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Right now then ...

A couple weeks back I discovered a letter I had received from the Disability Law Service, I probably posted up a copy on a much earlier post. I placed it to one side with a view to contacting them once again as at the time they had been inundated and unable to take on any new cases. 

The letter is dated the 18th February 2011. Although for me this date is not that long ago and I have been at this with all these people for a lot longer it at least goes to show you, the readers, how long this has been going on.

Well these guys say they are a charity, yeah yet another one, and so in light of what the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman just did, by now stating that there is yet another organisation added to the list of two that you already had to apply to, I thought I would try them yet again?

So what I have been showing here is the number of hoops you have to leap through and how no one reacts at all when you show that a breach of oaths and the law has been broken and it gets passed along because each one is itself guilty of breaking the law, or at the very least using some loophole in the law or convenient with the facts or figures to extract large sums of money from the taxpayers purse!

Now when anyone takes any of these options and actively wants to take action you expect one of two things ... one being the obvious which is action and at the very least you expect a plausible explanation?!

When you get neither of these two things and after many months of waiting and repeatedly asking then surely to God even the most dimwitted will realise that there is only one reason why this is?

I will not state that reason, I will just leave people to come to their own conclusion.


71 Mahon Close
8th August 2014

Dear Sirs


I wrote to you previously but it was some time ago now and you likely would not recall, or even have it on your system.

In a nutshell I would have told you at the time that I suffer from a disability or several disabilities and like so many others you likely informed me that you could not help without knowing what disability I suffered from.

I likely tired to explain that I suspected that the NHS were corrupt and deliberately working against me and do everything in their power not to diagnose me?

Due to the lack of help and the disgusting way in which there is no rights for anyone that does not have a pot of gold in the UK I decided to act alone and I did this for a very long time.

Trust me when I say that my endeavours have been productive in ways that many can only imagine, including the best journalists, indeed I have an email from backbench MP Michael Meacher requesting if he can use my data against Iain Duncan Smith MP in the House of Commons over Atos along with the requested permission to send data to the media.

That was January 2013 and even since then I have gathered a great deal more than anyone could imagine.

My pursuit to prove that corruption was rife went on to include all public services and this includes four local councils and two Police Forces. It also includes agencies that would have anyone raise an eyebrow.

Now to make matters brief I managed to first diagnose myself and then corner a GP into refering me off to Guy's Hospital. Now I have a blog which they were now aware of and I was well aware they were watching my every move! I also deliberately gave them the impression that everything I acquired was posted immediately and I deliberately held back on the … secret recording I did of the appointment at Guy's Hospital!

As predicted a second attempt was made to falsely label me, mad and violent had been tried with the GP previous before kicking me off the surgery for no good reason. Unfortunately for the previous surgery they were also kept in the dark that I had recorded all meetings.

Now I will break it down simply that I believed that the NHS was corrupted so that not only would the NHS save money but the knock on effect would also save money for the councils and the DWP.

I also suspected and managed to prove as much with all Ombudsman too!

Now here is a simple breakdown …

  1. At Guys I was diagnosed with what I had previously already diagnosed of Fibromyalgia Syndrome
  2. Dr Kirkham also spotted something with my right knee with his naked eye, held my leg above my thigh, asked me to tense my leg and I screamed in agony before he then stated that I had a separate issue with the right knee, was in too much pain to hear him.
  3. He promised Pregabalin
  4. At GP Surgery the now EX GP requested I turn off recording equipment, I turned off two.
  5. He then got cocky over a letter I had already seen and stated that he had already infromed me that unless the Doctor prescribes it I will not be given it.
  6. After a long and deliberately drawn out row with him I presented him with a CD and when asked what that was with a worried look I said that it was the recording of the Doctor at Guy's and that he states in his own words and far better than a piece of paper that I can have Pregabalin!
  7. He refuses and after some more rowing he then kicks me off the surgery a few days later when he realises that I taped the conversation anyway and posted it on my blog!

Now this conversation is on my blog and in a post of which the address I am going to give you and it also contains both the GP and Guys conversation along with the letter from Guy's and also the following …

  1. A taped conversation with a specialist at Chase Farm Hospital who lies about the results of an Ultrasound test where they found a large black lump in my hernia repair area and added to this a new hernia on the opposing side. In the tape you hear me pull him about lying and he admits it and dictates a NEW letter to my then GP he then decides NOT to send!!
  2. This GP and is the one previous to the last I mentioned calls me mad and then refuses to listen to the conversation I taped at the hospital and neither of these so called General Practitioners show any concern for any misleading information they may have iven to previous patients!

Now I contacted the PHSO regarding this early on with the latter GP I mention and thet become sarcastic and informed me that they had told me previously that I had to complain to the GP surgery and NHS England before they could take on my complaint.

I did this and they took it on and I was asked the peculiar question of 'How much money do you want?'?!

No less than seven months later and taking the so long that the all the events of the FORMER situation was taking place they just recently told me that I had to complain to some trust or other?!

Mr David Sloman
Chief Executive
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
Pond Street

They also gave me VoiceAbility's details which is a bit bizarre as they have responded without even looking and I know they have not listened to the recordings I provided them with and sound as if they want to act as a go between.

Yeeah well some very serious laws as well as oaths have been breached and I am afraid merely offering to act as a go between seems to suggest they are OK with the fact that Doctors are falsifying evidence and … well I just do not know it just seems that they will be allowed to get away with it?

Here is the link with just a fraction of what I have ...

Also I should add that I have roughly around 100GB and they need to really understand how much that is …

I also have the following of a great deal of people and have acquired no less than 140,000 visitors plus and my Google Plus profile, which anyone can check, I have had over half a million visitors.

Now as your the Disability Law Service and did not have enough to go on previously when I approached you I hope you see that I have now done a great many things and my blog exists to help advise as well as show others what really goes on with the bureaucracy within public services like the NHS and how they are and have been for God knows how many decades haemorrhaging the taxpayers money while doing as little for it as they possible can.

I do hope that now you will be able to help me where all else have, quite deliberately, failed and taken their sweet time to do so too?

As far as my blog is concerned anything else you wish to view or listen to that may help others that approach you be my guest. I have been blogging for two years, had acquired a vast quantity of data long before I started to blog and have continued to do so ever since.

I had my disability money unfairly stopped 5 years ago.

I have applied for it twice since only for it to go nowhere and not even a decision made regarding my application.

I have now applied for Personal Independent Payments and a Freedom Pass and Atos are trying to get me to travel yet again after they had previously failed a home visit several times and lied about it and then the application just vanished into thin air as I mentioned above.

My ailments are Fibromyalgia Syndrome (120 symptoms including Plantar fasciitis like pains to feet with sharp pains to arches, toes ball of left foot, therefore buggered before you factor in hips, two thirds of back and frozen right shoulder pain), Right Knee (Torn Meniscus?), Hiatus Hernia (Severe Heartburn), Oesophagitis (Involuntary Vomiting), Groin Pain from Inguinal Hernia Repair.

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc

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