Monday, 1 September 2014


Funny, is it not?

It simply amazes me that a bunch on misguided incompetent twats fly half way around the world to then video themselves complain about how the west treats Arabs and Muslims and then run around executing mountains of them normally after torturing them!

I mean, <em>REALLY?! SERIOUSLY?!</em>

<em>Maybe you could be a little more precise in future and say something like ...</em>
<em> <strong>'</strong><strong>If the west does not allow is to beat on our women and cover up every inch of them because we are so Neanderthal and so insecure that we would not be able to handle it normally and become drunks that we well run around and do far worse things to our own people than the west had ever done!'?</strong></em>

Yes something like that and then you won't be seen as a bunch of incompetent liars and may be taken at least half seriously. Well not by me as I am atheist and that is my right. Even if I have been treated like crap all my life by others who likely claim to be Christian, Catholic, Muslims (don't even get me started .. well not just yet but in a few days ...) and many others, including a Jehovah's Witness many years ago, that to me every religion appears to have nothing but two faced people add followers?!
No doubt spending all their times in confession? Lmao!!

It amazes me it really does how weak minded people can be and this includes these nincompoops who only need to be shown that the west is corrupt and they are then terrorizing, killing, maiming and beheading people!

Err<strong><em> <em>HELLOOOO</em></em></strong><em>!! </em>Have you not noticed that we do not like the fact out governments are corrupt?!

As for thinking that your beliefs and small group of people are superior to everyone else? Do you know who has had this way of thinking before? No?

<strong><em>Ancient Egyptians</em></strong>
<strong><em>Americans (will some and awhile ago now)</em></strong>
<strong><em>Ancient Greeks</em></strong>

What they all had in common was that they either killed people, enslaved them or both! But they are all different races and included there are Arabs. There will be others too that I have but thought of, but I think I make my point.

What needs to be discovered, I say this with some hesitation about their being an answer, is what is it exact that makes them so violent? It's certainly not the reasons they give, yes more lies. That is another funny thing and that is the lying. They lie to non believers, infidels, because they, or we, are seen as a lower life form than that of a dog and I am not speaking metaphorically either.

Except in all this and my own involvement in these sorry affairs there seems to be one deliberate mistake.

Now when you realise that, regardless of your beliefs, you are seen as a worthless piece of shit by then you start asking yourself how many believe this? You cannot find out the truth either because of they lie because your not one of them your screwed!

Now I have some input on this and the best well be left until last. But for now I will say that if you lie on a video and then publish it then your lying to your own people. Deliberate mistake number one!
I assure you that deliberate mistake number two is far, far better and well cine add an eye opener and ... reason to be concerned. Very good reason to be concerned!

Until a certain court case is finally over with I simply cannot disclose it along with several other real doozies I have to tell the world.

Iraq crimes 'on unimaginable scale' <a href=""></a>

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