Monday, 4 August 2014


I feel very ... strange today.

The pills I have been given along with the ones I was already taking seem to have had a very bizarre effect on me which seems to have become stronger each of the three days I have taken them.

I feel tired and slow and that is an understatement, let me tell you. I ... I'm having difficulties thinking straight and carrying on with this post. I just want to lie down all the time and yesterday I was messaged in the late afternoon to be invited to a barbecue and I was out of it on the sofa. When I did read it I did manage to get there.

It is very weird and I hope it goes, I will not be able to function like this at all!

Oh my word! I am going to have to lie down even though it 5.17pm and I have been lying down upstairs for God know how long?!

The drugs are 300mg Gabapentin, 25mg Amitriptyline, 50mg Sertraline, 200mg Tramadol and 30mg Lansoprazole.

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