Friday, 8 August 2014


Well would you look at this?!

I am not sure how I had not seen this email, fecking Android!!

I failed to see this come through and they have been adding some really stupid things to the Google Mail App and segregating certain emails off and displaying things differently. I do not like this and it is just confusing and now I realise possibly the reason I missed this email!

Also I contacted this twit via my hotmail account so why he sent it to my Gmail account I do not know. Reply button to hard to find?! LOL!

Oh and it is not just about Abernethy House anymore and has missed the fact that I have now informed them of Willow House Surgery too, lol! Oh and Guy's Hospital!

Just how many times do you have to report criminal activities before someone does something? LMAO!

I have emailed the VoiceAbility, who I do seem to have heard of before, people and am posting a letter to the other 'TRUST' TODAY!


White Jonathan

Attachments1 Aug (7 days ago)
to me
Please note that we are committed to keeping your information secure.  As part of that commitment we have decided that when we send you information by email we may have to remove some details.  This includes information that may identify you, or any other person and sometimes the body complained about.

Dear Sir

Our reference: ******* (please quote in any future correspondence)

Thank you for your recent emails to us concerning your complaint about Abernethy House (the Practice) and Chase Farm Hospital (which is now part of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust – “the Trust”). I also confirm receipt of your completed complaint form. Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in contacting you about this matter.  

As you are aware, we can look at complaints about the NHS but we will not normally do so until the organisations complained about have looked into and responded to all the issues which have been raised.

I have contacted the Trust and they have told me that they do not have a record of you raising a complaint with them.  Because the Trust has not yet had the opportunity to consider your concerns, we have decided to take no further action at this time.

You should also note that where a complaint is made to a number of different NHS bodies concerning the same issues, or linked issues, we prefer to consider the matter once all parts are ready for us.  Therefore, in order for us to consider your complaint in its entirety, you would firstly need to pursue your concerns with the Trust.  

In order to complain to the Trust you will need to write to their Chief Executive and ask him to consider your complaint.  You can contact the Chief Executive of the Trust at the following address:

Mr David Sloman
Chief Executive
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
Pond Street

Alternatively, you can send your letter of complaint to me and I will forward it to the Trust on your behalf and ask them to contact you about the matter.

I would also advise that if you have any outstanding concerns that the Practice have not yet had the opportunity to address, that you raise those with the Practice whilst you await the outcome of your complaint to the Trust. This will ensure that all parts of your complaint will be ready for us to consider.

If the Trust are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, and both the Trust and the Practice have addressed all of your concerns, then please contact us again

At that stage, you will need to complete a further complaint form for us (attached).  Please send the completed form to us along with copies of any relevant correspondence and papers that you have, including the responses you received from the Trust (and the Practice).

If you need help or advice in making a complaint, I suggest you contact your regional NHS Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS) office at:

United House
North Road
N7 9DP

Telephone: 0300 330 5454


Dear Jonathan White

Umm, whaat the bloody hell?!

You told me that I had to complain to the surgery before approaching you?!

How come after all the emails I sent you I am only hearing about this new department now?!?!

Also I fund this is tantamount to time wasting! Considering the link to the post I sent you placing some of the best lies in one place that you are taking no action!!

Are you aware that Which? Magazine has discovered that there is a cover up and that the fact that public services have been up to no good, rife with failures and that there is a lack of action as well as covering it up in the media so much so that they have started a campaign to stop all this?!

I think it is god damn disgusting how you have handled things and yet another example of how a bunch of idiots are taking a huge amount of cash from the public purse and act as if it is their birthright to do so!

I shall now be placing a copy of your email along with your name on my blog for the 150,000 and over half a million that have viewed my Google profile to read and see for themselves.

Martin Haswell BSc

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