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Now a day later than planned, you just have to love life eh, I am now going to compile another set of photos, screenshots and links to audio.

I am having serious issues with the Internet and will be down the Three store to let them know I am not happy. Well as soon as I am able and now that I have finally managed to copy and paste this into a post (except this additional sentence) I may be visiting them today? The situation is absolutely ludicrous with the Internet. I have now noticed that as well as the posts that I was informed last night could not be posted up on my blog, no media content involved so just text, I am now on my desktop and note that also the ones that said they had been posted have actually not posted at all!

I did a detailed post last night of how the Peculiar Series was going to go over the next few days …

Retails Stores
Local Councils
DWP & Atos
The Police
Mystery Post or TWO

All media and links to be posted in their own posts and collectively.

May be a good idea to point out that I have been shifting things around and I am now sure there are half a dozen audio files at least I forgot, read missed, to link in to the previous NHS one! These are the ones I DID rename and not part of the long list of ones I forgot to rename!

So I am going to do Retail Stores this time around, just to get another post up and have me feel like I am getting somewhere.

Now to do a little recall here I was ..

  1. I was sold a Motorola Atrix smartphone by Very Catalogue which was not only refurbished but had a dozen faults! They then ignored me half the time, got cocky with me, become patronizing and then got clever stating I was using a BOT, computer algorithms designed to simulate a human, then ignored me completely. They then later took me to court and lied through their teeth about the truth and then LOST! I also had a blu-ray player from them that was curiously out of date and came in a tatty box and I paid over £250 to Littlewoods for I then saw for sale for £80! Their rules are not transefrable between companies Isme, Littlewoods or Very (all same company) when it suits them and then are when it suits them. Offers did not work across catalogues and your credit limit was higher on catalogues that place a higher premium on Retail Prices. Yes the morons advertise up different Retail Prices for same product across different catalogues and even within the same catalogue, though online only.
  2. Sold four or five cameras in a row by Argos that were all refurbished but advertised as new. Recordings of a fair number of conversations … oooh crap I just remembered I have to find the Nikon conversations too, which was very bizarre indeed and they changed their story right at the end! Two Nikon P510s, one Olympus SP 820 (both models top bridge cameras) and one Nikon L310 … or L210?! Cannot remember model name, lol. So four cameras then Martin? Dumb-arse!
  3. Sold a Bionaire Electric Fan from B&Q that was a top of the line fan which had damage out of the box and failed in ten months! They were unable to replace it with same model from Bionaire, just as Argos were unable to do with their cameras, which meant that they are not being supplied by the manufacturers.
  4. I was also sold a metal framed professional computer keyboard by PC World that was also sold to me as new but was refurbished as the metal frame had a buckle in a vital point of it, next to the volume wheel. The keyboard was a Corsair K70 Vengeance Keyboard.

So there is a run down of what happened but there were a great deal of phone conversations and obviously and especially where Argos was concerned a great deal of conversations in store.

What is especially funny is how the seemingly nice and understandable manager at the local Argos then later tells Argos HQ, according to Argos HQ, that I checked the camera was working in store!

I had a mate in fits of laughter when I then ripped crap out of the cocky so and so on the phone and pointed out that first off how the feck can I test cameras out of the box with flat batteries, that I was deciding between two different cameras and not testing them anyway and that I had recorded the whole conversation and can send them a copy if they wish! Now what my mate was laughing at when I came off the phone is how the cocky attitude changed to 'suits you sir' upon hearing these three things and said that he must have felt like an idiot!

He then realised that these are the kinds of conversations I have had with Local Councils, the Police, the NHS and various Doctors, the DWP & Atos (all of which to come) and many others besides.

Every time I was kicked off a GP Surgery list all my friends would burst out laughing while I am stating this with a smile on my face! “Ooh what's happening with you lately?” then me going “oh yeah I umm well got kicked off another idiot Doctors surgery who thinks that Medical Degrees trump all others and makes them smarter and superior to everyone else!” (BIG GRIN)

I dare say the questions of “You been kicked off yet?” are going to now occur for months?! Oddly I wont be getting myself kicked off this time and hence why I will be asked for months!

Ooh but saying that I do have an odd letter here asking me to pick up my prescription from Lloyds Chemist who I have not used for … quite some time!

Oooh I almost forgot ... a friends family has bought two things from Argos in the last two weeks! A Barbecue for a party, when opened had several things missing and returned to the store, and a seat for a lady dying of cancer which also had things missing and it had to be returned top the store.

For someone dying of cancer?! That is awful, truly awful!

The following recording was a B&Q conversation and not sure if this was on the phone or in the store, I do lose track of many things and at time fairly often too.

I think I have some missing, not gone just not renamed, lol.


Anyway here are some … screenshots of emails … mostly Very Catalogue ..

Some videos of faulty cameras and phones lol ..

Ooh forgot I did video of the Nikon L810 (not L310 like I have ben calling it!)

If you see  seal on the box this is not put their by Nikon so some outfit refurbishes them, fecking badly, and sends them out to retail stores to be sold as new products.

NIKON P520 (two of these I had and after a Nikon L310!) ..

Olympus SP 820 ..


Nikon conversations ... and note the lst letter they alter their story ...

A few receipts first lol ...

Oh and Motorola confirming what I already knew.

By the way in case you missed it, the manufactureres know this is going on and are quite happy with it happening!

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