Saturday, 2 March 2013


Well curiously I had these two letters, though with completely different dates on, arrive within the same envelope?!

ICE or the Independent Case Examiners a department that is WITHIN the DWP that NO ONE HAS HEARD OF in the large congregation of disabled people that I know reside in a group on Facebook?!

Note that one letter is dated the 5th February 2013 and the other is dated 25th February 2013.

You will note that in the letter she states that we had a discussion and you know this to be true as I posted it up here. I DO recall her asking I send the evidence by CD but I decided to instead email her the web address to this BLOG?!?!

I sent her them originally as attachments and THEN I sent her the we address so she can look up whtever it is that is relevant as she would have a much better idea than I would. I would do the same with a solicitor otherwise I would end up sending many dozens, at the very least, and possibly more which would just seem stupid.

So I did not hear anything back by email and ASSUMED that they were working THROUGH the scanned documents on this blog but now note how it states that by the 4th March I need to send them in on CD?!

Also note that they speak about appeals like it is a normal part of the claiming process?!

Well NO LOVE it is NOT! Otherwise the title of APPEAL for this process would therefore be WRONG?!

Christ almighty they love quoting things as if they are common sense when they possess absolutely nothing of it whatsoever?!

Also how am I expected to keep on top of a department I believe will do absolutely NOTHING because they are part and parcel of the criminals known as the DWP in the first place. Being inhumane IS a crime by the way!

I am very tempted to let it go beyond the 4th March 2013 and then send them in to see if they then use this as an excuse to NOT follow up on my complaint?!

Secondly it states that they do not want to know about what my ailment is and how can they even hope to come to any decision WITHOUT knowing that?!

For example they are SUPPOSED to investigate the DLA Department to see if they have done their jobs correctly and a diagnosis CAN inform them that someone is DISABLED beyond doubt and therefore IF the DLA refused you an application then it is becomes OBVIOUS to all but the most DENSE people that they have done their jobs wrong.

Oddly I have just had an hours conversation  about DLA with someone who cares for someone who is Grand Mal and what she told me she has to do is ridiculous. She loses money due to one thing and then has to, or entitled to as well, claim something else to top it up which sounds to exist purely for that reason?! How fecking stupid is that?!

Anyway here are the SCANS...

Now remember the IMPORTANT POINTS HERE...

This has been going on for a fair while and a year or more I am sure, with ICE...

I have sent them ATTACHED scanned documents and then PROVIDED THIS BLOG so I have attempted to give them the evidence TWICE?!...

The word APPEAL means yu feel yu have been done an injustice or given the WRONG decision, like in convicted in a court of law. It is not called Step 2 or Step 302 as would be more apt of the DWP, no it is called APPEALS and if not successful you have your own little mini court hearing of a panel of three incompetent and biased or bribed individuals not interested in what you go through at all and tell you they are only interested in the warped common sense rules, that are anything but, of the DWP?!

Whether the walking distance is 50 yards (metres) of 20 yards (metres) less than 1% of the UK population live THAT CLOSE to a BUS STOP or TRAIN STATION?! There is just one prime and fecking obvious example of the common sense of the DWP so they had better stop with this attitude that they have common sense and the public automatically assumed have none at all.

First the LETTER from ICE dated 5th February 2013

Letter dated 25th February 2013 and yet in the SAME ENVELOPE?! Cutting back on envelopes, are we?!

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