Monday, 18 August 2014


Err, eh I'm sorry?!

The government sack a corporation due failing to deliver a secure border control therefore letting in God knows how many terrorists and the UK government are forced to pay them £224 Million?!

Sorry but how the feck does that work?!

To make matters ten times worse it turns out that the corporation is American?! The country that has been dictating just about everything to us for a decade or more who claim that we Brits are too soft who turns out after the fecking reason that everything is fecked and why they're ate so many illegal immigrants?!

You are fecking joking, RIGHT?!

What moron of a judge came to that conclusion?! American?! American partner?! Shares in the corporation?!

I find this simply unbelievable and if it were me I would send them fecking packing with their tails wedged right up their backsides and a floating punch to the floating ribs!

Jesus H Christ, whose running this fecking country?! The moonies?!


£224m payout over e-Borders sacking

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