Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Well I did not know that this one!

Evidently a reporter for Sky News at the crash site for flight mh 17 actually picked up items from a suitcase before putting them back down stating he should not be doing it!

I was always aware that filming news events live that one day somebody would up in a big way! I have stated this several times throughout the life of this blog. I am simply unable to believe that it has now taken place. I also can not quite believe that I missed it.

I just do not understand how he failed to realise before he did it that this would be a dreadful mistake? Does this man not watch movies at all? Has he never watched a cop movie or series his entire life? How does it come to be the only way time he realises his mistake mere seconds after he does it? What in the world do they teach people in journalism degrees?

In any crime scene you should not even set foot on the ground where it has taken place. Though to be fair many brain dead idiots contaminated seen before hand. Still it is not the sort of behaviour you expect from a professional journalist.

What find I find interesting nevertheless is that an ombudsman might actually take action for once?! Someone should record the event if the ombudsman takes action because it is an extremely rare thing to witness! I have mountains of evidence and recorded audio and not once  has any of the ombudsman taken any action thus far!

When you have done and quiet as much as I have the rest of yourself hey sexy do anything at all other than those things they cannot ignore? Now this could be something blatantly obvious boy simply be things that have a huge number of witnesses that they act upon?

Now when it comes to one person who they may think is a nobody they will tend to ignore them. This is exactly what I expected and the reason why I did not tell any of the ombudsman I contacted about this blog. I very much wanted to appear like a nobody so that they would ignore me.

I could have used the Internet and my writing abilities along with blogs to blackmail them into giving me what I wanted, or that which they should have done in the first place.

Two years have past since I started this blog and not once have I used this blog to get that which I sought!

Sometimes the simplest answers are staring you right in the face, I simply chose not to point them out. For two years. This was quite simply one of my aces up my sleeve all along. No matter what difficulties I was in or how much I needed what I was asking or applying for I wanted it, or rather their avoidance to help and support, to look obvious. For this I simply had to ask for something, apply for something and before long argue about something to show what you endure every step of the way. I also hoped that the utter ignorance and self confidence they all had in their lying, cheating avoidance would show through for all to see. I hope this is clear in all cases and I know it is now in some cases.

I have now published two parts to the series of 'Peculiar Events' and this should show in both the NHS as well as the bailiffs, debt companies and local council?

Over the next five to seven days there are going to be several more posts collecting all, or near as damn it, audio, documents, emails and screenshots in their subsequent posts. So the areas to be getting a part in the series are ..

DWP & Atos
Local Councils (4)
Ombudsman (12+)
News Media (12+)
Advice Agencies (up to 6)
The Police (2)
Retail Stores (5)
Home Office

These should be published in pairs on any given day where I am able?

To be honest the NHS post was harder and took longer than I thought! I actually thought I could do all of them or at least half a dozen in one day but it was clear this was too ambitious before long! Due to changing my computer two, maybe three times and the hard drives several times and operating system alone I had four versions of Windows and a couple of Ubuntu things have become ... fragmented. I have also not organised nor even named files as he should have done on many occasions.

I lost count of the folders I searched in and the number of cloud services I use! Lol!

Still I knew there were enough named files I would find to provide a considerable amount for each post. Maybe one day someone else will go through the mountain of numbered files? They would have to remember to write down the file names if they wanted to rename them as they are the dates and times on many.

There is still the possibility of others ... just thought of retail stores so will add that now and could be others after ... oops Home Office, yes could be others after I post this up?!

Ofcom probes Sky over MH17 report http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-28840621

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