Thursday, 25 September 2014


I had to laugh one again at Apple and their oddly fanatical fans after reading this story.

It turns out that there have been a raft of complaints about Apple's new iPhone 6 bending?! I had not gotten over the shock of laughter when I read the most idiotic of reasons for this happening... that owners have been placing the phones in a rear trouser pocket and sitting on them?! Their placing far too much stress on the phone?!

Now the first thing I want to point out is the phones been on sale for five bloody minutes. Secondly if fans stupid enough to queue up all night to be one of the first to get one then shoes it in the rear pocket of their jeans... well they are even more stupid and I just do not think they would do this. Apple fans are normally proud of their new Apple gadgets and I know because I know few of them. They even like to quote things about Apple inventing things that they quite simply did not they want Apple to be so much more than they are.

So firstly you had the Apple Rubber Band iPhone, needed a rubber band to work lol, and now you have the Apple Banana iPhone! Lol. In fact Apple owners are so proud that's why a video of a young man opening his new iPhone only to have it slip out onto the concrete had bystanders gasp out loud.
I am sure that owners of the bent phones will soon react to being patronised yet again by Apple, like when they stated owners of the iPhone 4 were holding the phone wrong, lol.

As for me I am simply stunned that they have produced such a shoddy phone! Someone stated that the trend was to manufacture thinner phones and this is what happens?!

Err first off... no it is not, in your heads it might be and secondly that had better not come from Apple as this statements suggests that you do not care, did not test the device beige launch and blaming it on your customers because they wanted thinner phones?!

Lastly, will if you knew this would happen why did you manufacture it that thin in the first place? I make no secret of the fact I am not a big Apple fan. I used to be and would defend them to the hilt! But there was a point in time when they became the company they complained and accused others of being, only far worse. Added to this I have to admit that I liked the design of the iPhone 5! Will the 4 & 5 but I still did not like the iOS and think it's several years out of date. In fact my own daughter wanted one for years and finally got the fifth one. She was disappointed as hand the time it did not work and said that I was right the phone is just an App Tray, lol. No desktop screens you can customise with widgets.

I'm afraid it's the age old story. The money people that take over these things do not understand technology. Technology is ever changing and increases in power roughly every year, rarely two years. As these chips get faster and can handle more data per clock cycle then what they can do on screen improves no end.

To give you an idea look at screen shots of the famous Microsoft Windows of versions 3.1, 95, 2000, XP, 7 and now 8. They have changed dramatically with each one.. Oh OK yes version 8 took several steps backwards but you get what I mean. I assure you Windows 9 will be radically different. Well now they know no one likes their metro design and it detox to think that everyone with a Windows phone will be a Windows PC and Tablet PC due to the fact they all look crap, lol.

Funny too is the fact that in the report below Apple says the bending phones are rare? Huh?! That's not what I heard and the phones only been in sake for five minutes! Hmm let's give it a month and see whether or not this Bananaritis is still rare?

I very much doubt it.

Apple says bent iPhones are 'rare'

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