Monday, 29 September 2014


Saw this BBC report for the umpteenth time, an understatement, of Africans trying to get to the promised land. Fools! Well actually they are not fools it is those that let them in here and have them everything while leaving British born people out in the cold!

I get truly feed up and bored of seeing these reports as it's what's the she old shit,  no one does anything and nothing changes.

However tonight I remembered that it occurred to me that with all these people trying to get to the UK how long before some rampaging and virulent virus or fatal disease reaches our shores?

That would just about sum up the average Britons luck, it really would,  first they live a nightmare for five to twenty years and then a virus or disease reaches here that kills them! Still would put them out of their must misery I suppose? That's what I would think of I contacted it somehow.

With the numbers infected in Africa growing ever higher and locals fleeing like mad and spreading it like fire in a sun dried field on a hot day it is surely now just a matter of time? Just glad I thought of the possibility before it actually happens. Surprised it did not occur to me as soon as the first reports about Ebola were published.

Migrant deaths in Med pass 3,000

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