Saturday, 23 March 2013


Well here is a webpage I just found on my phone and used a screen shot atop on my phone whole I am out the house.

I still feel pain in my tooth asks jaw socket and still feeling mildly dizzy that comes and goes. As does the pain in my jaw and tooth as is the pain in my back too.

Been to Dentist and waiting in a friends ago to go back at 11.15 am so having very shortly.

So it seems a local anaesthetic can cause a reaction and I was not really aware of this until a few moments ago. I had doubted this was possible in all honesty despite my insistence of suffering with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease.

So you see a whole list and anything new fits right in with the CMT theory EVEN when I doubt that it will!

So the question now is, once this horrid feeling is out the way, is the tests at Royal Free Hospital and whether they are for CMT if the Tunnel Syndromes?! In other words another deliberate ploy to NOT diagnose me and yet with me recording everything and also knowing still about CMT?!


I also now know my friends with me was disapproved with the way I was treated and phoned one of my brothers who called new and he was disappointed and angry too.

In fact he has suspicions about a friends off ours whose funeral is on Monday and him dying in hospital being the fault of the NHS.

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