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Well the idiots went through with it at the NHS and they have gone on strike, or was that voted to go on strike? No wait a minute! This is midwives. Last time it was Nurses I am sure of it. Oh so there are too be two strikes then?

Bloody marvellous!

The NHS is on its knees while top management still gets paid and they decide to strike when there is no money.

Now what I found interesting, other than the very bad timing for something they cannot win because the money is not there, is the statement about a decent wage. Something like...

'Patients deserve midwives fully focused and paid a decent wage'

Do I therefore take that to mean that midwives do a half arsed job because they feel they do not get paid a decent wage?

I think that is a fair question bad on the comments made. Now fur my second question...

If what the midwives get paid is not a decent wage then what is their opinion on what disabled people get to live on? Some of which, or indeed many, are or have been patients of these people?!

Remember my mate Old Ken, have witnessed to this, got feck all in the way of care and what he did get was utterly and unbelievably abysmal as he slowly died of kidney cancer.

I actually thought for a long time that cancer patients were the only ones given any respect by either the NHS or the DWP but I was wrong where the former is concerned.

I think we can safely assume it's the same for the latter.

I cannot help but wonder how long is going to be before horror sieges hit the news about nurses and midwives getting a tongue lashing?

I also noted in my phones TV guide, while checking if TV had anything but mind numbing drivel on these days... It hasn't, that about the time that the news was on, so George Osborne shooting the usual BS, that a programme called Plebs was on?!

Just saying. Lol.

I am sure that he must have talked and given a list of excuses why they have done feck all to change things in over 5 years and stating that they will after the next election if you vote then in of course.  Probably a load of shite about UKIP too as they must have some primal fear going on after a second defection?

Just do not know how to deal with someone who is upfront and honest doing sounding. What had me scratching my head is how the bullshit gets applause. George Osborne's ego might have been inflated but I cannot help thinking what the, more intelligent of the, wider public think?

Maybe amazed that despite the country being in the shit hole and the public being more disheartened and despondent than ever before that the Tory faithful just clap like demented Seals trying to get a fish supper?! Not really a bunch of people focused on the country now are they?

Hmm suddenly I am thinking about that show called Plebs! Wonder what that is all about?


I dunno really, just the blind leading the blind and I would be tempted to look through their pockets to see if they have a musical instrument like a Pipe or Flute about their person? Lol.

Somehow I think that inside of a year the... communication will stay to get through? Even if it turns out not be be in a good way.

Then again I look at the Chinese population of Hong Kong and I think to myself that when all else fails those that want to get a message across do so when the majority get together. Sights like that are both inspiring and humbling I think and was not something I expected them to do. Especially considering the consequences of their communist party and their widely known heavy handed attitude.

Always find that in China the ruling party came about because of the way foreign nations, such as Japan, Britain and America tested their people. Yet today they treat their own people worse than foreign powers did?! Well except for for Japan... and possibly the Americans... oh you get the point!
Lied to over money or manipulation over power it is all the same really at the end of the day. Being oppressed fur whatever reason be it in your face or stealthy it matters not. Stealthy can be worse because you think it will end in a few months and it does not. Then it only gets worse and once again you start expecting it to get better in a few months and... VOILA! It don't!

The stealthy part of this was that 6 years ago they stated decking with the Disability benefits, yes you read that right. Not a year ago and not when the Tories got in power but 6 years ago plus!

I might not like the Tories but I also did not like what came before either as they were sneaky. They had no honour at all and lied fit years and now Blair is seen as some kind of Messiah. Even the Doctors did not know what they was up to when they kicked all mental health sufferers off Disability Living Allowance.

The best part about this was when a local Psychiatrist explained to me how she first suspected something was going on and then checked the clinics entire list of patients and discovered not one received DLA any longer.

I witnessed several mental health patients stealing from local shops! I then stated wondering how long it would be before some... patients hurt members of the public? Children even?! Of course there is the possibly that mental health sufferers themselves could get hurt, or even commit suicide?!  Then I wondered if these and other stories would be conveniently ignored by the tabloids and TV media?
I was always interested to see what lengths they would go to and how long before everyone realised that this... path succeeded only in alienating the public and stopped them spending? Among other things.

Of course this is just one aspect. Make people poorer,  especially those already poor and in pain, and your asking for trouble. They will be forced to do things they would not otherwise do. Which anyone would do in the same position. Is the nature of humans to fight to survive, the alternative is taking ones own life. 

To me making deliberate changes that causes people to take their own lives is murder. Absolutely no different to forcing them to swallow all the pills that would result in them being fatal.

So what would you call it if this not only happened but did so repeatedly and those in power carried on regardless?!

Whenever any difficult choice is made you have to look at it from every angle. No excuses. Therefore why did they do it? Knowingly? If they did not look at it from all angles beige doing it will what the feck are they doing in this job and what bloody process is in place to allow such half wits in these positions they show no respect to, or those that may have voted then in? In the case of Tony Blowhard perhaps more than once?!

Just as much as them considering all the angles so should the public that vote for them!

If there is one thing that drives me insane, at least these days where there are no excuses anymore, is those members of the public that always vote for the same party no matter what! There are no excuses today just as much as those idiots that say 'oh I don't think he can run the country' just because of what he looks like our how he comes across! Utterly stupid! Damaging and utterly stupid!
Especially as for the last ten years everyone complains that you cannot tell the difference between Labour and the Conservative's. Probably how Tony Blair got in power in the first place as he did run everything the same? Very few things changed and before long I asked myself what was different? Nothing. They have the Job Centres and Dole Offices a makeover and that was about it. For awhile staff were a lithe helpful and the new touch screens had people think there were more jobs. I would not know was in a college course to get into University, Middlesex to be precise, to do a Degree. But then as I achieved it there was a big crash! Plus I got screwed by the University who broke their own rules to do it!

It is safe to assume that I had such high expectations when Tony Blowhard got into power only to slowly discover that which most others are noticing now and think it was by the Tories design?! I stated to notice that I was getting a lot of bullshit from public services and suspected their was something going on!

Now when I think of these things I am reminded by things that I said in this blog from the beginning..
I knew the recession was coming 4.5 years before it did and stated it would hit inside 5 years. There are a lot that disagreed with this still around today.

Now what I could not understand is how no one else could see it,  even with the news media and all these business experts and think tanks!

But then when I think about how they systematically removed disability benefits from people I think they knew all along?  Or at least one person did?! Oddly enough I was told by a couple I know that they were told that it was demanded that so many children had to be taken off their parents to make it appear that they are doing the job well. In fact they did this in other areas by classing burglary of a garage as... well not as a burglary in regards to the home. This way they could say that house burglary numbers had dropped when they had not at all! A Loss Adjuster (someone that works for the insurance firm that weekend of what you had stolen) actually told me that back in 1999. In Bristol of all places. That's where I lived... long story and told already,  lol.

Until the truth is seen, read and accepted the sooner they will realise and then the sooner the correct paths can be traversed.

But then maybe we won't. Not sure I want to witness the consequences for the path bit changing? Guess we will find out before long?

Midwives vote for strike action

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