to get some shot of animals for my YouTube account and BLOGS and HEAR then SPOT and FILM a Greater Spotted Woodpecker!

8) Already decided I will NOT walk to whole circuit I end up doing that yet again, as the best spots always occur on the far side of the field. I have now sat down and crouched several times and telling myself the second lot of pain killers will kick in at any moment.

9) I finally get home in pain but the Internet is playing up and all my photo editing software is NOT rotating my photos though I have done that and they are the correct way up when I save them?!

10) I am sitting here in pain and wondering why I have felt like this 5 days in a row now and wondering if that is it for me as far as the Winters are concerned and always knew that one day I would spend my last winter on my legs?!

11) While wondering this the Internet is now refusing to do anything and I have spent hours trying to upload content which is all towards finding an income that the government has illegally take away from me.

12) After sevral hours have passed deciding on taking more painkillers which I try ot to do when I am indoors and glancing at the clock which now says 21:23 and wondering if I will EVER get these low res photos uploaded and end up doing what I normally do and put it off until tomorrow?!

13) While wondering that I am also wondering how I will EVER get through to a boody self centred GP in that I cannot handle this pain any more and try to get through to him that THAT was my last WINTER and I need help amd WILL DO by next Winter?!

13) Then I am wondering if I will even get through the Spring and SUMMER and that will switching to the bike more often now stop this from happening?!

14) Wondering if I should put off the GP and wait until my Neurology appointment in three weeks time and my Physiotherapy appointment four days before that one and speaking to both of them, though the physiotherapy is only concerned with my back?!

15) Images of WHEELCHAIRS and being stuck in this tiny house flash through my mind and wondering if I will EVER survive this from happening...

16) Wishing I could spend just 5 minutes alone and in turn with those responsible for all that has happened to me right up to and inlcuding George Osborne and David Cameron...


I would make them see the error of their ways I can assure you of that if the above was ever possible!!

While at my friends store he got angry with someone outside and shouted "OI NO!! DON'T PUT THAT STICKER ON MY SHOP!!!"

I wondered what he was on about and he said guys go around putting stickers on shops that they had nothing to do with?!

I said what do you mean?

This guy was Arab and could not speak a word of English and I walked outside to see what he was doing?!

On the empty shop next door he placed stickers on the windows and this was after being dropped by a van RIGHT OUTSIDE the door of my mates shop before attempting to put the stickers on right in front of us.

They get money from our taxes to set up a business, about £200,000 in total minimum. Then they open up a business and then go around placing sticker adverts on businesses without asking their permission so that the work looks like THEY DID IT?!

My friend then showed me the REAL STICKER on his shuttering, that is what the stickers were referring to, and he showed me marks where he had arrived at the shop and found someone had placed a sticker there.

What is worse is that they use some special glue on this stickers that makes it really hard to get off?!

But my friend gets aggravated by this and the fact it is non-English speaking foreigners that do it and gives it a DAMNED GOOD GO, but never gets it all off entirely

See for yourself...

He actually put TWO on the shop glass of the empty building next door used for producing drugs previously by other foreign born immigrants?! I kid you not!!

Someone beat them to it and somebody completely different beat them to it on the other window?! LMAO!

The Local Council, Enfield Council on this occasion, are quick to fine people for dropping fa butts and not closing their bins correctly but here you have an absolute disgrace of abuse with PHONE NUMBERS PLASTERED ALL OVER and where are they?! Fecking nowhere as usual giving out Parking Tickets like Confetti!

Here is a tip...of there are a dozen different stickers with their phone numbers on them it is therefore not only fecking easy to locate them but also ONLY ONE OF THEM DID THE JOB!!!

DUMB FECKS, your all bloody useless and do not have the brains you were born with...I could teach MONKEYS to do your jobs!!!

The above photo shows the shuttering on my friends store. The YELLOW label is the REAL FIRM to so the work. The the left of that you can see a series of marks were men have placed stickers in an attempt to steal customers of the real company to do the work by making it look like THEY had performed the work.

Of course once you have phoned them and paid then realise that this is NOT the same company you have to try an get your cash back from them?! Because Trading Standards and all these QUANGO bodies are utter crap and the real waste of the taxpayers money, along with the morons who give £200,000 to each of the immigrants who then run around and pull crap like that?!

Above is the left window and there is another on the right hand window and I took this only SECONDS after he did it.

The odd thing is that the look of confusion on his face when my friend said not to put a sticker on his shuttering as if it was perfectly OK to go around and lie and cheat this way?!


My friends store is in Baker Street in Enfield and even in this shot you can see the marks and these are the ones he DID NOT CATCH doing it.

We then had a long conversation about it and I was GENUINELY surprised at this behaviour and he was JUST AS SURPRISED that I was NOT AWARE IF IT?!

He said it happens all the time and he has stopped DOZENS of guys from doing it and they are ALWAYS FOREIGN, Arab in origin and can NEVER SPEAK ENGLISH?!

They have only been at this location for TWO YEARS TOO?!?!


  1. Try Acetone to get them off, it'll MELT them off.

  2. Did you go back to the Post Office?
    I bet they were trying to rip you off but they will not admit to it....