Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Well after denying that Ebola patients had gone missing, probably said they were running the Liberia Marathon or something, they now admit that they have gone missing?

Mind you, you can hardly stay ring fencing people in a place like that our anywhere in Africa I fear?

Of course the tendency to bore think that entire nations ate going to go down with Ebola over this will be common place. Well ... common place to anyone that watches too many movies that is!

As I stated previously it's hardly going to rush around the world like a ... virus but this that have wandered off may end up responsible for anyone they care for contacting the disease and possibly becoming much more widespread in their own country?

When you do want to start shooting that something like this is fake you should at least consider the possibility and therefore the consequences of your actions if you are wrong.

But maybe this ultimate sense of responsibility only affects me?!

A shame that. The world seems to be full of people with misapprehensions?! Of all different kinds too.

It is funny really because I feel I have to leave the house everyday otherwise it bothers me greatly. This is because I have trouble sleeping so if I do nothing I won't sleep and there is very little I hate more than Insomnia! Not my mind of Insomnia! Then there is the boredom aspect that compounds this!

Often I feel wired despite my limping around town with the occasional sharp pulling up due to a sudden flash of intense pain in one or other foot, or back or something else. So much so that, as I often do, add I observe others and study them closely they almost appear to be operating in slow motion?!

It's very weird!

I know this is me but it doesn't feel like it. But it feels as though everyone around me moves and thinks at half the speed I do. This could just be my perception of things or perhaps my condition does a little more hyper then the average individual? I still have get to research deep enough into Fibromyalgia. This possibility of course could be specific to me or could be a more widespread symptom Fibromyalgia? I simply have yet to find out whether symptoms are across a broad spectrum of patients or weather it is more specific to the individual? Or indeed it could be a case that of a combination of both or perhaps only with some individuals and not others?

Regardless of whether a disease or a virus one should always always remain open minded as there is always more to learn in any area of science. Especially when that area is medicine.

Liberia admits Ebola patients lost http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-28841040

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