Monday, 4 August 2014


I was stirred out of a lifeless slumber by a knock at the door and it was Eon, to read my electric meter.

Well I was provided the link to the hospital I referred to and it is a chronic pain hospital which deals with everyone that has to deal with pain on a daily basis.

Funny as it seems medicine and drugs are failing or at best falling behind? According to the report 18,000 people in Scotland alone are dealing with pain on a daily basis and I find this strange and think ther must be a link between this and our modern lives? There must be something we are doing that out biological make up is not used to doing to cause this many people to have issues?!

Oh and will you look at that? It seems there is another one in Bath?! A damn site closer to me that Scotland!

Hmm just like my Fibromyalgia, and before diagnosis all the pain I told them I have not one person mentioned the fact there was a hospital for chronic pain?!

The people that run the NHS are such nice, helpful and sympathetic people?! NOT!

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