Sunday, 31 August 2014


Well, well, well?

Next year, 2015, is going to be very interesting as far as the General Election is concerned?!

After hearing that one member of parliament and a Tory one at that, resigning from the party and defecting to UKIP!

Following this there was talk of more defections that could take place from not just the Tories but from Labour too?! Well after getting that first one anything else would not be that much of a shock. If they stated before it happened that a Tory MP would switch over I would have doubted it and I am sure the media would have been patronizing as well as being scorned by them.

Did well and a good decision to keep that secret! Nice one!

Oddly I heard one member of the pubic say that they do not think that Nigel Farage had what it takes to be Prime Minister, then said they would vie fur Ed Milliband?! Love, I am going to assume you meant the party and not the individual as otherwise it was a bit very well thought out statement. Lol. If this is true then by next May, or even this Christmas, UKIP may well have stolen half a dozen or more members of parliament from the other three parties?

Hmm now I have says three parties I think that Liberal Democrats might be more willing to flee? 

Hmm but to UKIP?! Can't see that, might get one or two maybe who have had enough of things and raised their idea of Britain was wrong and not workable?

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