Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I have had a response from Atos.

As expected they failed to respond to several things I put in the last correspondence which I posted on here.

Of particular note, I only tend to breeze through these things... when you have heard nothing but lies and bullshit for a decade you kind of lose the will to read their crap.

They failed to explain why their appointments are always at 9am! Oddly someone told me today that they have always done this with someone in his family?! Maybe it's everyone?

They failed to explain a few other things and my mind had gone blank!  Crap! Well the emails are both below as usual... Ooh yeah did not Email about attached appointment letter they claim they did not mate for one...

Atos Email...

Dear Mr Haswell

I write further to your email of 18 th September regarding your referral to Atos Healthcare for an assessment in relation to a claim for Employment and Support Allowance.

I am sorry you are unhappy with the service you have received. I have noted your comments about our practitioners and I would like to assure you that all our practitioners (doctors, nurses and physiotherapists) are qualified and registered with the appropriate governing bodies. They have also received additional training as Disability Analysts to enable them to provide clear and unbiased reports to the Department for Work and Pensions about the functional effects of the reported medical conditions and have received approval from the Chief Medical Officer on behalf of the Secretary of State. There is no requirement for any of our practitioners to be specialists in any particular fields as these types of assessments look at function not the diagnosis.

The Work Capability Assessment will give you the opportunity to explain and clarify how your medical problems affect your ability to carry out everyday work related activities.

Currently, an appointment has been booked for the 2 nd October 2014 at 9.00. You can re-arrange the appointment if it is not convenient. Please call our Appointment Helpdesk on 0800 2 888 777 should you wish to re-arrange your appointment for one that is later in the day.

Failure to attend an appointment will result in your referral being closed and returned to the DWP office dealing with your claim. You will be sent a form to complete (BF223) which gives you the opportunity to explain to the Decision Maker why you failed to attend the appointment.

I hope this clarifies our position and our role within the benefit process.

Christine Hughes

Senior Complaints Manager

Customer Relations

My Reply...

Dear Christine

I am truly amazed at your email and your level of denial.

You have failed to answer several questions I put to you and this will not only be obvious to me but a few hundred thousand buyers to.

Your also getting annoyingly boring too with your denial/incompetence. I have not applied for Employment Support Allowance and HAVE applied for PIPS and have a letter here from PIPS of the DWP saying as such. Do you know what the problem with being corrupt while lying and chatting is? It is pattern forming and when the game is played through enough times you collect the proof to the patterns.

I have applied several times for both DLA and now PIPS and the crap is exactly the same each time.
I do not need to be aware of it as I know what is coming but there are several hundred thousand people among the British public that might need a tinsey-wincey bit more convincing before my blog becomes a popular topic at social events.

You failed to remark about your letter to the appointment in August you previously claimed you did not make!

You also made no remarks about Fibromyalgia nor did you provide even the lamest of excuses as to why you have arranged 6 different appointments, you REALLY SHOULD pay attention, all for 9am in the morning for someone that had told you all six times that I have a problem with sleeping, several in fact I told the DWP about for a decade.

You will have to arrange A Home Visit. It is the only way and I've told you this plenty of times previously and the correspondences have long since been witnessed by many... witnesses.
In each correspondence that occurs between us serves to attract even more first time viewers to my blog.

The longer this fits on, its three years currently, the better I get, the more trusted I become and the worse that you and the DWP look.

You also managed to avoid remaking about my pointing out that performing audio recordings is not illegal. Yes well I know why that is and I am sure my readers will know.

Now I have pointed out several things... yet again as well as giving you more to think about.
I will now say this..

I stated previously and do so again that your organisation has been made aware of ago that I cannot travel and as you have no intention of approving your victims I am hardly going to put myself through pain. This is to protect your lying staff as much as it does me.

Remember you portray yourselves as professionals. Or in other words computers have been around for a long time. I advise you do not make yourself look any more incompetent than you already do.
As for your health professionals please do not insult my intelligence with more lies. Even if you did have Physiotherapists (I have never heard of this from anyone) and General Practitioners you still have no one who specialises in Fibromyalgia. I do happen to know what I am doing and is high time you started to take this. To hand you... one clue I have been through more health professionals than you employ. And then some!  A few of these have stated that my intelligence and my knowledge of some health conditions and drugs is greater than their own. One even stated I was teaching him. He tried to outwit me and failed then lied and failed.

Also please be advised that I possess the documentation on you for all previous correspondences. Correspondences that with every single last one of you I have so many on that there is nowhere to run.

I have been planning this a very long time. Apply, collect the lies and cheats... REPEAT.

So based upon the information in this email would you like to try again?

Martin Haswell BSc

Monday, 29 September 2014


Saw this BBC report for the umpteenth time, an understatement, of Africans trying to get to the promised land. Fools! Well actually they are not fools it is those that let them in here and have them everything while leaving British born people out in the cold!

I get truly feed up and bored of seeing these reports as it's what's the she old shit,  no one does anything and nothing changes.

However tonight I remembered that it occurred to me that with all these people trying to get to the UK how long before some rampaging and virulent virus or fatal disease reaches our shores?

That would just about sum up the average Britons luck, it really would,  first they live a nightmare for five to twenty years and then a virus or disease reaches here that kills them! Still would put them out of their must misery I suppose? That's what I would think of I contacted it somehow.

With the numbers infected in Africa growing ever higher and locals fleeing like mad and spreading it like fire in a sun dried field on a hot day it is surely now just a matter of time? Just glad I thought of the possibility before it actually happens. Surprised it did not occur to me as soon as the first reports about Ebola were published.

Migrant deaths in Med pass 3,000 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-29415836


Well the idiots went through with it at the NHS and they have gone on strike, or was that voted to go on strike? No wait a minute! This is midwives. Last time it was Nurses I am sure of it. Oh so there are too be two strikes then?

Bloody marvellous!

The NHS is on its knees while top management still gets paid and they decide to strike when there is no money.

Now what I found interesting, other than the very bad timing for something they cannot win because the money is not there, is the statement about a decent wage. Something like...

'Patients deserve midwives fully focused and paid a decent wage'

Do I therefore take that to mean that midwives do a half arsed job because they feel they do not get paid a decent wage?

I think that is a fair question bad on the comments made. Now fur my second question...

If what the midwives get paid is not a decent wage then what is their opinion on what disabled people get to live on? Some of which, or indeed many, are or have been patients of these people?!

Remember my mate Old Ken, have witnessed to this, got feck all in the way of care and what he did get was utterly and unbelievably abysmal as he slowly died of kidney cancer.

I actually thought for a long time that cancer patients were the only ones given any respect by either the NHS or the DWP but I was wrong where the former is concerned.

I think we can safely assume it's the same for the latter.

I cannot help but wonder how long is going to be before horror sieges hit the news about nurses and midwives getting a tongue lashing?

I also noted in my phones TV guide, while checking if TV had anything but mind numbing drivel on these days... It hasn't, that about the time that the news was on, so George Osborne shooting the usual BS, that a programme called Plebs was on?!

Just saying. Lol.

I am sure that he must have talked and given a list of excuses why they have done feck all to change things in over 5 years and stating that they will after the next election if you vote then in of course.  Probably a load of shite about UKIP too as they must have some primal fear going on after a second defection?

Just do not know how to deal with someone who is upfront and honest doing sounding. What had me scratching my head is how the bullshit gets applause. George Osborne's ego might have been inflated but I cannot help thinking what the, more intelligent of the, wider public think?

Maybe amazed that despite the country being in the shit hole and the public being more disheartened and despondent than ever before that the Tory faithful just clap like demented Seals trying to get a fish supper?! Not really a bunch of people focused on the country now are they?

Hmm suddenly I am thinking about that show called Plebs! Wonder what that is all about?


I dunno really, just the blind leading the blind and I would be tempted to look through their pockets to see if they have a musical instrument like a Pipe or Flute about their person? Lol.

Somehow I think that inside of a year the... communication will stay to get through? Even if it turns out not be be in a good way.

Then again I look at the Chinese population of Hong Kong and I think to myself that when all else fails those that want to get a message across do so when the majority get together. Sights like that are both inspiring and humbling I think and was not something I expected them to do. Especially considering the consequences of their communist party and their widely known heavy handed attitude.

Always find that in China the ruling party came about because of the way foreign nations, such as Japan, Britain and America tested their people. Yet today they treat their own people worse than foreign powers did?! Well except for for Japan... and possibly the Americans... oh you get the point!
Lied to over money or manipulation over power it is all the same really at the end of the day. Being oppressed fur whatever reason be it in your face or stealthy it matters not. Stealthy can be worse because you think it will end in a few months and it does not. Then it only gets worse and once again you start expecting it to get better in a few months and... VOILA! It don't!

The stealthy part of this was that 6 years ago they stated decking with the Disability benefits, yes you read that right. Not a year ago and not when the Tories got in power but 6 years ago plus!

I might not like the Tories but I also did not like what came before either as they were sneaky. They had no honour at all and lied fit years and now Blair is seen as some kind of Messiah. Even the Doctors did not know what they was up to when they kicked all mental health sufferers off Disability Living Allowance.

The best part about this was when a local Psychiatrist explained to me how she first suspected something was going on and then checked the clinics entire list of patients and discovered not one received DLA any longer.

I witnessed several mental health patients stealing from local shops! I then stated wondering how long it would be before some... patients hurt members of the public? Children even?! Of course there is the possibly that mental health sufferers themselves could get hurt, or even commit suicide?!  Then I wondered if these and other stories would be conveniently ignored by the tabloids and TV media?
I was always interested to see what lengths they would go to and how long before everyone realised that this... path succeeded only in alienating the public and stopped them spending? Among other things.

Of course this is just one aspect. Make people poorer,  especially those already poor and in pain, and your asking for trouble. They will be forced to do things they would not otherwise do. Which anyone would do in the same position. Is the nature of humans to fight to survive, the alternative is taking ones own life. 

To me making deliberate changes that causes people to take their own lives is murder. Absolutely no different to forcing them to swallow all the pills that would result in them being fatal.

So what would you call it if this not only happened but did so repeatedly and those in power carried on regardless?!

Whenever any difficult choice is made you have to look at it from every angle. No excuses. Therefore why did they do it? Knowingly? If they did not look at it from all angles beige doing it will what the feck are they doing in this job and what bloody process is in place to allow such half wits in these positions they show no respect to, or those that may have voted then in? In the case of Tony Blowhard perhaps more than once?!

Just as much as them considering all the angles so should the public that vote for them!

If there is one thing that drives me insane, at least these days where there are no excuses anymore, is those members of the public that always vote for the same party no matter what! There are no excuses today just as much as those idiots that say 'oh I don't think he can run the country' just because of what he looks like our how he comes across! Utterly stupid! Damaging and utterly stupid!
Especially as for the last ten years everyone complains that you cannot tell the difference between Labour and the Conservative's. Probably how Tony Blair got in power in the first place as he did run everything the same? Very few things changed and before long I asked myself what was different? Nothing. They have the Job Centres and Dole Offices a makeover and that was about it. For awhile staff were a lithe helpful and the new touch screens had people think there were more jobs. I would not know was in a college course to get into University, Middlesex to be precise, to do a Degree. But then as I achieved it there was a big crash! Plus I got screwed by the University who broke their own rules to do it!

It is safe to assume that I had such high expectations when Tony Blowhard got into power only to slowly discover that which most others are noticing now and think it was by the Tories design?! I stated to notice that I was getting a lot of bullshit from public services and suspected their was something going on!

Now when I think of these things I am reminded by things that I said in this blog from the beginning..
I knew the recession was coming 4.5 years before it did and stated it would hit inside 5 years. There are a lot that disagreed with this still around today.

Now what I could not understand is how no one else could see it,  even with the news media and all these business experts and think tanks!

But then when I think about how they systematically removed disability benefits from people I think they knew all along?  Or at least one person did?! Oddly enough I was told by a couple I know that they were told that it was demanded that so many children had to be taken off their parents to make it appear that they are doing the job well. In fact they did this in other areas by classing burglary of a garage as... well not as a burglary in regards to the home. This way they could say that house burglary numbers had dropped when they had not at all! A Loss Adjuster (someone that works for the insurance firm that weekend of what you had stolen) actually told me that back in 1999. In Bristol of all places. That's where I lived... long story and told already,  lol.

Until the truth is seen, read and accepted the sooner they will realise and then the sooner the correct paths can be traversed.

But then maybe we won't. Not sure I want to witness the consequences for the path bit changing? Guess we will find out before long?

Midwives vote for strike action http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-29413903


Hmm this is not what you might think as far as the subject goes, no.

I am starting to think I have been poisoning, literally, myself somehow and despite having one or two suspicions I am not that sure as yet. I have, in point of fact, already bought this up with my current GP, though I did state I thought I knew what was behind it.

I told him along with my theory that Fibromyalgia is likely behind it but right now and after what must be more than 5 weeks I am not so sure.

This has tied me to my home a great deal and will soon become a pain in the proverbial places.

With other symptoms I experience from the several pains and right through to the short term memory loss my To-do lists are a nightmare much of the time. If I state that I have shopped on any given day while in pain and discomfort while not being able to bring back even 20%of what I need to then anyone should understand this. Factor in that I get home without the most important item I wanted and let the house for most of the time should show anyone just how hard and frustrating it is. Now imagine going days without being able to venture far from your home... Indeed even a particular room in your house and it should make anyone cringe?

Now imagine someone who is wired to want to be overactive and does not like being bored or confined to the home as the symptoms of Fibromyalgia can aggravate the depression or anxiety disorder symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

Whenever I speak to anyone now and when referring to living with Fibromyalgia I simply say "Just trust me, it is truly a horrible nightmare of a condition! I would not wish this on the Devil himself!"

There are just so many factors it not only beggars belief it in fact did just that to others including those closest to you for a few years! If in my case and your a guy with it this can be alot longer. After all I asking did thirteen years and got told the wrong thing, and told them so to no avail, and many different diagnosis that were all wrong with many being lies to avoid the obvious condition.

Thirteen years and yet the symptoms in my medical records that have now officially and mysteriously disappeared from the filing cabinets and computer folders of the NHS, DWP and Atos after I kicked up a storm due a few years and then asked for them!

Now considering all that I have provided to each of them you could be forgiven for thinking that any one of them were supporting me in some way? Nope and quite the opposite is true and I am even getting this from departments that are WAY of the mark, like the CSA.

Now I know that just as I predicted, and tried to encourage in others on here, that much more will come to light now over the next 6 to 12 months, like that GP in Liverpool whose response to being told be a patient that they were suicidal over giving evidence in a rape trial that they should do it and look it up on the Internet!  The couple wanting that Beam Therapy for their son along with others.

Now you could also be forgiven for thinking that the News Media would be all over me and my data? Well I sent them what I had prior to starting this blog. So yes it's possible that many stories came about due to my DVD sets sent out to them all? But maybe not and I still have not had so much as an email from them. Yeah I kind of expected this might happen as I have questioned things that both have and have no been reported on.

In an upcoming post later today or in next couple of days is something I stumbled upon by accident. In an ITV documentary, forgot to look at when this was done, they showed a film of what they claimed to be something to do with the IRA. I think a helicopter and some soldiers were in the film as I have not seen it myself. The big punchline?

It was a film taken from a video game called Arma 2!

I actually discovered this on the website of British magazine, though I suspect American owned of late, PC Gamer.

I was simply astounded and clicked on a few links the screen shots of which I will put up in the forthcoming post.  But more interestingly was the comments by people stating that we were being lied to by the media as per usual and you can't trust them.

Yeah I got that one some time ago now but bloody great to see people are beginning to see now what is going on.

Still left with the problem that they think that simply 'calling it' is enough when it so clearly is not.

I did have something else to type but it's gone! Darn it!

Anyway you still have the problems that they think they can do what they want? No! What am I saying?! They do know that they can do what they want! They have spent years planning for this and one of the biggest steps say removing Legal Aid.

Now when I say that I really do mean it like everything else I ever post but there is a series of things that have yet to be made clear. Why legal aid was taken down when the real problem was not dealt with and the kinds of pretty major and horrible things that have been allowed to occur because of this action and the previous inactions.

Yes it once again has to do with a series of court cases I cannot divulge information on. Not quite yet at any rate.

So there is now a very fascinating 6 months approaching! One court case should be finishing in next few months allowing me to talk. Another one starting up where justice will be served by way of a shovel. Many more shocking things will appear in the news as they start to realise they were wrong to ever think they could avoid certain... Stories. Anything else I may not have thought about as well as A General Election the Tories are getting increasingly concerned about and for good reason!

Meanwhile hopefully these current and distracting symptoms will finally go away as my major 'To-D List' days will be upon me in 48 hours or so?

Saturday, 27 September 2014


I should really say that I wrote that last post being somewhat angry and still am.

Yesterday my daughter was in a right state and for the umpteenth time talked about ending it all!

You have to understand that she has no family near her, outside of an evil mother she stays away from unless she wants to see her brothers. She had several things thrust upon her encouraged by her evil mother and allowed to take place by the Social Services at Wirral Council. She was let down time and time again by the Police.

In fact they are totally unaware that I know of their recent exploits and I am going to cane them so hard when the court case comes around they will not be able to sit down for a month!

I have them on tape ... quite a lot in fact and that is not the only Police Force I have on tape. On the tape they are lying through their teeth.

What they did recently is falsely charge my daughter in an attempt to sentence her to cast doubt upon any testimony that she can and will give at a future point in time. Well as all my enemies know about this blog they know they are in very real dangers due to the lies they told me and I am not talking your normal wooden tops here, Police Constables that is. Not from Seargents through to Detectives and up to Police Commissioners. Yoinks! No it is not good for the Police, not good at all.

But what will happen to them will be nothing compared to Wirral Council. In fact I can assure you that the knock on effects that the Police and the Legal System made, which I have tried so hard to get through to people for so fecking long, were so grand they made the BBC and Sky News.

I have to keep telling my daughter that nothing will happen and that its just a very long drawn out process. I told her that I tried to tell various people for years (ombudsman, governing bodies and government) that this needs to stop but no one gave a shit. As long as they got paid they mostly did not care. As a result things took longer and longer to work through which is difficult to explain to a young woman that has had her entire childhood ripped asunder and then some. I assure you that last sentence was an understatement, again you will have to use the search function.

So my daughter is still being made to suffer at the hands of the Police, Local Council and the Courts and even her solicitor realises this. In fact the solicitor, the first one I have ever known to actually give a crap, is in disbelief at what has happened to my daughter from the age of 16 months and all the way to the present day and what is still happening.

This blog was intended to provide ... a window, if you like. It was supposed to show the British public just how bad and fraudulent things are. It was also supposed to show you that despite all these salaries and industries supposed to protect people that they themselves were having just as bad an effect on the public that the criminals do! Quite literally!

The criminals know this too and this they use to their own desires and quite literally swan around in the open like they cannot be touched. Literally! Oh I so much want to tell you on here what happened recently that I have alluded to several times but I cannot. Even though deep down I doubt that the current and next legal battle would amount to much.

I may sound like a cynic but my musings are based in fact, nothing more. Not wild claims or crazy guess work, FACTS.

So the whole while I was to show you a window into my life and show you the hoops I am constantly and rather unfairly asked to jump through with no benefit provided to me whatsoever. Remember the idea is that we have a civilised society so no matter what your opinions are make damn sure that you can still claim that out society is civilised based on your opinions on certain.. THINGS. As well as giving you incite as to what goes on behind the lines of these public bodies I also wanted to show you the torture that is put on someone who was flung into adulthood and now being caned from all sides unfairly and that there is no one there to help you unless you have large amounts of cash ... or are not born in the UK.

The best way to change things for the better is to expose just how bad things are. (I said that before you look into the pages of a book on quotes!)

Whether things get changed or not rather depends on how many in society are amoral. (I said that too!)

When you took away Legal Aid, because they all get far too much money, you then take away the rights of the innocent allowing the guilty to run amok and do as they wish.


Ladies and gentlemen I have something of a suprise.

As is iften the case this was yet another incident where someone I know started telling me I was wrong about this when I was not actually saying anything, lol. He tried to say I was stating that they had done something wrong when I simply said I was stating things in such a way that they could not deny it.

Well I have had a reply and it turns out that once again they were doing something major league wrong. It will cause a bit of a riot once the letters have been viewed, I anm speaking metaphorically of course but then you never know. Many a statement spoken in jest has become true.

Now before I go into this, because I am sure that due to the subject matter involved there is going to be a whole wave of people and have likely had one already coming here to read about this one. I have never covered it previously because quite simply I had never gotten around to it. It was always something that was going to be bought up in a court case.

Well they just signed their own death warrant ... figuratively speaking... let us call it professional suicide ... except like all of them they are not professionals in the public services, oh except for the fire brigae of course and St John's Ambulance. Hmm probably others.

I digress.

So to recap and refresh ...

I have to conditions classed as disabilities

These were ignored deliberately by the NHS

IN so doing I could be ignored by the DWP and then have a shed load of cash stolen from me.

I was attacked physically and defruaded out of £4,000 by bailiffs acting on behalf of one council who were given my address my my current council that now hold out their hands for Council Tax.

I told everyone in a court hearing twenty years ago that my daughter would have a horrific life. I told the courts this and that I refuse to pay any money because my daughter would never ever see a penny of this.

The first part of that last paragraph I grossly underestimated the dangers my daughter would face, who at 21 has had one court battle, currently has another court battle, has another about to start and then another for damages next year! Ergo ... FECKING LENGTHY AS ALWAYS IS WITH THESE WANKERS!

I have missed out a fair amount but you follow my drift here hopefully ... now are you ready for this?! Sitting down?


I quite literally could not tell you when it started but I seem to recall having a conversation about it with my grandmother when the CSA first told me they were taking it out of my benefits. She died when I was in my third and final year of a BSc Single Honours Degree from Middlesex University, who also shafted me up the arse!

I got my degree in 2000, early 2001 to be precise as I deferred due to Grandmother's death.


I had a letter and I posted it up recently of the Child Support Agency writing me a letter stating that I needed to make a 'new arraqngement because CSA is changing'.

I was honestly like "What the fuuuuuuuuuck?!" I simply had to read it again! Knowing them all as I do I immediately realised they had been taking money for the five years since my daughter turned 16, who had two children by thanks to these same fecking idiots who ignored my warnings.

Oh yeah and you probably read it iun the letters I sent to the DWP and CSA in that for her 18th Birthday my daughter got a Dime Bar, yes the chocolate bar, for her borthday! Its kind of why I get frustrated about the blog because I thought I could make some money to help but instead was misled and quite simply cheated and manipulated.

Well yesterday I got two letters, no not one but two, and both from the CSA. One atually had the wrong tone to use with someone like me and even stated they were going to look into it to see if I owe them any arrears?!

Yes you read that correctly.

The second one actually acknowledged the complaint, I ripped them a new arsehole and the letter I sent is on here, but insinuated they only took money from between sometime in 2013 until 2014...

Oh my apologies I read that wrongly and I am afraid it gets even worse for them as it turns oiut they are claiming that they ojnly took money from between 2003 to 2004 and that totalled £220.

And yet you can see quite clearly in the letter that it states that they have taken no money off me since January 2014?! That is probably why when I raced through it I read the 2003-4 as 2013-14? Not that it matters in this instance anyway.

The fact remains that by their own admittance they were taking money from me up until January 2014 and my daughter was 21 about a month later. Yes that reads twenty-one!

Absolutely incompetent ...

Oh yeah and in case I forgot I have been ordered not to record my assessment with Atos! Good God these people really are slow and really fecking stupid! They really fail to see what I presented them with and I told them they wqere liars, lol.

Now they are themselves perusing this blog I will put the statement on here and see if they can work it all out for themselves without someone that possesses grey matter to join the dots up for them?!


"You have no idea how much I have wanted to record one of your assessments!"

Now I have referred long ago to the things I do. Being cryptic was not acceptable to me and I had to be more direct. In my endeavours I wanted to wave the answer right in front of their faces and if they failed to see this then they would look very, VERY incompetent so at the very least taxpayers would ask what the feck was happening to their money!

You could view this as a template for why the Scots wanted out of the UK.

Now I could never really put everything in one post, bugger me I could not do that in ten posts, even bloody long ones! So to see the rest of the lying, cheating, conspiring and fraud by Doctors, GPs, Specialists, the DWP, Atos (yes I do have them!), two Police Forces one which will be in court next year and no less then FOUR LOCAL COUNCILS you will have to use the search function or look up the Peculiar series where I try to condense all the evidence, documentations and audio recordings (ooh boy do I have recording after recording of lies, falsified tests and avoiding looking at parts of anatomy they were meant to) into posts one or two for each area.

Be warned I still have Local Councils and the Police to do yet. So if you cannot find these then it is because they are not up yet, sorry about that but they are coming I assure you of that. Hmm well I should point out that it is actually all on here, I just not have condensed them all down into their own posts yet.

Now ask yourself a question...where has all the money they was taking gone? My daughter has been refused her benefits for 6 weeks despite having two children and I have given her around £150 and will continue to do so whenever she needs it. Yet they have been taking money off me for her?!

Oh and remember I have placed a Freedom Of Information request to the DWP on everything they hold on me to do with the NHS and my health and that I had a phonecell form them stating they cannot find anything. Despite the fact that they have refused 5 applications in the last couple years! A Freedom of Information request must be answered and within a time frame. Once again for the third time a public service has broken the rules, you see my title up there? Yup that title?! LOL!

I am going to listen to the Guy's Hospital Recording I put up here to find out what my knee condition is that they tried to say I have not got, despite the fact I can easily quote not just that but another Orthapaedic Surgeon as having spotted it but then convemiently forgot about it, yes Dr Saksena I never forgot about that! Quite unfortunately for you and do not worry your nopt alone as they lied about the ultrasound on both sides of my groin, yes lied TWICE. LMFAO!

Oh yes and I have quite recently contacted ICE (Independent Case Examiners or yet another so called OMBUDSMAN that is nothing of the kind so once again FRAUD on a grand scale whose email is curiously ice@dwp.go.uk so not what I would call INDEPENDENT) regarding the fact that they stated that the DWP had done nothing wrong by lying about why they failed to come to my home for an assessment or the fact I was refused Disability Living Allowance on several ocassions.

Why did I contact them?

  1. I now know what is wrong with me with Fibromyalgia and a problem with Right Knee (forgetting the other things for now)
  2. That this diagnosis confirms every single things I have stated to the DWP for over a decade now
  3. That I was not only refused Disability Living Allowance for no reason whatsoever as there is no documentation on me when they have had loads and that despite this the DWP failed to mention this at any point when refusing me the benefit, including PIPS right now.
  4. Added to this not only was I refused for no good reason, like I was illegally kicked off two GP Registers for no good reason other my awareness that they lie and cheat at Gov's request, that despite the fact that they claimed to investigate my complaint they RATHER CURIOUSLY FAILED TO SEE THIS ALSO?! Meaning they knowingly lied.
  5. Oh yeah and I am about to ram the CSA letters down their throats too!

Tip of the iceberg ... tip of the iceberg.

Oh and I can tell you why there were two letters but I have a feeling that I do not need to, lol. After sending one off something got flagged almost immediately. Now whether my reputation precedes me now, Atos ordered me not to record them and I told them to shove that up their arse, or they heard of the blog and loked it up I have no idea.
Think of it like this, look what Southempton General Hospital and the Police did to that married couple? Now saying "I our hearts go out to you and we hope your son does well having that treatment we were too fucking inhuman to give you despite being paid hundreds of thousands in salaries and then lie and deny it would help then tried to faslely label you so we did not look guilty?" Yes that couple. Now think of what has occurred on these pages and then think about the following statement ...

This was just one incident where they got caught out and found out, now how many other cases like this do you think there might be? How many cases could you think there are that are far worse, no matter how hard it is to imagine, than what went on with that little boy and his parents?!

Now look at the letters ...

So here are the Child Support Agency letters that arrived this morning ...

Friday, 26 September 2014


Well now will you look at this?

I sent Which? Magazine all the details regarding this blog and my evidence and have started to get some interesting things coming through from them.

It would seem that others have realised that there is no complaints system with the NHS that does anything. Well they will realise before very long, if they have not done so already that is, that this is the case with all the public services!

Anyhoo I receieved an email from them to sign their petition and of course I simply had to help out and put the details and the webpage adress on here!



I had an amusing letter from Atos this morning and it was ... hilarious immediately as they got my national insurance number wrong!

Yeah they will probably now apologise and state that this was a clerical error on their part?

Anyway they denied that they already sent me an earlier appointment, the August one. They also rambled on about how they are not corrupt and do have professional health staff, so I then asked them if they are professionals why do they keep making 9AM appointments for a Fibromyalgia sufferer whereby sleep is a majo, MAJOR issue?!

God, I really cannot get over how bloody incompetent they are at being corrupt!  Lol!

Anyway I am now posting up the letter I had today and the two appointment letters with Atos were up in very recent posts. Together I think in the same post as it then became important to post the August appointment letter, lol.

Oooh and I will tell you something else ...

I had an email reply from Voiceability, I had forgotten I contacted them. They apologised for the long delay in responding, I have no idea how long it was, and they stated that they too had been hearing some horrific things from people regarding ...





They were shocked and said they were sorry to hear how I had been treated and the obvious run around I had gotten from them all, they are obviously reading this blog then? LOL!

My Response ...

Dear Peter Dodd

[national insurance number] (You need reminding of this!)

Thank you for your letter dated the 25th September 2014.

I would like to point out a few things to you, your organisation and the DWP.

1 Do not treat me like a fool

2 In your attempts to look professional while lying through your teeth at least get my National Insurance Number correct!!

3 As far as denying the previous appointment you made .. well please see the attached letter from yourselves

4 As far as the audio recordings you can stick your statements where the sun does not shine, it is NOT illegal to record anyone at all and denying permission is stupid as I will not take any notice of it and you would be unable to find any device, as a previous GP, note PREVIOUS, who tried to set me up thought he was in the clear when I switched off two devices!

5 As far as number 4 is concerned you now look guilty, I need no convincing but much of the more naive public do, as you show you have plenty to hide

6 Oh yeah and please ... do NOT treat me like a fool, I did not bother reading anymopre when you started rambling on about your so called health professionals ... YOU DO KNOW HOW THE INTERNET WORKS RIGHT??

7 Oh yes, you have no idea how much I have wanted to record a meeting with you! No idea at all, it would have been the cherry on the Bakewell Tart! However ... and just as I have always told you I cannot attend distant locations and you know this too well...

8 Well you claim to be all professionals so then you know about Fibromyalgia?! Therefore you know only too well that Fibromyalgia disrupts sleep every single night to varying degrees? Mostly very bad. So how is it that every single appointment your organisation has made for me has quite consistently been for 9AM?!?!

9 Well I knew that you were doing this deliberately and I know how it all works ... if you get there your fit if you dont you autopmatically get refused. It is a no win scenario that is pathetically obvious cooked up by morons with a low IQ!

10 A GP was struck off very recently in the Liverpool area. A woman who was to give evidence in a rape trial asked her Doctor for help as she was suicidal. He told her to go ahead and kill herself and she can look up how to do it on the Internet!! Would you like to know how he was struck off? Because the patient used her smartphone to record him.

11 I have been informing people for over two years now what to use, how to use it and even how to trick those you are recording so they would never know, even when they realise you have been doing it!

You can send me as many letters rambling on, lying and bleating as much as you want it will not make a blind bit of difference to me, your a illegal organisation paid and ordered to make innocent lives a misery to protect a sea of greedy and amoral, self centred and corrupt people. I have know this for a very long time.

In each case on my blog I had a genuine reason to approach each and every public service I recorded. The Fire Brigade and St Johns Ambulance were about the only ones I did not record and there would simply be no point. They are fine examples of what public service means and is. But many others are not.

I am afraid I have been working on you all for a very long time. You could say its been twenty years in the making as that is how old some of my documentation is. A shame that the NHS did not bother to check all the documentation on my blog before they conveniently lost my medical records?!

Oh and the DWP called me yesterday, prior to your letter, to apologise for taking so long to answer my Freedom of Information Request. I requested two things, how much their organisation costs to run and a break down of salaries, I now have to check that because I cannot remember if I received it, ooh yeahh sorry about that but Fibromyalgia causes memory loss, but then as professional health staff you would know this, right? No they did not apologise for that FOI but instead that they cannot find any health or NHS documentation on me at all?! Ooh dear, not looking good. They were also many weeks over the time the law states you have to provide the documentation.

Do you know what I asked the person who called me from the DWP apologising? Well after I explained that my DLA was illegally stopped and that I have now found out that the Child Support Agency has been taking money off me for a 21 year old daughter who I have given £150 to of late because the DWP have NOT given her any money for weeks?! Yeah after all that I then asked how it could possibly be that I was denied DLA and PIPS if they had no health documentation on me and why this was not pointed out in any of the refusal letters I have here over the last 6 years or more?!

Oooh deary, deary me! It really is not looking good for the two of you is it?

There is one last thing I should point out ...

12 From the very beginning of my blog I told my readers and have done so repeatedly that in all my endeavours that I will publish as I do them that I will NOT GET ANYTHING from any of them! Not at all, no matter how long and how many times I apply and on top of this they would see the tricks they pull, see attached docs as just oine single example, to make their innocent victims look guilty!

I do not really give a crap what you do about the contents of this email, I mostly write these things because many of my readers love to see me stick the proverbial boot in to corrupt organisations.


Martin Haswell BSc

Thursday, 25 September 2014


I had to laugh one again at Apple and their oddly fanatical fans after reading this story.

It turns out that there have been a raft of complaints about Apple's new iPhone 6 bending?! I had not gotten over the shock of laughter when I read the most idiotic of reasons for this happening... that owners have been placing the phones in a rear trouser pocket and sitting on them?! Their placing far too much stress on the phone?!

Now the first thing I want to point out is the phones been on sale for five bloody minutes. Secondly if fans stupid enough to queue up all night to be one of the first to get one then shoes it in the rear pocket of their jeans... well they are even more stupid and I just do not think they would do this. Apple fans are normally proud of their new Apple gadgets and I know because I know few of them. They even like to quote things about Apple inventing things that they quite simply did not they want Apple to be so much more than they are.

So firstly you had the Apple Rubber Band iPhone, needed a rubber band to work lol, and now you have the Apple Banana iPhone! Lol. In fact Apple owners are so proud that's why a video of a young man opening his new iPhone only to have it slip out onto the concrete had bystanders gasp out loud.
I am sure that owners of the bent phones will soon react to being patronised yet again by Apple, like when they stated owners of the iPhone 4 were holding the phone wrong, lol.

As for me I am simply stunned that they have produced such a shoddy phone! Someone stated that the trend was to manufacture thinner phones and this is what happens?!

Err first off... no it is not, in your heads it might be and secondly that had better not come from Apple as this statements suggests that you do not care, did not test the device beige launch and blaming it on your customers because they wanted thinner phones?!

Lastly, will if you knew this would happen why did you manufacture it that thin in the first place? I make no secret of the fact I am not a big Apple fan. I used to be and would defend them to the hilt! But there was a point in time when they became the company they complained and accused others of being, only far worse. Added to this I have to admit that I liked the design of the iPhone 5! Will the 4 & 5 but I still did not like the iOS and think it's several years out of date. In fact my own daughter wanted one for years and finally got the fifth one. She was disappointed as hand the time it did not work and said that I was right the phone is just an App Tray, lol. No desktop screens you can customise with widgets.

I'm afraid it's the age old story. The money people that take over these things do not understand technology. Technology is ever changing and increases in power roughly every year, rarely two years. As these chips get faster and can handle more data per clock cycle then what they can do on screen improves no end.

To give you an idea look at screen shots of the famous Microsoft Windows of versions 3.1, 95, 2000, XP, 7 and now 8. They have changed dramatically with each one.. Oh OK yes version 8 took several steps backwards but you get what I mean. I assure you Windows 9 will be radically different. Well now they know no one likes their metro design and it detox to think that everyone with a Windows phone will be a Windows PC and Tablet PC due to the fact they all look crap, lol.

Funny too is the fact that in the report below Apple says the bending phones are rare? Huh?! That's not what I heard and the phones only been in sake for five minutes! Hmm let's give it a month and see whether or not this Bananaritis is still rare?

I very much doubt it.

Apple says bent iPhones are 'rare' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-29371113


Well in recent posts regarding the Scottish referendum I have stated a few times at my complete shock that David Cameron travelled up to Scotland. It was perky and simply a ludicrous attempt for a while range of reasons.

Now whether I mentioned this or not at the time I believed they were ordered to do this, based entirely in the fact David Cameron was there.

First of this is because the Scottish people do not like the Conservative... at all and that is an understatement. I told friends that his travelling to Scotland was quite bizarre because they would do far better in general elections if the Scots were not involved. Some I know did not quite agree or even understand this. Rather surprisingly this was only mentioned by the news media, even then only a guest about the next days tabloid stories, several days after the referendum voting was counted?! Now that is far more bizarre than UKIP accusing the Tories of deliberately recalling parliament on the day of their party conference. Especially when they already avoided Labours, I think I read?
Then there is this list that I read that was a run down of what Scotland produces, the percentages and other details. It certainly made it look as if the British Government was sucking the country dry?
Now I strongly believe and my mind cannot be changed that one or more were ordered to make appearances in Scotland. The very idea of the Tories holding public talks in Scotland is just completely insane. Yet they did!

I was pretty sure I knew who it was that requested they go up to Scotland and never actually thought that I would ever see or hear of a link to the person who did.

Well that was until David Cameron was recorded telling Michael Bloomberg that the Queen purred like a kitten when he told her the Scots voted no! To say I was stunned to hear this is an understatement I assure you. There is little chance that anything more concrete regarding this would come out. Personally it is obvious that the Queen would have an opinion and I have no oddities with this. Others may not be quite so happy if they have realised what I already suspected. I would not know the trains they would have but I am sure they would have them nevertheless.
Very bizarre times indeed of late it truly is.

PM apology to Queen for 'purr' claim http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29357114

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Oh now this is just great!!

What a perfect time to start having strikes in the NHS?!

Well let's see now? How can I be over the top sarcastic about this? I know ...

1 - The dunces fail to realise that more pay at this point in time will mean less staff which means more people dying, do they NOT watch the News?!

2 - The NHS tells all staff bit to deal with health issues anyway and no expensive treatments, care or drugs that you might not be able to tell the difference?!

3 - Does anyone give a shot abit anything that dies not involve money?!

Sometimes I just scratch my head in disbelief, I really do. How on earth do these morons come up with the most brain dead ideas at the worst possible times?!

Mark my words if they succeed in getting a pay rise, yeah like that is gonna happen, I assure you the NHS well then be on the verge of collapse and nurses will be laid off and then they will be protesting again and calling for more strikes because they are expected to do too much work, or it's unfairly stressful?!

I think I should break out the crayons and then draw child like diagrams so anyone can understand them with some simple mathematics and start sending then out to industry leaders see if the see the deliberate sarcastic tone in which they were created?!

Probably not!

As they all lied about disabled people anyway, or mostly as I only saw one health staff come forwards in Glasgow, I don't think they will get anything in the way of sympathy. Disabled people, or at least I, did not and if no one sympathized with the disabled I cannot see it being given by many for heath staff.

This might actually end up showing exactly what I was getting at? If your going to alter the facts in act of self preservation or perks you had better think of the eventual consequences. Down the line you cannot rely on anyone when everyone tells lies, defrauds or it's otherwise corrupt.
Oh deary, deary me. What are they to do?

NHS staff vote for strike action http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-29253073


Well ... to say I was shocked by the report in the link below would be an understatement!

A health team battling against the Ebola Virus have been killed by the local villagers with machetes?! 

I simply could not believe this! How can a bunch of half wits think that there is no Ebola outbreak when so many have died?!

I must admit that I am troubled by this report. It actually provoked thought towards two possible theories ...

1 - The health teams are naive in not showing the outbreak is real?

2 - The health teams have acted in such a way to make it appear that they are more interested in stopping the Ebola Virus from reaching Europe, the US or perhaps to anywhere else where could find it's way too the aforementioned areas?

3 - The Africans are ungrateful half wits who are going to do more harm to their own people than they could ever imagine.

If the latter turned out to be the case it will emphasize my own statements about putting all your eggs in one basket.

Be absolutely sure that your right because if you are not the consequences cans and will be severe depending on the issues you are protesting about.

Now I do not know how I could be more clear than this. If the subject is something ... scientific you need to be absolutely sure beyond any reasonable doubt. Not because a bunch of morons say it's so or stake their reputations on something that could take decades to disprove!

I still think temperature will contain Ebola, though I am theorizing totally, but if not then protests about other things may well become ... academic!

My advice to anyone would be to keep your eyes on 'both hands' so you don't get a broadside on your blind side, and look at the bigger picture.

I complain about big business on here and would be the first in the queue to have a pop at them. But don't follow a fashionable trait because it fits in with your feelings and you taking potshots at them!
I say this because I know that this happens with people and it did and still does with someone ... very close to home. In fact we don't talk for long periods because I get fed up with the sound of the same drum and the half baked reasons.

Ebola health team killed in Guinea http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-29256443


Well is that not typical of the US?

At a recent G8, or whatever it was, meeting the US Treasury told European countries that they need to do more to boost demand and the economy.

Hands up all those that think they said this because they are not selling us as much crap as they would like as most of the electronic goods, not just electronics either, are refurbished. Added to this I know some came from America if not ask of them. Of course this may not be the UK that this is going on and could be Europe wide? I simply do not know.

If you could just imagine for a moment that it is then the drop in demand across Europe would not only be understandable but also not about to change any time soon.

I also think it hilarious that if it was the majority of goods coming from the US it make it a slap in the face that they are whinging because we are not buying enough of their crap.

Now down to the request they made. Forgetting that the American US Treasury are whinging fur a moment ... how do you purpose to get people spending money they have bit got?! Dumb-arse!! Do they train to be so patronising towards other countries? I do have to wonder now how many countries they pissed off for talking down to them?

It also should be remembered that this is the country that was sitting on everyone to commit industrial espionage as well as get the jump on other companies regards buying out other firms!!

In my eyes it's a double piss take!

In fact I am going to have to sit down over a night or three and trio to find evidence of the US actually helping anyone without getting something out of it?

Here is a suggestion to get the economy going, try dropping the prices of your refurbished electronics goods being sold as new for what they are actually worth!

US calls for EU to 'boost' economy http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-29300509

Saturday, 20 September 2014


Well it's over ... for now.

There were some promises made regarding shifting more power to Scotland. Before I even had time to read about the promises made and post that others would not be happy in England, Wales and maybe Northern Ireland they reacted. They did not react well.

I hear there were Scots that did but take it well either.

As I stated before there could be the danger of Scotland splitting down the middle and becoming the next Ireland and the IRA?

However, despite the fact I thought the 'Yes' vote would win and despite my doubting much of Alex Salmond's banter there is something I wanted to say..

Scotland is the most fantastic place I have never visited. Despite wanting to due may years I never have. I came within ten minutes of the border a year ago but never crossed it.

One day!

I also think that there is a chance that a lot of good can come of this. Provided they make good on their promises. If so it can be good locally for everyone? Well except for one small detail that is certainly a problem in a number of cases but if it's the majority or all I have yet to find out.

Ooh this was supposed to be posted yesterday but I nodded off after that last paragraph. Well it was late.

Yes I was about to state that some good can cover from this. Perhaps now the way things are rib will change? Perhaps the government will realise that not only have they punished the innocent, poor, jobless, disabled and low paid workers long enough but they should never have done that in the first place.

Someone should really start up a petition on Change.org or some similar site. Maybe Which? Magazine can stay one up?

But then maybe it won't be needed?

At the end of the day the undue stress has gone on long enough. At the same time it has done bugger all to change things for the better.

I just had a thought, if it is the poorest, lowest paid, jobless and disabled that have suffered most who are they planning to improve things for? Huh, not thought of it that way before. This that were responsible, already overpaid and suffer delusions of grandeur. Huh, well they are hardly going to learn from their mistakes are they?!

Now I see things that way the more I think of it the more the government and idiots running these things have it all backwards. Not that they would care anyway of course.

One thing I know is that the Scottish must have been peeved for quite some time including when Tony Blair was in power. I can't see them feeling like they do just because of one term of office? Less than one term, just over 4 years in fact. Imagine they had the conservatives for another five years?! Lol.

The other thing I have always thought about the Tories and do not think I have ever mentioned it is that they are so outdated it's not true.  In fact many of the political parties are but the Tories more so than the others.

Throughout history societies evolve. It has been this way for several millennia. In recent times societies have evolved ever faster. Technology, when not being deliberately held back by the also outdated military, had come along and this too had progressed ever faster, with the odd levelling out for a short period.

Just about everything in government and the public services is outdated, that had long since been my original beef with them before I realised little by little that each of them lie, cheat and scheme.
I believe that something ... snapped somewhere with the Scottish referendum. I am not sure what our indeed how but something happened. The entire house of commons reacted in an unusually unified way.

I have seen one thing, a report, doing the rounds starting that Scotland is basically extremely wealthy in resources but poor because the rest of Britain robs them of it? I was under the impression it was the other way around but this could just be down to misleading media? Something I know about rather not than I would have liked!

I have covered this about the media previously and will be doing so again shortly, once I have posted the last two parts of 'A Series of Peculiar Events' err series. There might have been a third? I kind of for distracted by health issues and a couple of other things. Sorry about that.

Still the truth about that does not really matter, it was down to what the people wanted, though I think they had a lucky escape there as I was sure it was not the right time. Maybe in a few years when it looks like the financial crap is over? Maybe then they would have a much better plan going forward? My advice would be to learn from the mistakes made this time around and next time you will be successful.

If at first you don't succeed then try, try again. As the saying goes.

Hopefully the British government and the political parties will realise this and grow some gonads? Maybe they will stop punishing those not only not responsible but do not have nor receive the amounts of money they need to heal the country.

Maybe I should send them all abacuses? After all they are utterly shit at IT! LOL!

In the meantime I would beg the Scottish to not take things out on each other. This was what worried me when it was obvious their plan was no not than an urge to segregate themselves from the English. Or just the government.

Some of us do bit like our government too and I for one have never voted in a General Election at all. Because I never really thought it would make much difference. They say a load of things but do the opposite.

As an example and as I have repeatedly rod people the Citizens Advice told David Cameron when he got in power that the DWP was treating disabled people unfairly. They would not assess someone with a series of ailments collectively. You could have six, sixteen or sixty ailments but these were not assessed together.

Do you know what David Cameron said?

Yes that is not fair and he said he will change this.

Do you know what happened?

I know your thinking 'nothing' right now but you would be wrong. It for even worse and it is common knowledge now, well it should be, c that they asked Doctors, nurses and General Practitioners to lie about patients. The NHS told Doctors, GPs and Specialists to lie too!

Now the bit I have difficulty with is how the government think that professionals that are totally willing to lie that can cause serious harm and suffering are worthy of the huge salaries?!

I have thought and I have starred fur a very long time that the UK has traveled far along a dark road whereby lying is encouraged. Makes you wonder what the point of prisons are?

I have been told by God knows how many people with disabilities or ailments that the DWP and Job Centres have told jobless people to lie about their ailments when going for jobs!

Now if I was the owner of a chain of stores I would not be very happy to discover this.

Corporations and governments that lie and encourage this fail to realise that this is not a world you want to create. Why? Because in any grand conspiracy where they are all up to no good not only can they not trust each other they are likely to stab each other in the back when the going gets rough.

This is the issue the country is faced with right now and it's why everything is prolonged. The longer it goes on then the more that underhanded things come to light. Then the longer it takes before anyone can start trusting again.

Governments, public services, the health service, Police and the private sector primarily retail, as I have uncovered. With each week I find ever more people have discovered the truth. Before long they realise there is much more to discover too. Also ever more things appear in the media too, albeit extremely slowly like the public are being drip fed?

After all I am someone with some horrid ailments that limit severely what I can do. Yet I managed to do all the things I have and acquired mountains of evidence to boot. One guy, penniless almost and with limited ability and mobility. Yet I acquired alone all that I have posted on here and so have several times the amount of data I have not published and likely will not publish. Well someone else might take it off my hands and so their own thing but it won't be me. Far too much for me to go through in all honest. It's a bloody big job. That's why I offered it to each of the biggest names in the news media. OK granted they did not receive any of the evidence I have acquired in the last two years but still ... they should have at least got in contact. They did not.

So yes, Alex Salmond, it would not surprise me in the least if Scottish people for in contact with me and stated that the media was biased in their reporting. No not one bit!

It was obvious to me that I had to continue and get my evidence out there and continue in my evidence gathering.

Then eventually I would become a little difficult to ignore?! Lol.

Friday, 19 September 2014


A bit of a shocker this one.

I expected a great deal of things to emerge in the media regarding health professionals, though I use the latter term somewhat loosely. But with all the possible outcomes you could possibly imagine this is one that I never ... EVER thought I would hear about let alone read about.

"Go ahead and bloody well do it!" was the Doctors advice when a patient said they wanted to kill themselves?!

I want to now know more details about this Doctor like where he is from and how the hell he ever achieved a Doctorate?!

EDIT: Oh well will you look at that? The patient was a woman stressing about giving evidence in a easier case and used het phone to record the appointment and was used in his dismissal, therefore my last GP lied yet again, lmao!!

So for the record then it's not illegal and that's now official and I am sure many of you would feel better knowing that? I knew someone locally that well be interested to hear this when she herself was threatened and told the Police were going to be called. No one turned up of course.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


I have something to come regarding a Freedom of Information Request I made concerning the NHS Documentation on me held at the DWP?

It seems they have gone missing and I completely forgot I made this request, go figure! So now you can see that I have had this run around done deliberately by the DWP and Atos and that they have turned me down for years based on documentation they do not have?!

No more like that I have requested all of that they have receieved from all the GPs I have had for the last 7 years which is across 4 separate surgeries. I suspected this information to be full of lies or altered and possibly even just ignored. Or in other words DAMING to all involved which is why I requested it.

Apparently a lady from the DWP told me on the phone that she was sorry, that they still have not receieved it and she will try again and send me a letter about it whether they get ahold of it or not!!

So that is now all of my NHS documentation gone missing, which includes my medical records?!?!

The plot is like treacle.

Here is an email I sent to ICE about the request and the fact that I have had to give my daughter money for food for months and found out that the CSA have been takling money from me for her?!


Dear Sirs

Loss of Documents for a FOI Request

For the record my daughter was born in Whipps Cross Hospital and lived all her life in the Wirral, to her dismay, and now resides in the Chester area I believe.

Due to the serious nature of the charges, accusations and the bodies involved her address is a closely guarded secret and I do not ask for it untiul I need the current one because its simply not wise to put things in emails and texts.

This is down to the GCHQ who I am not only well aware of but was asked to attend an interview with for employment a very long time ago. In fact I had another about a year ago and there is a reason I was asked to attend an interview. The invite card along with the stamp is freely available on my blog! You just type in what you want to view so GCHQ, MI5, Merseyside Police, Local Councils, NHS, DWP, Atos and ... OMBUDSMEN. This will bring up the posts regarding every facet of the subject matter including all that which I have posted evidence of. The evidence published is likely only around 20%, if that, of what I have.

The evidence posted is simply more then enough.

I think its high time I contact you as well as the DWP ministers?

I look forwaed to seeing how you get out of the third reason in the subject matters above as it is law to answer FOI requests and within a given time.

Since you refused to act in a rather catastrophic way to my claims of corruption and being lied to by the DWP I have garnered much more evidence, you know like the evidence I gave you that you did not act upon aloig with the evidence I did not give you that was even more damning? Yes, that evidence!

Well just like I warned you I now know what my ailment is and it ios a real doozey!!

It is Fibromyalgia that causes 120 symptoms and of these the ones that are important are the p[ains in the feet, legs, hips, ankels, back, shoulders and other opdd places.

Better still is that when I attended Guy's hospital to prove that which I had discovered myself they also discovered that I had a separate knee problem and I unexpectedly.

Ooh and I was literally just interrupted from typing this out because bloody months ago, likely before Christmas, I put in a Freedom Of Information Request, yes unfortunately for you all I really do know how things work, thatI failed to realise they have not responded over. The request was not for salaries and expenditures which I did request of them and yourselves at one point, but due to the NHS documentation on me.

I will reiterate that I have requested the documentation on me and it has failed to materialise!

I will reiterate that everyone is now fully aware that I have been recording them at every point at every meeting and every single appointment and even the tests and put these online. Yes this means the ones where it was admitted to me that they were lying and falsified test results. OOPS!

I will also point out that my blog was a huge trap to publishj everything I did and everything I said and to whom at every step of the way. This way not only did everyone read my explanations and letters of events that have gone on for twenty years they would also watch as I went through every single channel and therefore they witnessed and heard ...

  • So called Independent bodies fail to act, lie, brush off complaints
  • Listen as Doctors, GPs, DWP Staff, Atos, Local Councils and Police aall lie and attempt a cover up for inaction
  • That as detailed below there are a sequence of legal battles one currently being heard, one already over with and two more to go over the next 12 months which will highlight everything involved and the solicitors so digusted that they are footing the costs to two of them knowing full well that a vast sum in damages will be a walk in the park and they can payu themselves out of this, NOT a NO WIN NO FEE solicitor!

Now I trust you can pull your fingers out of your backsides once you read that I provide below and realise that its only a fraction of a percent of what I have posted and accompanied with 100GB data long since online and I am still collecting ever more evidence as and when it occurs!

All because no one has the gonads to charge those responsible to get this country out of its mess and to the point that Scotland have had it up to their high teeth and want out!

That latter subject I also go into in depth on my blog!