Saturday, 30 March 2013


Whoa! Well my games are now back up, or TWO of them are anyway, and much of my Video uploads to YouTube are done...

...I DID think they would all be done and that the games still had a bit to go if I am honest!! LOL.

The fact that BOTH these games are up and running considering the size of the downloads and yet YouTube has not received a few videos is downright shocking and highly suspect. Hmm not for the reasons you might think that I am insinuating towards, lol.

Yes so at SOME POINT today I should get the videos up and linked in as well as the audio off my not so smart phone and uploaded to my, or ONE of my, Cloud Storage and those linked in here?!


You see the way I see use of these things is really quite simple...

1) You have various webpages within different environments

2) Blogs and Video on a Blog Client or Video Client, in my case both GOOGLE

3) The more content you add the more people you will attract

4) The more GOOD CONTENT and SMARTER you sound then even more people you attract

5) The MORE SUBJECT MATTERS you can cover THE PEOPLE YOU ATTRACT grows exponentially so two subjects then TWICE the people, give or take depending on the popularity of the subject matter.

6) On each webpages you have TAGS. TAGS were TAGS for a long time and the same as Hash Tags in Twitter '#' in that they label things (err orr Tagged then?! lol) for discovery by a search engine. So Google, Bing, AltaVista (if still around), AVG, Mozilla, Yahoo, Jeeves or any others. Google did not invent it you know?! LOL!

7) Now here is the CHERRY ON THE BAKEWELL TART AS...
a) The more specific tags or terms you can think of the more likely you are to get to the people who     SPECIFICALLY want to see what you are showing!
b) The more SCIENTIFIC you can be then the more similar minded people you can attract to so use of LATIN is paramount....if I can remember the Latin names and terms that is, lmao!

8) The more you keep a camera with you and the longer it goes that you keep adding content on the more chance there is that something you capture can go...viral.

9) I had around 16 subjects dear to me that I could cover and so far I had started up 12, starting last August to September, and about to start up another one in the coming weeks.

10) As I do not have 6 years worth of cash for 6 years of work this would mean that the money will continue to grow for 6 years without any further input from me?! Only explainable theory I can come up with at the present time.

Now before I make a series of announcements I do prefer to lay a few things out for a couple of months, groundwork you could think of it as, before I do it.

So therefore before i can explain a How To or a How NOT To or anything that is fundamentally wrong with anything you might WANT TO DO or possibly ARE DOING I need people to just get a little familar with a few things first.

A brief and easy few pointers of how you can figure out what is wrong with any figures or statements when i make them. Think of it like a plant window box. You can grow plants in a window box by simply watering them enough that they live and grow BUT...

They grow faster and BETTER IF...

1) You give them the CORRECT amount of water... (higher than normal frequency of additional content)

2) You provide them with the CORRECT amount of light... (pictures and videos)

3) You provide them with the CORRECT temperature... (popular subjects)

3) You throw into the mix the right amount of ingredients or feed   (think of this as the TAGS)

I think if you breeze about my other blogs you will see that my knowledge is not limited to Corruption and outwitting half-witted people but also...

1) Orchids (well there's a surprise I hear you think)

2) Computers (oooh now not looking good for my canon fodder, lol)

3) Astronomy (another highly popular subject)

4) Reptiles, Amphibians & Fish (now you can see where the LATIN comes in)

5) Wing Chun Kung Fu (now you know I can KICK-ARSE)

6) Pink Floyd & Music (ooh another highly popular subject)

7) Comic Book Movies and FILMS (ooh another HIGHLY POPULAR SUBJECT)

8) British Wildlife (yes OK not STRICTLY GLOBAL but still highly popular)

9) Doctor Who (well need I say anything regarding this, I am am Madman with a Laptop after all?! LMAO)

Ooh there is another and I cannot look to see as I have this text editor window open...

...yes OK I could open another but I cannot be bothered, lol.

The BLOG I plan on starting is Japanese Maple Trees or Acer palmatums, japonicumsm shirasawanum and negundo.

I will probably also start up a Mountain Biking Blog too shortly after the Japanese Maple one which will run through the summer.

Though this largely depends on quite how the Blogger and YouTube works behind the scenes otherwise the Mountain Bike one might not happen this year, lol. Well not unless someone ELSE comes along to lend a genuinely helping hand and saves the day, or MY DAY?! LMAO!

Maybe this whole thing is just a Social experiment for me to find out f the world, or at least the United Kingdom, is only populated by selfish and amoral people these days?! Maybe i'm just curious to see so set about with the most dastardly and intricate plan that would make a spiders-web look like it was manufactured by small children and plastic knitting needles?! Yes I am capable of such a thing!

The truth of the matter is that it is ALL of the above and then some!! LMAO!

Well I did refer to it as more intricate than a WEB!!

Before I can teach ... I have to TEACH!! LMAO!

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