Friday, 1 August 2014


Hmm tried to be a little funny and catchy with the title while hiding two identities, lol.

Today I went into a ... chemist to acquire my prescription pills, a little odd as this New Doctor wants me back on Sertraline at 50mg and then to up this next month to 100mg as he stated it can help with Fibromyalgia.

That IS encouraging as I have read this and not had a Doctor state this to me previously. I would wager that mine had no effect but I had noticed a great deal of aching muscles in my thighs and calf muscles but could bne just coincidence that an new and quite aggravating symptom starts to appear about the same time I run out of Sertraline?!

I also never started taking Sertraline for pain either!

Anyway I attended this chemist and someone actually came out and asked me if I had taken Sertraline, Amitriptyline and Lansoprazole together before and had the Doctor realized that they had prescribed all of them together?! Lets call this person ... ZEE, or just 'Z', lol.

I was taken aback!

No one had ever stated anything like this to me in a chemist beforehand!

I told them that not only had I done this but that next month I was going to be adding several others to the mix and that this would be a repeat prescription! They then pointed out that they did not give me these last time and I pointed out that last time they never game me any drugs at all! They raised an eyebrow so I told them that I was kicked off a GP surgery and that this was the second time in a row and that I was now on my fifth GP while living in Enfield.

Their eyebrow struggled to raise ever higher and they closed the distance between us in a very short time and they sat down next to me and asked me to explain more with an inquisitive look!

I explained what had happened and bout the lies, falsification of tests, medical records and even attempts to falsely label me and so knowing committing libel. I explained about this blog and that I had been recording them for several years while they did this without any of them knowing! I explained that even after leaving some surgeries or being fobbed off or lied to by Doctors and Hospitals that I kept the fact I was recording and blogging quiet.

I said that as one of my Doctors has kicked me off under a false accusation of violent conduct when all I was was extremely angry with him because he was a lying twat, that would be Dr John Gubbay at Abernethy House Surgery, that it would therefore be difficult to label me as that or indeed under the first attempt of being completely bonkers when I had this blog on the go for over a year!

After all if I was that angry to have been violent would I have not thrown it at him that I had been recording his lying arse?! No, I instead told him I had recorded the hospital Doctors lying to him and he thought himself sooo intelligent hat he failed to even consider that I had been recording him!

Now comes the surprise ...

Zee then tells me that they completely believe me and that all of the GP Surgeries they deal with on the phone are unbelievably arrogant and rude and that they had known for some time the whole thing was corrupt?!?!

They stated that all of them were like this that they had to deal with and this chemist was a very large one and very central so would deal with a large list of GP Surgeries! I did mention Abernethy House and Willow House Surgeries as I know there are some arrogant and blunt people at both these Surgeries to which I got a knowing raised eyebrow! Lol!

Completely impressed with this response in that I was now speaking with someone who was intelligent and not just dismissing my claims incompetently as so many have previously!

I think next time I go there I will have to give Zee my blog address?! LMAO!!

Now for the record that is the third person to do with health services or prescription drugs that has stated this, my naive dentist thinking it was mere incompetence alone.

Unfortunately, and just currently so could change and also is on here so take a look, I also have had someone that works on the front desks in my Local Council who agreed with me hat the government have corrupted the NHS so that the NHS save money as do the Councils and DWP and decided that she herself had fallen victim to this conspiring and she works for one of what I call the UNHOLY TRINITY ... oooh no wait thats EVIL TRINTY.

Ahhh yeah technically there are four though, lol.

Local Government

Hmm thats odd, sure the other day I realised this had to be four members and not three?! Oh well at least I do not have to come up with a new nickname?! LMAO!

Now I am sure you will appreciate that due to the very nature in which these evil three and all their staff work that its obvious that working out this was a bloody nightmare?!

Yes it is true that some in that long list of conspirators in the previous post were more difficult and others were impossible, well except for the fact that they claimed glory for what I did and I have all the paperwork so none too bright.

But consider then how big the names are and how many of them there are?

Not too shabby for just one man.

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