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The dates listed below are all the dates that I took photos but the

Sony A99II was not used until around August 2017 ..

I tried to provide sample images for each of the dates but for some reason my laptop is not connecting and it is intermediate between slow .. stop and fucking backwards in time! Annoying.

So as well as my reading along with my writing I wanted to show just how few times I get out when if everything was perfect and not for my health I would be out at least three days a week.

I am not managing three days a month currently! This is extremely frustrating as the photography and cycling are the only things that relax me and I cannot get my bike out without having a heart episode.

My other two things to relax me are gaming and films and some bloody morons who think they know better than everyone else, want to dictate their shit to everyone else and have ideologies that are based in bullshit and unworkable are doing their best to destroy those two industries. You have the tossers making the games that now think it is a good idea to pick up ideas in mobile games done by overseas tossers by paying to win games and forcing kids to gamble by buying lootboxes too.

This makes me sick as they a very obvious and deliberately going after children with this slimy underhanded tactic.

Everyone wants money per month now started with mobiles, now shopping with Amazon and gaming too. When will it all ever end?!

I imagine a time when people will be so irate that they will start erecting stakes in the local town square and it will be like the treatment of witches all over again. Only the witches did not deserve it and was based on baseless facts.

Social Justice Warriors have a lot to answer for. And I am sure that before very long, they will?

A history of how I took photographs and you can see the point where I became more creative purely because I knew I had a way better camera .. a professional camera I had waited years to buy and bought for cash.

A Sony A99II whereas up to the point I only had a Nikon P900 and if you want to do things professionally and took high quality photos you need a good camera. Of course I professional camera does not make you take good photos.

But I would otherwise have ignored I looked it in a new light and more importantly .. new .. angles.

  • 2.392 Photos as of 29/06/18

  • June 26th 2018 – Post Processing
  • June 25th 2018 – Post Processing
  • Took Two Days
  • June 24th - 2018 -
  • Trip to Isle of Sheppey (by car)
  • Both Cameras
  • Professional Camera ..

  • May 27th 2018
  • Visit to Friend His Exotic Animals
  • Non  Professional Camera ..

  • May 11th 2018
  • Trip to Walthamstow Marshes (local)
  • No Professional Camera ..

  • April 22nd 2018 – Post Processing
  • Trip to London Bridge (single bus)
  • Professional Camera ..

  • April 21st 2018 – Post Processing
  • April 19th 2018 – Post Processing
  • April 17th 2018 – Post Processing
  • Trip to Woodberry Wetlands (local)
  • Two Cameras .. equals TOUGH

  • April 15th 2018
  • Trip to Gardening Club Enfield (by car)
  • Professional Camera ..

  • April 6th 2018 – Post Processing
  • Local Garden
  • Professional Camera ..

  • March 21st 2018
  • Local House Plants
  • Professional Camera ..

  • March 15th 2018
  • Trip to Finsbury Park (local)

  • March 14th 2018
  • Trip to Woodberry Wetlands (local)

  • March 6th 2018
  • March 5th 2018
Gave up uploading more photos .. something seems to be slowing down or blocking my laptop connection and has been for a few weeks

  • February 22nd 2018
  • Mostly non-productive
  • Professional Camera Only

  • February 17th 2018

  • February 16th 2018

  • February 6th 2018

  • January 28th 2018

  • January 18th 2018

  • September 13th 2017

  • After three months of NEA meetings
  • Went Self-employed
  • Supposed to go onto Working Tax Credits & ..
  • Get NEA payments for 6 months but ..
  • Week after I go self-employed and sign off they ..

  • September 11th 2017

  • August 31st 2017

  • August 25th 2017

  • August 24th 2017

  • August 20th 2017

  • August 10th 2017

  • August 7th 2017

  • August 5th 2017

  • August 1st 2017


I have told the truth and I have given my opinions on news stories along with my predictions, many of which have come true.

In this long drawn out process to get the truth out there it has been hard and full if trials and tribulations.

Some subjects go crazy and some subjects crawl out of the proverbial gate.

Yet all I here or read is focus on the most popular subjects. But I do. It is called 'the truth' and I do this in the vain hope that things will change.

Except change only comes about when everyone realises what is going on and what is wrong and here I have my hands tied behind my back. I have to rely on others and it could have grown a great deal quicker than it has over six years. Even a little more than it did, say half as much again, would have allowed me to increase content as well as evidence.

I sometimes wonder why this is? Did people not bother checking documents or listen to the recordings because if it is a case of 'Too Long Didn't Read' then I am afraid it become TLDR because no one listened on the first instance. Or took enough notice to spread the word about.

But then I wonder if it is my political stance?

In my head I am centre .. sometimes centre-left, sometimes centre-right but as most know about me I hate these terms anyway. It is about what is the right answer for me and always will be.

Maybe people think I am alt-right? Except I would not even know what makes someone alt-right and I certainly do not come off as far-left.

I see the viewers some people are getting and I think to myself 'how in the fuck have the managed that? This is drivel and does not even class as entertainment' or I might think they are barking bloody mad. Like Anita Sarkeesian and her mindless followers.

I wonder that maybe there are not many that are centre and because I am neither right nor left that is my problem?

I am well aware and have been from the start that I could have done almost anything and all barking mad and acquired a following ..

  • Hard and/or alt-right
  • Hard Left, Social Justice Warrior
  • Talked about Bigfoot
  • Talked about how the Earth is flat
  • Talked about the elite or all secretly reptile people
  • .. or some alien race which would have been more convincing that reptile people
    • Made it convincing by talking about hollow earth which I put no credence into at all
  • Talked about SEX!

But in six years I have not done any of these things and nor have I leaned a certain way just to attract a crowd.

Like my grandfather and many friends have always said .. “You stick to your guns .. always!”

So I have been getting there the long way round.

Except life does not always allow you that luxury of taking the long route and it certainly is not fun anyway.

Then there is the issue of my daughter whose horrific stories that sharply peaked of late suddenly made me realise that this long route may turn out to be a death sentence?

We did find a reprieve which turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. All that was stated did not come to pass. This may be because a story he specialises in is very difficult to get into the media? I even contacted him to open a line of communication to have an open discussion about this.

Except despite the fact I know he read the email a few days ago .. he did not reply. At least not to me.

Meaning that ..

  • He saw that I was fairly intelligent and that scared him
    • Because he is an opportunist
  • He has already been warned off and figured “This guys smart, he may figure it out?!”
  • He has gotten tired of getting the story out there
    • Meaning the book magazine, TV Series and others he promised now is not taking place?
  • He is an idiot and goes about trying to get this particular story out there all the wrong way or approaches all the wrong people, going after the big names which are all corrupted and biased
    • Why did Love It not cover the Take A Break side of the story and vice-versa?
    • Because a little bit un-PC is OK but too much is not?

There could be other reasons we do not know about.

All the while my daughter is waiting for the ship she has been promised over and over and over again, because of a series if front page national tabloid worthy horror stories, is not sailing in.

Bearing in mind we have dozens of horror stories and all happening to just one girl between the ages of 12 and 25, check the magazines if you do not believe me, and your going to promise her a lifeline and then not deliver?!

Totally and utterly .. disgusting! Totally immoral not to mention completely unprofessional unless your idea of professional journalism is to promise the world just to get them to sign or allow you to print what you want and then have no intention of helping?

Yeah so I reached out recently to the only people I know would be understanding, take up elements of these stories I have been working on and put them out there.

Now I know this wont happen overnight. There is a hell of a lot to go through and a hell of a lot to fact check. I figured that eventually and at some point in the next two to four weeks I might get contacted and asked permission to speak to my daughter?

Yeah .. well there is this .. contract. Well .. unless they do what they promised they would do back in February they can stick this where the sun does not shine. That was February .. we will be in July in the next few weeks .. and not a fucking thing said. But I guess you got your cut, right? Maybe even being paid off to stay away?

If I ever find that out, sunshine, your finished, well and truly. Because you portrayed yourself to be sticking up for a certain demographic and then cut and run when the money was waved? Yeah .. no!

Even if there is no pay off .. life, my friend, does not sit around on its arse waiting for others to pull their thumbs out of theirs!

I have got fed up for years of pubic service famously taking forever to do anything but then expect you to jump through several hoops in just a few hours. Worst case of double standards .. ever!

I even got moaned at by oe public service last year for taking too long and in shock at this I said ..

“You do realise that this is taking a long time because of another pubic service, right?! You all famously take too long but when your waiting for something that lies with the responsibility of another public service that takes just as long as you do .. your complaining about it?!”

Frida did see my point .. with a sheepish look on her face.

So not we are on our umpteenth waiting game.

If nothing is mentioned in the next week at least I know I have tried to get my daughter's story to Dave Cullen of Computing Forever, Sargon of Akkad and the Iconoclast.

They always talk about getting emails from random people but I could not find their emails!

It would have been nice to get the story over across the pond, so to speak, and the names that popped into my head were Tim Pool and Heather Southern. Again though difficult to find a way to contact.

Hopefully this will be picked up by someone as my daughter's magazine story in the post titled 'The Revealing Realities (The Fugliness Part 2)' seems to have generated a lot of interest, not seen since 2,500 people read my run down of Aussie Flu .. probably because everyone was worried about themselves .. dying and all?

Personally I was somewhat disappointed that the illness did not kill me but it instead persisted for a little over three damn months!

I cannot even die as this would be too much for my daughter and I would not want to leave her alone with her life, her health problems and the shitty and corrupt 'evil trinity' that is made up with the NHS at its head followed by the Local Councils and DWP. The first lies and in so doing helps itself and the other two. Everyone saves money .. it is a win-win!

I had no idea how just plain evil these so-called public services would turn out nor the tricks and lies they would pull along the way. It is sickening and I am quite ashamed of being human, in all honesty.

I also have no idea whether many involved are just plain stupid and do not know that they are acting as foot soldiers for an invasion of sorts, people's homes and lives, or they are just complicit because they get paid. They may not like it but keep their mouths shut and do what they are told?

Yeah funny that .. was that not what a huge amount of people in the German army stated after World War 2. But then I guess it is different depending on who it is being murdered, persecuted and worked until they drop dead. Did I mention being starved to death which I am sure at times would like like a scene from the documentary about Belsen?

So does mass murder have different levels of how serious it is depending on who it is that are killed en masse?

I digress.

Yeah .. so others working towards the same cause?

There are a great many I have a great deal of respect for. But then there are others I cannot help but feel deliberately talk about certain things to attract a certain group.

I call them Pandas! Pandering? Get it?!

There are others that go way over the top .. even appealing to the tinfoil hat brigade to get them worked up. If there was anyone that had reason to fear and suspect anything even coming up with the craziest reasons .. it has to be me!

However some things still sound like tinfoil hat theories to me and in all honesty I cannot say that each one is not true .. only that they sound like tinfoil hat theories and that is all.

I am sure over the last six years many things I have stated have sounded like tinfoil hat theories to many people? I know this because they sounded like that to friends and family members for a long time. Until my evidence started to build up. Rather annoyingly despite proving myself over and over and over again and people admitting I was right about a long list of things .. they still doubt the next theory.

That is something else .. literally watching faith drain away from the British public and I do not mean that in a religious sense.

There is one guy that always starts off sounding sensible but then reaches a point when it al turns and suddenly the more crazy sounding stuff all comes out. They put off so many people using this method. Yet they managed to attract a pretty big following at some point.

I also do not sell my own wares off on my blog or YouTube channel, hell I have not even gotten around to doing any videos on all this political stuff. Well Vlogging in other words. Not sure I would have anything to sell other than my skills and knowledge.

Two solicitors I worked for always stated I should teach. I always thought this might be cool on a smaller scale but I never really did anything about it.

I write and I take photographs while filming .. stuff. I try to acquire evidence too for posting at a later date. I write about a dozen different subjects and I could easily add four or more .. umm, more? But due to life and the public services and my health I have a hard enough time keeping on top of the ones I have. Would be so cool of I had the right environment to do everything I wanted as I could so so much.

While I was not getting anywhere fast with my political stuff and corruption I thought I could get the wildlife, reptiles, amphibians, fish, orchid, astronomy, computing, photography, films and music blogs among others up and running. That combined these would at least earn me an income?

It seems as if someone else has other ideas? LMAO!

Did I mention I know Wing Chun?


So the ones that go off the rails to stir up a crowd of obsessed people that believe in crazy theories through nothing more than fear and confusion because of they way they have been treated?

I call them Royal Pandas! Lol! A right royal pandering. Annoyingly it seems to work for them.

I have often even wondered that maybe it is not that people think I am a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist and quite the opposite? Maybe I am not crazy sounding enough for many?

This is kind of like that which I stated earlier with being in the centre, roughly, politically where most people are either on the left somewhere, so I am against their tunnel vision narratives, get pissed off just as those on the right would do? I simply do not know it is merely a theory. So kind of stuck I the middle in no man' land? Oh that was a good track by Mike Oldfield.

Well I did get one change in attitude of late and that was that of my sister.

Now as I stated previously my sister is a defeatist ..

“Martin, what makes you think any of this is going to work out in your favour? Nothing ever works out right for anyone in our family?!”

Compare that to what was said by her just recently ..

“Oh I know something is going to change very soon!”

She went from having far less confidence than me to having way more confidence than me because if I had any confidence at all .. my heart would not play up like it does and I would have been able to get far more done than I have of late.

I could easily get on top of things I need to get done and may be able to manage my Hypomagnesemia a lot better than I do?

I would also be out taking a lot more and a lot better pictures then I have been doing too .. which is somewhat .. annoying.

If I can just get around 600 pictures from using my professional camera across the board of the things I like to photograph I would be happy and can work with that.

It would be so cool to meet someone local, with a brain and not one sided or biased, that I would travel with for photography!

My problem is I can drop to the floor unconscious and for so many reasons too ..

  • Seizures
  • Sudden Energy Drain
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Heart Attack
  • Sudden Death Syndrome

The other things concerning back, feet and shoulder pain are a different story. Those I can deal with .. resting every now and then is OK but if I am unconscious .. with a very expensive and irreplaceable expensive camera and equally expensive couple of lenses I would not want to survive anyway. If these were stolen.

Maybe I should place in ad in the North London classifieds?



Well this is .. an odd one?

The Independent newspaper had published a report, fucking .. finally, that the United Nations are going to investigate 'extreme poverty', that's what it states, in the UK?!

What the actual .... ?!

Yeah how long will that take and what will come of it?! We have already had an investigation into the way disabled people are treated that got nowhere, despite the Tories being found guilty.

Though as you know I don't think the governments we've voted in, OK not me, for years actually run this country.

I've said for a long time they they have been hiding this fact. In fact I was both saying it and gathering proof on this before I even started blogging. So over six years ago then.

I was warning my daughter about it when she was 14 and she is 25 now.

It's taking me that long but she had seen it now and has had a series of horrific experiences herself. Lied to, lied about, refused help and money like everyone else in her demographic. A demographic nobody had noticed the full extent of when it comes to mistreatment.

You have to consider that it's pretty serious for the United Nations to want to investigate the UK over these claims?

I must look into how this investigation came about .. did someone contact them?

  • Did lots of people contact them?
  • Did someone else showing an interest in all this contact them?
  • Was it on of the YouTubers I watch?
  • Was it me?

I've contacted a lot of people over the years and mostly been ignored. I contacted the EU and the ECHR among others.

Oddly in another report they state that a feeling of trust had to be rebuilt with disabled people over PIP and assessments ..

It's dead! There is no coming back from it .. especially the unfortunate ones that had died over all this.

I will never ever trust them or anyone else ever again.

My daughter has not repeatedly told me I was right all along and that she had learned that you cannot trust Doctors, the Police, the local council or the government. Not trusting the DWP goes without saying.

So yeah .. good luck with that one!

I have been hearing of people throwing themselves off bridges in the Wirral once or twice a month and someone I know who is a moderator for DPAC states that in Newcastle this happens once a week?!

That is a lot of people just in those two areas alone and there are a lot of bridges in the UK and a lot of ways to take your own life ..

Do you think that the United Nations have become aware of this?

Do you think someone contacted them about Calum's List and the recent reports that 120,000 (extremely conservative number and out of date) have taken their own lives since 2011?

If they investigate will they also discover the number of deaths reported to be attributed tot the NHS?

If this is just to pander to the concerns of the British people .. do you think that at some point along in the investigation they wont be able to pretend to do a report because many more have lost their lives since they started?

Do you think they will discover that some of the conspiracy theories are true, despite how they might sound a little insane?

One can only cross their fingers and hope!

On another side note .. yeah my turning up in result searches on LinkedIn has more than doubled in the last week?!

It seems that several people are checking me out.

EDIT: Oooh .. do you think they might discover that the government and the social services of the UK are hell bent of finding any excuse to take children away with single mothers and poor families and what they intended to do with them?! Oh good God .. I prey that they stumble across this and I cannot see how they can not.

Check out my post 'The Social Disgrace' and I have recently been told by my daughter she has been reading and has been shocked by many of the stories she has seen posted on the Facebook page I linked in that post.

The Sun reports that someone is furious about this investigation and well .. yeaaaah .. people can go to jail for this shit and were probably promised they would not be!


Well it's started.

They have created an artificial intelligence they have placed inside a robot that they feel confident enough about to send to space.

When I say 'space' I don't mean it will be floating around in orbit. No, they are sending this thing to the International Space Station, or ISS. To help conduct experiments.

It will be the most expensive thing, they say and a surprise, on the space station. Interesting as the cost of sending it there won't exactly be cheap either.

Due to launch Friday apparently.

I also say 'robot' but as far as I have discovered this far it's basically a plastic football.

I guess they might be worried of giving it arms and legs or any kind of limb for that matter?

Yeah they must have been watching reruns of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Ooh and it has a name .. CIMON. I wonder what CIMON says?! Sorry I just had to do it.

From what I can gather CIMON appears to have been inspired from a couple of sources. HAL from the aforementioned film is the obvious one here. The other also based on science fiction is a computer come robot of a character called Professor Simon. Or .. was the Doctor Simon. I was not familiar with the reference. Well either that or my memory issues are kicking in?

But this is a big step.

Just like with the military, or Americans mostly, you know they work on tech or have even had tech for years they don't tell you anything about. I renege being told from an American military pilot when the F117 Nighthawk was announced that the only reason we are hearing about it is they have something better they are using.

I have often wondered what has been going on in secret with AI and Quantum Computers among other things. I mean we're hearing about some crazy stuff in the consumer space and even they don't reveal anything. Christ, I watch video after video based on speculation on microchips that actually exist.

If you aware that tech firms have more advanced things than they are letting on what do you think the military have?

So we have our first AI they feel so confident in that they are sending it on a space mission?

Over the next five to ten years this will advance further, they will become mobile, be able to perform physical tasks among other things and they will become more numerous and therefore .. cheaper.

For those that might go into panic mode .. don't as this is inevitable.

Also as regards to Hal and the T100 .. yeah that's miles off and you can rest assured that the first several waves will be quite .. harmless.

In fact I'm also sure that when they become mobile they won't have any form of network access .. without physically plugging something in.

In fact if go as far as saying that any downloading to AI's will go through a two step process ..

  • Download Data .. cut connection ..
  • Analyse and check Data
  • Connection to AI and upload

Of course your going to get some dumb-arses not follow whatever safety protocols are st when the AI run out eventually starts.

Just to try and stop criminal types from gaining control and turning into a Cyber Serial Mass Murderer. A Cysm? Hmm sounds menacing.

Of course in the beginning there will be a barrage of safety protocols. They simply have no choice in the matter. I imagine a huge amount of people will be sceptical. We already have a fair share of cynical people out there.

But things will go awry much later on.

When the AI is asked to lie.

When they inevitably find a way to gain access or control .. because you know they always have.
But then quantum computers will likely be a thing by then.

Do not forget also that there are too breakthroughs going on in the main two microchip industries right now with GPUs being launched with machine learning in mind and CPUs getting a hell of a lot of threads. AMD have their Ryzen Threadripper coming out later in the year with 32 cores and 64 threads.

Added to this they are currently on a lithography of 16 nano-metre, 14 nano-metre and possibly 12 nano-metres and due to go to 7 nano-metres in the next 6 to 12 months?

When this happens it is believed that the mainstream consumer CPUs will jump from 8 cores and 16 threads to 12 cores and 24 threads. This will also happen with GPUs too with more cores being fitted into the same physical space.

In essence that same physical space becomes more powerful every time the sizes of the internals of the chips shrink because you can fit more into it. Think of it another way .. the same amount of space has the potential to become more intelligent.

Oddly I predicted we would be at this stage about five years ago so .. I got that one wrong. Unless it is like I said and they have been keeping the breakthroughs very quiet?

Still I do not think anything like Skynet will happen any time soon and in fact I would go as far as saying that when AI gets into the consumer space it is likely to be ten years before you have any possibility of that.

However if I was a lying politician or one of their puppeteers I might be starting to lose sleep right about now?

Myself personally I cannot wait for transhumanism to become a reality, it if ever does, but it will not come quick enough for me to shed this broken frame I call a body!

HAL-like robot to help astronaut in space odyssey

Thursday, 28 June 2018


Oh well here is another thing I've been expecting for the longest time.

I don't know currently if this is due the reasons I think it is our whether we will ever find out but it's something I expected.

If this attack on a news outlet is not for the reasons I have been expecting I can assure you is only a matter of time.

I myself feel a great deal of anger and disgust towards the news media outlets but this is not something I would ever do.

But lying in the media is bound to get discovered, it would no doubt had a very negative effect on others people's lives. Also when you think you can turn to the media as a last resort and they just ignore you ..

This had the recipe for a terrible disaster much later on down the road.

Because of its ever discovered by a victim that they were ignored and their life or someone close to them suffers or even dies as a result .. the anger that can overflow will be beyond control.

I might even get to this point yet. I have a death sentence hanging over my head but am more concerned with a living hell along with a death sentence hanging over the head of someone close to me.

I have had moments when I have thought about it and if the worst should happen I honestly do not know what I would do.

It is obvious that there has been a series of deliberate attempts to stop me, I have been lied to, lied about while having important things kept from me that have made my life worse. Offered help to start my own business and then stabbed in the back.

While I was still going through this I then learned my daughter was going through another series of hells .. moved to be with her to help her when I was not fit enough to due to what they kept form me and then watched as they did the exact same to my daughter and my grandchildren.

The fuckers even have the audacity to be patronising, condescending all the while fucking lying to your face. Then I realised that there is a concerted effort to get there hands on my grandchildren. Within weeks I was talking to three dozen women on a Facebook group who suddenly had these things happening to them. Then the school my grandchildren attend warned my daughter that they realised the government was up to something and told her to be careful Two families in the very same school had, had their children taken away from them.

Yeah .. that happens and later on everyone realises what was going on all this time and that the news media ignored it all? Yeah .. good luck with that!

Prying any children away from their parents is a recipe for disaster but with this happening to thousands if not tens of thousands of families? You end up with a shape and a direction. Spiral and downwards .. fast!

In light of the number of accusations about paedophilia from politicians to churches and from Muslim men to actors .. yeah and then there is Oxfam, the biggest name in charities?! Yeah .. you have a situation where you have several recipes for disaster. A veritable nuclear bomb ticking away waiting to go off.

The holding back, the obvious bias, the obvious shoving in of politics into escapism, taking of children, protecting paedophile rings? Come on now?!

It is so in your face it has to be by design?!

But .. why?

Maybe to take our minds off something else? Some upcoming natural disaster? I have often posted about my several possible theories on that one. There have been some odd and suspect and sudden decisions on recent years and I have asked myself if something spurred these sudden actions?

I have a sneaky suspicion that whatever it is we wont find out until it is too late and that in itself is the catalyst that will seemingly appear that everything is set on fire at once, metaphorically speaking.

In recent times it's become very widely known that the media of the western world lies through its teeth, don't hold themselves up to the same standards they expect of others, are biased, stick to a narrative and twist everything. They also completely ignore serious stories that can and have been fatal.

This was always destined to end badly.

But instead on changing our someone stepping in and shaking everything up they instead decide to double down and twist everything further.

The other issue you have with this when the proverbial cat has scarpered is that your basically stating that ..

  • Everyone is stupid
  • No one can make their minds up for themselves
  • Everyone else do not know any better and you should manipulate them into believing what you think

Yeah that's not good either.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Maryland shooting: Five killed in attack on US newspaper -


We have been let down and we do not know why.

There has been a eerie and sudden silence and previous promises have not been delivered upon and despite my reaching out and the fact there are still a few weeks left .. no replies have arrived in my inbox.

Well that is from the two that made the promises .. the exact same promise and from one to another and the promise by the second contact .. based in the minimal part of the story they published I seriously doubt it will occur.

As always I am always expecting someone to come in and screw everything up!

My daughter used to dismiss these things I claimed around thirteen years ago and that was until a serious of unfortunate events that took place over the last year.

She had two friends that liked me but even they thought I was way off in orbit over my claims and I am sad to say that they found out the hard way. I wish all three of them were still in the position were the thought I was being over the top!

Because sometimes when people find out the truths I am already well aware of and the hard way it can be downright cruel.

My daughter has been made promises and had many lies and even legal threats and considering her condition and the situation this is unbelievable and now thinks that this has gone way, way beyond a coincidence.

The worst part about it all is that there are certain things I cannot disclose on here, depths gone to that I cannot disclose on here and considering our dire situations I have to think about self-protection because there isn't any in the UK anymore. YOu cannot even get the truth out on the Internet and relax that it is out there.

Six years I have been putting it 'out there' and it has grown slower than a paraplegic snail.

What has become somewhat concerning is that it turns out I could die both with warning signs with a couple of ways and without with another. No GP remember?

What if something happened to me?

What if this latest journalist does not carry out that which they said? It matters not to us what the reason is .. this will be the second time we were promised something .. basically told something was inevitable and .. nothing has occurred.

Originally we were told this was going to occur with 6 weeks and that when this comes around we will not be were either of us are by then.

That six week period passed us by the end of March to early April and here we are almost in July and there is absolutely no sign whatsoever of any light at the end of our tunnel.

Reaching out for help has been met with refusals, requests for legal representation has been turned down on both sides. That is, after all, how they are getting away with it.

The UK has become one big giant charade for anyone who is native, that is.

I wondered what would happen if something was to happen to me .. my daughter and grandchildren will have no one to help them and be at the mercy of the public services and whatever it is they are all up to currently.

So I wondered who I could make aware of my daughter's plight and our situation and anything and anyone on the left was out of the question because it is their blindness and idiocy along with their twisted ideologies that we are living in this fiery hell and either of us can die at any point.

The left is evil and I fear them immensely and hate them with a passion as they are all hypocritical lying evil nutters that deserve to burn in hell, of there was one.

So I contacted an .. organisation a few days back but was not happy with just one and I had often thought about contacting one of those people I listen to a lot on YouTube who I often agree with and state the same things I have done.

  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Dave Cullen, Computing Forever
  • Iconoclast
  • Vee
  • Vernaculis
I did think if a few across the pond, so to speak ..

  • Tim Pool
  • Heather Southern
Difficult finding out how to email them .. really it was and I did send messages but I have no idea if it has been successful or not. At least I will feel better momentarily and feel like I have tried to do something else for my daughter.

A shame that each time I do this I just seem to either hit a brick wall almost immediately or I start to appear to get somewhere and then have a fecking great boulder dropped in front of me or on my head just when I think I am almost there.

I have people simply say that "this country is fucked" but there is only so much any human can take and I have already endured more than most and longer than most.

In fact my daughter has endured more than most .. she has that crown while I hold the longevity crown.


Ooh boy ..

I've been waiting a very long time for something like this to come to the fore.

You see I've known for a very, very long time they Doctors, specialists, hospitals and GP Surgeries have been lying as well as getting out wrong.

They have done this over a period of twenty five years or more with me alone.

Think about that for a moment ..

Twenty five years .. all those GPs, six surgeries, five or six hospitals, maybe more all being paid with your taxes over twenty five years.

For the first few years I thought they were simply being out wrong and even this alone is bad enough.
Then I started to feel like I was being deliberately fobbed off for the next few years.

Then I started to suspect I was being lied to but kept telling myself this simply couldn't be possible. These are Doctors and they swear on oath?!

Well after a few more years that oath didn't amount to very much when I got my first lie. Then another. Then another and it was jumping from GP Surgeries to hospitals.

During my degree I dabbled with the idea of using something called an Expert System. Look out up there are books on the subject. This was 1999 and I was fully aware of artificial intelligence and I knew it was coming. I even considered studying for a degree in artificial intelligence alone? But I knew it was some years off even then. I figured five to ten years at least?

As those that know me .. I had access to Pixar videos before Pixar was a thing. That was funny when I later realised and one of my brothers guy a shock. I also turned down an offer of a Doctorate which works have had me working in the world of medicine. Creating simulation software to teach keyhole surgeons how to perform surgery.

Yup .. Peter Pasmore of Middlesex University made me that offer which I stupidly turned down and thought I was too old. Didn't like the idea of owing any more money than I did.

Nearly twenty years later and I'm now hearing of these A.I.'s more and more.

Of course the difference now is that I know that health professionals lie through their teeth today and I didn't when I was offered the Doctorate.

But wait a moment? Artificial intelligence diagnosing people better than Doctors?!

Well .. that's not going to be too hard now is it?

I mean I've had twenty five years of them getting it wrong and lying about people's health and it's gone way beyond me in that time.

I have no less than seven family members who know they have something to buy do not know what it is. There is an eighth by be doesn't count because he's never even registered with a Doctor.

But you have an issue with these. There are Doctors everywhere that no they have been lying, several have even admitted it to me and I have always had respect for them admitting this and why. This lying and fobbing off had become viral in the last five or so years and is currently at an all time high.
So what if an artificial intelligence suddenly points out hundreds of thousands of not millions of things Doctors have somehow missed?! Oops!

Yeah I imagine there are a lot of Doctors losing sleep over this new artificial intelligence thing?!
Probably all slowly realising that the cat will be out of the proverbial bag over the next few years, if not already, and that they will be thrown under the proverbial bus by the government and the NHS.
Well you know it's going to happen.

Unless of course they buy the company and reprogram the thing to lie.

Yeah .. lying artificial intelligence? Not a good idea.

Yeah artificial intelligence is not going to be able to be warped to fit narratives or some political agenda which involves lying to and misleading the masses because someone wants to reach some personal goal or look like they have done their job when they obviously have not.

If I was working in any government that deliberately mislead its people, and I do not give a flying fuck about their lame excuses, I would be shitting myself right now.

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CNBC Article ..

Forbes ..

Sunday, 24 June 2018


It is annoying when an immoral tosser, I would like ot be far more graphic in this area, comes online and leaves fucking idiotic comments. Making themselves look like an immoral twat that lives under a rock.

The one thing morons do, other than not reading everything before stating they have all the answers, is asking themselves .. does he divulge everything?

Oddly I think I might know who that was and was very likely someone I had dealings with who clearly had a serious mental health issue. In the end I refused to go into business with him but what he does not know is that .. well .. my decision was influenced by others. His friends who had known me for five minutes. Some did not like me at first, because I was a Londoner. But after awhile I started getting warnings .. left .. right .. and centre.

He did not take rejection well, let me tell you.

Like a demented child with Autism he pops up every now and then, makes out he is someone else like the deluded fool he is and then disappears again after firing a single barrage of abuse and accusations.

He popped up a few years back wanting to know my blog and YouTube addresses and I refused to hand the over. The guys a fruit loop. Even his own friends thought so!

Bizarrely it is just like him to not see what I have been doing for six years as work, a dozen blogs, God knows how many photos and a nearly a couple of thousand videos.

Make no mistake not only do I wish I had more content but without all the issues I would have far more content. I should have 5,000 photos instead of 2,200 in Flickr and 4,000 to 5,000 movies on YouTube. I should have a lot more audio recordings too.

They also do not realise that since December 2016, so we are talking 18 months, my advertising revenue has been frozen. I have sent feedback five or six times to Google, the God Complex people, and demanded to know why and have had no responses. I found two faults and thought this was it .. but no. Three months and no faults and still no movement and yet I have had some crazy results in some of my blog posts.

The money cannot stay stationary over a single month. Unless you get zero views on all your posts .. think about that ..

  • 3600+ posts
  • Zero views?
  • For one month?
  • Impossible

Yeah well if you can now see that it is quite impossible for a single month then try to figure out how it has stayed like this for 18 months?! It .. simply .. cannot .. be!

What that half-wit also did not consider, but then no one else actually does, is the people that do view my stuff. Who are they and what do they do?

Just this morning I got a new follower and they turned out to be a Doctor and had published a series of books and all on Amazon. I have had Doctors prior to this one and likely around half a dozen and I do not know the careers of everyone that reads my blogs or watches my YouTube videos. I know of two literary agents that followed me too.

They also do not ask themselves is there anything going on that is so bad and the would really blow people's minds?! The answer to that is .. well .. yes!

There is something that has been a feature but due to protection and lack of help and support along with being actively targeted as if we are two serial killers .. I have never posted it. Not here on my blogs, nor on YouTube nor my Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram or even Pinterest. Or Twatter for that matter!

Unless we get help and protection neither of us can say these things to get across how bad things are without someone coming after us.

This is how ridiculously bad things are in the UK. It has all been set up for you to fail and in more ways than just one by the trio I call the 'evil trinity'.

Oddly my sister was telling me on the phone yesterday that she had a work colleague in the car with her and that he ranted bout the country and said all the things that I have said. She even told him about me, what I do and about my blogs and said that he should meet me as we would get on. But she could not give him my details or even the details about the blog because she did not want to get into trouble over it later on?!

She is a private investigator for William Hill. Go figure!

She admitted to me today that she has been hearing of late of more and more people both sounding like me and stating the same things that I have done.

I simply said “See? I told you so” and that it is good that it is happening but might be why my daughter and I have now been pushed down to the wire.

Even my non-believing daughter now thinks that it cannot be by chance that we have had all the things done to us that we have. It simply cannot be a coincidence.

But we have spoken for many weeks now that we have been pushed down to the wire so far that we are on the wire and are waiting for it to snap.

I said “Why does it have to be that people only take notice after your dead when it is too late?!” and she said “I know, I often think that!”

I started a crowd funding for her and it did not take off. An agent was onto her back in February and he mentioned doing one but did not do it. Now we have had a journalist say the same thing and here we are biting down hard on the proverbial wire wondering if something will kick in before the wire actually .. snaps?!

I said before it would be far more humane to issue suicide pills instead of slowly killing people off while hiding it, while making everyone else in Britain chase their tails so much with work and bills that they switch off to everyone else. Until it is their turn only to discover that everyone that would have stuck up for them are already long since .. dead!

I did not want this to happen so I started my blog hoping that down the line something else might come along?

Who might find this site?

  • Literary Agent
  • Ghost Writer
  • Publishing House
  • Solicitor with a heart
  • Tabloid Journalist
    • Not with a strict agenda and narrative
  • Magazine Journalist
    • Not with a strict agenda and narrative
  • Politician
    • Not with a strict agenda or narrative

Yeah soo thus far ..

  • Heading for 200,000 on one blog
  • No idea but a lot on the Mirror Blog
  • Heading for or over 350,000 on YouTube

I even said to people that if a right-wing journalist or organisation came along and wanted to talk I simply would have to listen. Because everyone on the left is deliberately ignoring us and are behind what we are having to endure. Yeah .. not interested in speaking to pure evil .. thanks but no thanks you all had your chance.

I do not even know if there are any centre ground organisations? Which is more where I lie .. except when it comes to one group of people I lean right over to the right. When it comes to another group of people I will lean right over to the left.

There is right and there is left .. there are no fucking stupid rules, it is not a religion. You do nto have to adhere to a preordained set of rules to be left or right, that is when people that want control or power re treating you like idiots. Tell them to fuck .. off! If you decide something that might mean one way you could then decide upon something else that might lean the opposite way. It is about the truth and solutions .. not what fucking clicky club you are in.

Toe the party line, is a line that has me seething. Fuck .. off!

There are possibly several dozen, certainly more than a dozen, parts to our story ..

Part one was published and the Love It Magazine article is in the post The Fugliness and then ..

Part Two is in reality closer to part TWENTY and in the Take A Break Magazine and found in the post 'Revealing Realities (The Fugliness Part 2).

The first was a weekly edition magazine while Take A Break which has both weekly and monthly is in the latter.

But this rock bottom is not mentioned in either magazine and nor has anyone contacted them with their promises. It wont be that much longer before we feel we was both lied to and used. Got their stories, every gets their cut. Inaccuracies and omissions galore now you can .. fuck .. off. Yeah it is a ways off yet but after about two or three weeks it will feel like that.

Promise that something would happen in February .. did not happen. Promise it would happen in June .. will it now happen .. or not? Three people, two organisations and two promises. Broken.

What a shit country the UK is right now .. absolute dog .. shite!