Sunday, 17 August 2014


Well things in Liberia are getting a little ... surreal!

Many of the locals in one area are claiming there is no Ebola and in fact often shouting those very two words!

To make matters worse a while bunch of patients have vanished according to one report while according to another escaped while the centre were they were kept was looted?! One man states his son was perfectly OK and now has disappeared and all the nurses have vanished too?!

What in the world are they doing out there?!

Now I am going to assume that because the western Doctors and volunteers have been given an experimental drug and have apparently been doing OK the locals, not receiving it and not doing OK and of course then naturally, think that they are being hoodwinked?!

The moment I heard that the experimental drug was being used only on people being flown back to America I did initially think "ooh that is a recipe for disaster!" Then I just assumed that they would start to give the drug out to those in Liberia who have contracted the Ebola virus? Seemed the logical thing to do so as not to have the locals think they are being left to die as some sick scientific experiment?

Then you start to wonder that if so many people think that it's all faked you do have to consider that maybe they heard something? All possibilities are considered by me despite how unlikely they are.

A possibility is exactly that until it had been entirely ruled out.

If the drug has been given to westerners only and none have died while scores of locals have done then of course it was only natural this would look a little strange.

How can it be that the situation had become so complicated and confusing despite the serious nature and global threat they are facing?!

I think maybe those in situations like this in future need to have at least a basic understanding of psychology? Because if nothing else this situation has shown how things can turn very bad extremely quickly if you do not!
You'd think someone would show them that they are on TV around the world and in all the world's tabloids too? If the locals need convincing I cannot think of a better way than turning in the TV or showing them the websites of the BBC ... hmm no in light of recent revelations and this yet to come that might not be a good idea? Maybe Sky News, NBC, ABC, CNN and this of the Telegraph, Independent, USA Today and the New York Times?

Things to consider ... *rolling eyes*

Confusion as Ebola patients vanish

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