Saturday, 27 September 2014


I should really say that I wrote that last post being somewhat angry and still am.

Yesterday my daughter was in a right state and for the umpteenth time talked about ending it all!

You have to understand that she has no family near her, outside of an evil mother she stays away from unless she wants to see her brothers. She had several things thrust upon her encouraged by her evil mother and allowed to take place by the Social Services at Wirral Council. She was let down time and time again by the Police.

In fact they are totally unaware that I know of their recent exploits and I am going to cane them so hard when the court case comes around they will not be able to sit down for a month!

I have them on tape ... quite a lot in fact and that is not the only Police Force I have on tape. On the tape they are lying through their teeth.

What they did recently is falsely charge my daughter in an attempt to sentence her to cast doubt upon any testimony that she can and will give at a future point in time. Well as all my enemies know about this blog they know they are in very real dangers due to the lies they told me and I am not talking your normal wooden tops here, Police Constables that is. Not from Seargents through to Detectives and up to Police Commissioners. Yoinks! No it is not good for the Police, not good at all.

But what will happen to them will be nothing compared to Wirral Council. In fact I can assure you that the knock on effects that the Police and the Legal System made, which I have tried so hard to get through to people for so fecking long, were so grand they made the BBC and Sky News.

I have to keep telling my daughter that nothing will happen and that its just a very long drawn out process. I told her that I tried to tell various people for years (ombudsman, governing bodies and government) that this needs to stop but no one gave a shit. As long as they got paid they mostly did not care. As a result things took longer and longer to work through which is difficult to explain to a young woman that has had her entire childhood ripped asunder and then some. I assure you that last sentence was an understatement, again you will have to use the search function.

So my daughter is still being made to suffer at the hands of the Police, Local Council and the Courts and even her solicitor realises this. In fact the solicitor, the first one I have ever known to actually give a crap, is in disbelief at what has happened to my daughter from the age of 16 months and all the way to the present day and what is still happening.

This blog was intended to provide ... a window, if you like. It was supposed to show the British public just how bad and fraudulent things are. It was also supposed to show you that despite all these salaries and industries supposed to protect people that they themselves were having just as bad an effect on the public that the criminals do! Quite literally!

The criminals know this too and this they use to their own desires and quite literally swan around in the open like they cannot be touched. Literally! Oh I so much want to tell you on here what happened recently that I have alluded to several times but I cannot. Even though deep down I doubt that the current and next legal battle would amount to much.

I may sound like a cynic but my musings are based in fact, nothing more. Not wild claims or crazy guess work, FACTS.

So the whole while I was to show you a window into my life and show you the hoops I am constantly and rather unfairly asked to jump through with no benefit provided to me whatsoever. Remember the idea is that we have a civilised society so no matter what your opinions are make damn sure that you can still claim that out society is civilised based on your opinions on certain.. THINGS. As well as giving you incite as to what goes on behind the lines of these public bodies I also wanted to show you the torture that is put on someone who was flung into adulthood and now being caned from all sides unfairly and that there is no one there to help you unless you have large amounts of cash ... or are not born in the UK.

The best way to change things for the better is to expose just how bad things are. (I said that before you look into the pages of a book on quotes!)

Whether things get changed or not rather depends on how many in society are amoral. (I said that too!)

When you took away Legal Aid, because they all get far too much money, you then take away the rights of the innocent allowing the guilty to run amok and do as they wish.

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