Thursday, 21 March 2013


Oops so that pay was on the wrong blog, lol.

Pitfalls of using the useless Android App version of Blogger a will as this shite phone, lol.

So earlier I went upstairs to watch a film and with heavy eyelids I could boot decide what you watch and fell asleep. I woke up about 8.30pm and had to go out to get things I failed to do earlier!

I was panicking a little as it was view dark and bloody cold and wondered what I would do if that day finally came when it was too difficult our I collapsed?!

Turned out things were not too bad exhort for the pain in my tooth that was fast greater than BEFORE I visited the Dentist, fucking typical of the NHS but doing jack fucking shit for years SMS when they do they make it fast worse than it was previously, that is the attitude today and then the government are ready to put a boot up you're arse and you're suppressed to be grateful you have been seen and go out to work and pay them buyer taxes they can go and squander in something no different to a roulette table for the rich and powerful.

Oops I digress, as usual.

On the way back I grabbed a kebab as if had not eaten all day and was worried fatigue would be the next thing to occur. But I crossed the dual carriageway and was just feeling relieved things had improved when a sharp pain in my right groin had me pull up sharply and my limp get far worse and getting the last few yards to my home looking increasingly impossible?!

It is there times that are hard to put into words how difficult to explain WHAT they are like. I have asked about what to do at moments like this with hospitals and GPs and you just get blank looks.

Do when you can't walk any further our can't get home or out to get your food...

...who you gonna call?


You might as well as every single member of the NHS I have put this to seen to regress back to their ancient primate origins and make monkey noises and life the ability to communicate a string of words together.

Oh yes and I remembered while limping home... turned our to be the first stroke of luck in write awhile when I remembered that for the first time ever, well I think, I RECORDED MY DENTIST VISIT as I thought I was going to be palmed off of doing the work on my teeth as I had been last time our asked about doing the £200 hygienist work. I did not but well that I referred to you should be able to hear once I get it all up, including being asked if I was ok a few times and told to sir in the waiting room.

About time a plan coincided with an odd and worryingly revealing occurrence!

Should be up over the weekend.

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