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I should state to begin with that I now think that this will be in three sections, maybe two and maybe five but I think three. Just too much to put all in one place! Considering how much stuff I have included in each post and that in any single post it is not nearly all, likely only about 20 to 50%, you can imagine how placing everything thats catalogued correctly would be a logistical nightmare?

Errr IT IS a logistical nightmare!

Now let us take a break for a moment from the corporations and public services to deal with those others that exist in the dozens and dozens that many of you perceive are there to catch you when you fall?

Yes, well they do not. Sorry to have to inform you of this and remember now of how I go about getting evidence. I get it no matter what and even when found out and watched as I switch off several devices I STILL get that recording! Because that is always going to be a very good one to the absolute best one, because they then get too cocky and over confident.

Remember now that they Advertising Standards Authority stated I was wrong and yet a court stated I was right!

This is not the only time I have won despite going for help to the usual suspects. Nor will these two be the only times either!

I did say repeatedly that it was all set up for everyone to fail. This was mainly so that they could read my intentions and wonder to what I was referring to because I knew they were reading this post. In fact I have a letter here that arrived yesterday that proves what I say and I have shown it to one person and explained it to another who both laughed about the way it was worded right at the beginning!

I wont say who this is right now and nor will I post up the letter … but lets just say that … some of my enemies now refuses to believe that I am who I say I am, or rather that Martin and I are different people?!

They wont be getting my reply until the end of next week and I want to be sure they have it before I post up exactly who it is along with the letter along with the reply. I have tried to make the reply as humorous as I can because they gave me the opportunity to take the right royal … piss!

Now in this post it will be the Ombudsman and a few advice agencies that I went to … hmm might be too long and I dare say I will miss out many of them too?!

Now remember with this … industry I only had the faintest of suspicions they were corrupt and actually did nothing, based on a brief dealing with one a long time ago and that was the Financial Services Authority, lol Authority! Yes well you all found out about that one! Now the others ..

Ombudsman ..

Ones I could find to give you an idea of who is really wasting your taxes! Ones in bold I dealt with and did NOTHING.

Ombudsmen Association
Ombudsmen Services
Local Government Ombudsman
Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman
Independent Police Complaints Commission
Children's Commissioner
Equality & Human Rights Commission
Financial Ombudsman Service
Pensions Advisory Service (abysmal)
Independent Case Examiners
Independent Complaints Adjudication for Ofsted
Independent Complaints Reviewer
Legal Ombudsman
Office of the Complaints Commissioner (ombudsman to FSA...NO REALLY!)
Ombudsman Service Energy
Office of the Independent Adjudicator
Standards for England
Waterways Ombudsman
Information Commissioners Office
Arbitration Consultation & Advisory Service
General Medical Council
Office of Fair Trading
General Medical Council
Advertising Standards Authority
The Charities Commission (abysmal beyond belief two dozen pages then only web)
National Consumer Foundation
Association of British Travel Agents (unable to contact by email or online)
Committee for Advertising Practises (unable to contact by email or online)
Advertising Advisory Committee (unable to contact by email or online)
Confederation of British Industry's
Council of Mortgage Lenders
National Association of Estate Agents (unable to contact by email or online)
United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment (must email about Games and Gold)
United Kingdom Accreditation Services
The Property Ombudsman
Independent Assessor (of the FSA I kid you not)
Ofcom (round and round via Contact Us page for ten minutes in vain)
Homes & Communities Website
Ofwat (Water Companies)
Civil Enforcements Authority (Bailiffs)
Serious Fraud Office
Independent Case Examiner (ICE)

They write a letter to PM mostly and issue a press release over it so we think they are doing shit! Lol!

Now its going to be a long winded one and will have to be broken up in parts I fear?!

So remember these are linked to a great many others and whatever I did, complained or rowed about was likely followed up, most of the time … half of the time … ooh I dont know, by a report and letter to the associated Ombudsman.

Ombudsman ..

ICE Inependent Case Examiners of the DWP and check out their address which is '' ehich does not look very ... independent?!

Office of Fair Trading and do not ask me what for as I do not remember, lol ..

Some more ICE stuff, errr ... 

Advertising Standards Authority (over phone and I proved them wrong too)

Do not remenber what I did these following shots for ...

Financial Services Authority and do not remember why along with OFT ..

Ofcom ..

Office of Fair Trading ... again ...

A tribunal that was so obviously biased towards the DWP and paid off which was the only explanation I was not asked about my conditions and only if I could get 50 yards! That is NOT AN INDEPENDENT TRIBUNAL and neither was the meeting with the Council for a Freedom Pass ... hmm that's a good point! I have a recording of that!! LOL!

 Oops slipped the wrong letter in here ...

 And victim support I heard nothing from ... EVER ... unil I needed them again and have heard nothing from them since, lol ...

Advice Agencies ..


CAB ..

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