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Now lets see. First off as it turns out that publisher cannot publish anything on here due to the Terms Of Service set out by Google, I will get back to them about this at a much later date!

So I have had to stab out a 2,000 word write up about the first one which is the NHS. Quite how I am supposed to explain over fifteen years of corruption and mistakes at the NHS in 2,000 words is beyond me but I gave it a go!

Now only when they are happy with a finished product and agree to … publish it I will then work on the rest of them in the list but will stick do doing the posts on here now for the readers!

As you may or may not be aware I have a disability … or three or four?!

Apart from the Fibromyalgia (can have 200 symptoms) that causes …

    Pain in the ..
  1. Neck to Upper/Middle back
  2. Right Shoulder
  3. Both Hips
  4. Both Ankles
  5. Several Areas of both FEET
  6. Short Term Memory Issues that are beyond ridiculous and UMM … BLANK!
  7. Depression
  8. Anxiety Disorder
  9. There are over 100 others, that is ONE HUNDRED

Sorry I could not resists that at the end of that last point!

Anyway I also have OTHERS ..

  1. Right Knee (Torn Meniscus?): I did not hear the diagnosis as I was clutching it in pain after a test at Guy's Hospital where they also diagnosed Fibromyalgia, said I could have Pregabalin and then issued a letter lying about it.
  2. I also have Oesophagitis which cause me to suddenly vomit violently and continuously for several minutes which is not only embarrassing completely knocks me out for the next hour
  3. I also get very severe heartburn from my Hiatus Hernia.

So its safe to say I could do with some help, yes?

Now one other thing to point out is unlike many others I have no partner here and no family, though the DWP suddenly think otherwise and I will get to that at a later date in about a weeks time.

Like all my other previous posts I also believed that the DWP were corrupt and everyone else thought it was just Atos. UMM NO!! NOT JUST ATOS!!

So I have spent over ten years arguing with the DWP, was awarded DLA for three years and then after being a lot worse than when I was first awarded it I was then refused it.

I then discovered that when I had it taken away around five years ago so did a great many other people that strangely had very strange and rare conditions or conditions that the public were not familiar with!

After a few years of battling I then discovered that another wave of disabled people then lost their disability living allowance too and this soon became a pattern!

After the Conservative Party took over they promised, and did so to the Citizen's Advice Bureau too who are utterly useless unless your a non English speaker, to change this. There was a policy to only assess someone with a single ailment at a time and then when moving onto the next one ignore all the others. The Citizen's Advice Bureau wanted this changed and Prime Minister David Cameron agreed that this was not fair and promised to change it.

Nothing was ever done about this and it was conveniently forgotten.

The wave that was sweeping away all disabled people in its wake then picked up pace and there were many protests that curiously failed to get media attention on TV News bulletins which is the news missing important factor such as this!

We were curiously also not getting many other important things explained to us on the TV and nor in tabloids too and I began to get suspicious. I was right to get suspicious and before long the paedophile ring emerged and there are still very big names being protected even today! Look around on the web for yourself to see who they are!

Padeophile suspects is not the focus of this post but the DWP and Atos are and as I have stated many times these are on part of what I refer to as the UNHOLY TRINITY! The other two being the NHS and Local Government.

I have covered the NHS previously so that you can see how the wiggle, squirm, lie, cheat and falsify test results so that they can tell you there I s nothing wrong with you if they can get away with it!

Now I will show you why they were so focused on the NHS because through one single public service they can then easily corrupt every other public service out there that YOU are paying your taxes to run!

This helps all the Local Councils, the DWP and along with this all the Ombudsman too from ever having to do anything for the huge budgets it costs to run and maintain them!

So here in one place are all the things I collected over the DWP and Atos …

OK now there are going to be screenshots, letters, emails and recordings and I dare say I will miss a fair few too?!




Based on what you see in the list above which in itself will not be all of it I want you to try and take a stab at guessing ...

How many times does it take for you to repeat something before those making themselves out to be idiots finally get the message?

ANSWER: An infinite amount of times and your paying for it!! EMAILS ...


EMAIL TO THE COO, Chief Operating Officer,  Terry Moran
Cannot find ones yet for the Manager of DLA Mrs C Lloyd?! YOINKS!! ...


Atos EMAILS ..


Atos' Fake Doctors failing to turn up to HOME ASSESSMENT and lying about why ...

Other Atos Documents ...



I am not nearly at the end!
I think there may well be a second part to this one too?! Once I have posted them all up, all in the series and this is after the Ombudsman Part TWO, I will then run through my files once more and see if I can chase up any loose ends and add part two to the posts that do not already have them?
I think you must be able to see that bearing in mind I have lost track ofg a great deal of files, I still have them, and likely with the sound files several times more than the entirety of that which I have already posted, as well as several other documents and the times I forgot to record altogether due to my Fibrofog that this is a lot to manage?!
What with the pains and the memory issues and then all these I have had to handle, bearing in mind also that each area is exactly that and some have a long list of organisations while others a short one that I had to deal with it is a lot!
Ombudsman, for example, is a long list and despirte the fact I typed in bold the ones in the list in its respective post all that I dealt with ... well it did not look anything like enough?!
But then I do have Fibromyalgia! LOL!

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