Saturday, 16 March 2013


I think I forgot to post this and one other thing but I spoke to chap who bought the same Nikon L810 gadgets from the SAVE Argos store...

He thought I was wong, took the Piss and basically accused me if changing my camera as I wanted a better one than him?! Yes I know...boring!

Anyway I spoke to him recently and it turns out his one had taken done blurry pictures and he families at me while I tried to explain WHY MINE WAS refurbished when he turned around and said....

"no mine is OK it came factory sealed" and as I was still talking at the time this registered in my brain befit I stored in my tracks and said "ummm excuse me it came....WHAT?!" He repeated what he said and stated our came factory stealed and I said "oh will that proves it then they are well refurbished!" And he laughed and asked what?

I said that I had not one but TWO emails from Nikon HQ UK that clearly states in the first they are NOT SEALED AT ALL either by Nikon Japan or them and that the second email the fit stated he searches every box I the building and even the dearest models at several thousand pounds WITHOUT lenses included and not ONE box had a seal on it!

His face dropped and he squinted hard st me and said "WHAT?!"

I pointed out he was taking notice now! Lol.

Also that local Post Office that told me I had handed them ten pounds when it was twenty pounds?

I went back in there and the lady said that she CHECKED the takings that evening and it was ten pounds short?!

Go figure?!

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