Sunday, 17 March 2013


I was listening to the news tonight when a journalist from The Independent Newspaper, I actually do like listening to admittedly, actually had a pop at the Anchor man in place for the BBC when he responded to her remarks about the most vulnerable in this country not having a voice and he replied that it needed to be done in a round about way.

He made the mistake of giving an opinion, or at least one that sounded like a personal opinion to me.

She reacted by upping her tone and state that the divide in this country has got too big and that all these laws, and she backed Leveson in the Hacking Inquiry, are only there to serve people that can afford them?!

I was completely stunned that she had said this at all!

This is the first time that the actual facts of what is now and has been going on for sometime has actually been realised by SOMEONE in the media!

The anchor man, I know not what his name is but I can think of one with TTs at each end and WA?! Well that is what he sounded like to me ... a complete idiot and blind to what goes on and just damn typical of the BBC in general.

In fact the lady journalist from The Independent went as far as saying that journalists are somewhat like MPs immediately after the expenses scandal and thinking there is nothing in all this and it will be brushed under the carpet or will blow over?!

Well done to that journalist!

The first time I have heard any single one actually sound like they are cottoning on to the reality of what is upon us and I have to admit that despite the anchor man's remarks he looked worried.

They remarked about the people in Cyprus taking there money out and the headlines and words printed in The Financial Times and that even the FT is becoming worried and concerned and think that the path that had been chosen was now looking increasingly like the wrong one!

Of course what they must also now be realising, something that that idiot Osborne has not, is that we have been heading down this road for sometime and it has been hurting people along the way.

Do they realise now that it is about to get a whole lot worse for the rest of 2013 for the wider public after next month?

Also bizarre is that it seemed to be a given that the FT doubts that the IDIOT will change from his plans after all better to run a country into the ground than admit you was wrong?!

Well I hope he has another country picked out to go and live as his arrogance will likely cost him dearly in time to the point that it would not be wise for him to remain in the UK?!

If I was the idiot then I could already have my one way ticket and a car and driver waiting!

In all honesty and as soon as I heard that journlist say what she did I felt compelled to come downstairs and while checking something on my laptop just quickly typing out this post while it was still fesh, well of sorts lol, in my mind?!


I knew there was a reason why i always like The Independent and in all honesty did always think that they were the newspaper I would end up speaking to if it ever came to that!

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