Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Now comes the turn of the Police over the paedophile ring scandal regarding Rotherham Council.
Only it's not just the council and their corruption the Police have been protecting. Yesterday I explained what the Police did to a friend of mine and his daughter after being falsely accused of lying about a condition she did have. They refused to listen to my friend or his daughter and were simply not interested in anyway. To make things look even worse the Police were intimidating towards them.
The Doctor falsely accused the patient of lying.

The Doctor shouted at her and upset her.

On asking the revolution about complaining they did not tell them about the GMC, PALS or the PHSO. They did state they had to do this in writing and asked fur a pen and paper.

It was while waiting for writing materials the Police were called and a another lie was told in that the patient and her father refused to leave, despite not even being asked.

THE Police Duty Officer refused to listen to the complaint about his officers and stated he would defend them all day long and hung up on him mid sentence after interrupting my friend several times as he trued to explain what happened.

Unfortunately due the Police Duty Officer my friend knew me and I was in the room while he was in speaker phone and was being recorded.

It is completely disgusting the attitude that had been adopted and the delusions of grandeur they have that is being ridiculous. In fact two or three public services have behaved like evil criminals protecting their loot who employ hired thugs to protect them and yet unlike evil criminals it is we that pay for it. At least with intelligent thieves they target those that can afford it. Lol.

This will all prove to be a crate of worms over time ... several crates of worms in fact and that still may turn out to be an understatement, of some of what I have read by others on the Internet turns out to be true?

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