Monday, 1 September 2014


I was speaking with two local women today at separate points during the day while I was helping out a friend in his store.

The first one was a lady in her late forties or early fifties and told us how the local hospital Chase Farm in Enfield found a lump on her only kidney 6 years ago. She explained that first they told her it was cancer and then later said it was a cyst.

Then she explained that she went to ... err think she said Royal Free then realised she was mistaken and stated it was UCL? Which one was not important but what is, is the fact that they now say it's cancer!!

She only had one don't forget and like she explained to two stunned guys they wasted six years that they could have dealt with it.


The second lady was older and I mentioned about the corruption to be found everywhere and she explained that her family members worked within the council, not necessarily Enfield, many years ago and it was very different then. I said 'yes, back then they knew they were public servants but these days just interested in getting money and then wasting it!'

Both were fully informed I had been recording every single public service I had come across in the last several years.

I do not have much good to say about government to and I strongly believe all these shady practices/lies/tricks have to all stem from somewhere and that is someone in government. Now, just in case you missed it, the exact methods, really I mean bullshit, across each of the public services I dealt with along with how it's ... executed is exactly the same. I even had two phone calls with the same person with one of them that were the months apart and I realised that every word the woman stated to me had been exactly the same she said three months beforehand! As if reading off an auto-cue!

Now I am a little behind getting the last few 'A Series of Peculiar Events' err series posted up and this particular public service that this too place with is yet to be posted. For the time being I can tell you that on that occasion it was Sergeant Kate Roberts of Merseyside Police.

Yes I have rather a large one on the Police to do yet and I have recordings of them I have not even uploaded to my computer, Yes that recent! Two Police Forces on fire different subjects, or events.
Yet despite my way of thinking I know that not everyone in these services are corrupt. By that I don't mean people who will look the other way I mean genuine honest people who will not stand fur this kind of inhuman behavior towards other human beings!

There simply are not that many I am afraid to say.

So I read with interest the report the BBC put out that the MP who investigated the child paedophile ring was subjected to abuse and hostility by Rotherham Council?!

I am and indeed am not surprised. No, really. Surprised that council staff were that stupid, but not surprised they are that amoral. Surprised that the investigator stated these statements as it seems to suggest someone who is not themselves corrupt?!

Shock, horror!

I dare say that a great deal more will bubble to the surface over the coming months along with the NHS stuff and there absolutely incompetent lying about the treatment that the parents of the boy with the tumour wanted. I got great pleasure in telling several people that it was quoted that the treatment is only performed on eyes but not on a little boy and they stated it dies not work on his cancer. Plus that this had since been contradicted be many health professionals from around the globe.

You know it amazes me that the people that make these decisions are so fecking stupid and yet command the salaries that they do?! I mean, REALLY?! You know I am not going to say the UK anymore but England really needs to sort out this fecking me we are in!

This cronyism needs to get bored the feck out!

These two stories I refer to are now running not only while I am posting on this blog mountains of evidence but at the same time it is being reported by the media that young people have had enough of politics and politicians!

Talking about ask this with a friend today I explained how there was this poster or logo that was made up with words that ran both horizontally add well as vertically with words like 'lies', 'corruption', 'cut off', 'useless', 'incompetent' and many others.

After talking about the stupid older generation that sick to the same bloody votes like mindless morons because daddy did it my friend said 'What will happen is that one day there week be no-one left voting anymore!'

I think he may well be right because there won't be anyone left that thinks it's worth going out of your way to vote anymore.

I also believe that these people are both so blind and so self obsessed that they will just continue to milk the cow until it's dry.

If that is not a cast iron reason for changing a great number of outdated ways then I do not know what is.

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