Thursday, 14 August 2014


Nothing shocking for me to find that there had been sanctions put upon people over their benefits.
Still trying to fire the impossible on people instead of modernising the system I we?

They are still a bunch of pen pushing dickweeds who are receiving taxpayers money to do underhanded things! I know which people I would place the sanctions upon!

Talk about trying to explain to a baby about how square pegs do not for into round holes, it's utterly ridiculous!

Also what's all this about Employment Support Allowance all of a sudden? As far as I was aware and based in what the two main news groups were stating ... all benefits were going to be dissolved, including Disability Living Allowance just because they are getting rid of the word Disability so they can quash the support entirely, to be replaced with just two?!

Eventually there would be just Universal Credit for jobseekers and Personal Independent Payments for the Disabled ... until they phase that out at a later date stating it was never for disabled and only temporary?
I even posted several times when they announced this she got there was no grey area! I starred that I would like to see how they would class me and many others with one benefit for people completely fit, but still unfair on them, and one for those that were not capable of doing those things others take for granted?
So did all the media get it wrong or did they find my blog, soot the bit about no grey areas and decide to keep one benefit there for these other lot?

Or to put it simply Universal Credit for those that are fit, Personal Independent Payments for those without limbs and very obviously disabled and then Employment Support Allowance for those that look fit but have a diagnosis of something dreadful?!


Now if this is the case and there are now going to be three benefits then really nothing much has changed! Let me see you had Jobseekers Allowance which now Universal Credit. You have Disability Living Allowance which is now Personal Independent Payments. Incapacity Benefit which they have now raised they can't get people off and onto Universal Credit and instead have to place them on PIPS which is going to actually cost them more money and so bought in or decided to keep Employment Support Allowance? Then you have Income Support ... which ... ahh is gone.

So basically not so much an overhaul but instead a remaining while losing one benefit?

The original idea made sense if they were going to be both honest and genuine about modernising it and saving money? Except ... well they are politicians and government so any honesty was a laughable prospect even though I had good they would?

Also I am dying to see what is said next because Atos emailed me and said that they were looking at the best way of proceeding, when I blew a gasket over being asked yet again by a bunch of morons to do a journey I am neither prepared to do not able to do!

Most, if not all, people that are aged to do these journeys are always unsuccessful so why on Earth anyone would go is being me! I really do not like being fecked about like an idiot! It's obvious and widely assisted that they only exist to say no and I would wafer a substantial amount to state that if they say yes to anyone they have something damned obvious you cannot work around.

But someone who has a problem from lack of sleep most nights and with over a dozen areas of pain along with something ... umm ...

Well today I made an appointment with the Doctor and on the way home I passed near a Fish N Chip shop. This would bit be a problem except for the fact that someone standing in front of me at the traffic lights had a packet of chips and the aroma had me do an about face. Of I marched to the chip shop!

I was happily munching away on my Savaloy and Chips on the walk home and had almost finished when I ... felt something familiar that I bloody hate! I felt I was going to vomit! I panicked and looked ahead of me and spotted people walking towards me in both sides of the road!! 'FECKING TYPICAL' I thought to myself and prepared to die of embarrassment in broad daylight! Then I remembered I was near an entrance to a park and I held my back straight with one hand on my chest and the other on my mouth and I kept swallowing furiously while owing it would not happen. Just as I got into a corner a silver can pulled into the park which I have never had happen before and I thought someone from above has it in for me today? I walked down to where the dirt car park is and walked along a hedge towards a nearby fallen tree trunk and as I reached it I feel to my left and placed my arm onto the tree trunk and my walking stick out in front of me to stop me from falling before I erupted like a volcano!

Annoyingly there were also people walking towards me there too and I felt the urge to scream at them to feck off and and if they were out to fecking annoy me today?! Lol!

At the first hurl though the closest person to me changed direction rapidly doing a 90 degree charge with his dog in tow!

Another waste of money and a waste of food!

Hmm so they have one grey area now do they?! Well they failed miserably when they had two grey areas, possibly more, previously!

However back then I had no diagnosis and only my insistence that something was wrong because I suspected the NHS were doing everything to avoid diagnosing me. Also the only GP who actually backed me in my claim for ignored by Atos and the DWP and they lied about it and starred the GP filled in the form wrong! I showed her the letter and she starred that they lied and I assured her that I knew and I had disgusted it for sometime. This was also the day she asked me to acquire a copy of a private x-ray I had done a year before. Now what happened next I can only guess because I never saw that GP again!

I first thought there was something on the X-Ray that disgusted her as I had already has an MRI with the NHS. Now you have to understand that I had the X-Ray done privately because I was absolutely convinced of being shafted by the evil trinity of NHS, DWP and Local Councils working in trinity? Yes I saw the report about punishments for GPs and I can assure you that's complete borllacks! A back specialist at a hospital stated she saw something too but another MRI showed nothing?! Yup ... confusing and possibly I was being conned by the Chiropractors to pay the £1200 they asked for?

What I think how is that after calling my GP an incompetent idiot who cannot fill out a simple form she was then asked to lie about me? This is the lady they first insulted and then requested if her that she lies about her favourite patient?!

Taking those details into consideration ... now what do you think her reaction could have been?

Well I stated I never saw her again and that is because she announced immediate retirement, effective immediately leaving five members of staff completely shocked as she had only taken over the practise two years before and had no idea it was coming! She also took my x-ray with her when she retired?! God knows why?

Oh yes and the date I was supposed to be assessed by the infamous Atos had been and gone! Did I mention that? Lol!

Will they fall into my trap of turning down PIPS using the fact I did not turn up as an excuse when I still possess all the emails and letters both to them and from them about how I cannot and will not do these journeys and their ACCEPTANCE of these reasons?!

Ooh planning in action ... add always only now I think it hilarious that I actually explain these things before they then go and do what is so utterly predictable of them to do!

'Shocking rise' in benefit sanctions

EDIT: Oh and as well as a few others the DWP and Atos are going to get a tightly focused post titled 'A Series of Peculiar Events with the DWP & Atos' coming very soon, between the 19th August and the 23rd August 2014.

This is due to a rather unexpected request from ... let us call them a global brand!

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