Sunday, 24 March 2013


Just a list if links I found...

Socialist Party not my favourite people but truth is truth and bullshit is bullshit, lol.

No tricks to cover up what I am forcing their hand to do! Hahaaa!

Hmm just posted a post before this about another Google Blogger regarding the NHS.

The above one mysteriously disappeared, lol. On Wordpress too?! Ooh.

Anyway here is another worpress blog...

Well what do you know? Common Sense in the above link. Something that is not a pre-requisite now for being an MP or member of the Cabinet along with being honest and is now just fully accepted and taken for granted, partly the reason for the mess we are in today!


Remember it is not about WHO is doing the complaining or slagging off but the NUMBER of people that are doing it!

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